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UPDATED: Help – I Can’t Keep The State Of My Wish Fulfilled – Free Neville Goddard

“No state you have ever created will endure unmoved, undisturbed, forever – because every moment of time you are being penetrated. Your idea of perfection and harmony today will be disturbed tomorrow, forcing you to use your talent to construct an imaginal change.” – Neville Goddard

feel_it_real_neville_goddard_quote_you_desire_them_to_beHey mate,

So you’ve taken your time – you’ve Followed-The-Formula – (you didn’t leave anything out, you didn’t add anything useless in)…

And for some reason – what you want – and the feeling of having it  – of being it ALREADY – slips away – AGAIN.  So you’ve gotta wonder…

“Will I EVER get what I want?

(I can’t even feel it real right…)”

Maybe this brings up doubt. Maybe it makes you feel fear. Maybe after a while, you feel nothing at all.

“I need help!”

That’s what happens when your state gets penetrated too many times.  Every time it gets penetrated – it’s like there is a hole in the bucket – and the good stuff just leaks out.    The good news is, you can reduce BIG TIME the number of triggers you have – that penetrate your state.   And once you do this, your success rate skyrockets.


Manifesting Mastery devotes the entire first week to ELIMINATING TRIGGERS from your life, because the more effectively and quickly you can spot them sneaking up on you – the less of a chance they have.

Let’s see what Lucy has to say about Week One and eliminating her triggers.

1 – Noticing triggers has been deeply healing already. I found that if I didn’t assign any meaning to familiar little aches and pains I felt during the day or night, that those little aches and pains just faded away instead of turning into 48-72 hour “attack” of whatever was ailing me. That was a huge revelation because I was going pretty far down into a rabbit hole of thinking I had a mysterious chronic illness.

To turn the triggers off – you’ve got to be able to spot them.

You’ve got to spot them FAST.   The problem is, they’ve been running the show for so long – they are almost invisible.   ALMOST.   So what we want you to do right now – to begin – is next time you notice you are “losing it” (big time or just a tiny bit) – stop and…

THIS is vital to your success…

…because the more you stay in the state – the more energy and momentum to Manifest what you want in life.  Looks like Lucy is nailing that right now, in Week 1.  High five Lucy.

2 – Just this morning a friend suddenly blew up at me regarding “my reaction” to something she said. She wasn’t remotely correct so I just listened to what she had to say. By the time she was done talking she literally said to me, “I want you to understand that I’m not mad at you at all. I’m mad at the story I was telling myself about what you were thinking.” I haven’t even talked to her about the MM course! She came up with the revelation all by herself.

Neville teaches us there is one cause…

The one cause is the one mind – one imagination – – that we all share / are a part of.   Notice how Lucy didn’t buy into “the stressful separate reality” of her friend’s problem, but instead she stayed TRIGGER FREE.

And notice how literally right before her eyes…

…this helped her friend realize that it was all a make-believe story inside her head.  How would your life change, if you weren’t getting TRIGGERED out of your state – and stayed in your perfect place like Lucy?

3 – I like to sit in the hot tub and enjoy my morning coffee but this week I noticed that I usually end up sitting there worrying about something – me, friends, family, the world, money, etc etc etc. Witnessing my triggers and thoughts this week made me realize how much my habit was to think about crap. So the other morning I decided to daydream some positive stuff instead. Couldn’t do it. That felt every bit as stressful as trying not to think negatively. I gave up and just sort of sat there blankly for a while.   So I decided to just relax and take in the view of the blue sky, white clouds, and shimmering trees in the golden morning sunlight. Ah, that was wonderful and so easy! Talk about “feeling it real!” I’m pretty sure that’s more of what I want to feel in my life!

Lucy discovered what Neville knew!

You don’t have to be imagining good stuff all the time.  In fact, that would be draining.   You can stop, right now – and bless the whole world (and yourself) by simply being present and enjoying the blessings that are.  All this happens naturally, when you stop being TRIGGERED all the time.

4 – Final take-away this week: I believe I’ve bounced up quite a bit. My imaginings are much more about exciting plans and ideas instead of so much worry and anxiety. I feel excited about life and possibilities in a way I haven’t for a long time.

We all imagine stuff, pretty much all the time, and yes – most of that is unconscious – activated by our ancient triggers.

Most people follow in the footsteps of society…

….and do what society triggers us to do.  We worry about specifics – and we feel a general anxiety when we don’t know what to worry about.   Lucy has found the way out, in just the first 7 days of the program.

But here’s the key…

I appreciate very much that you send the course out in daily emails. If I’d received the whole thing at once, I’d have already read it all, processed it, and safely stored it away in a forgotten file on my hard drive somewhere. Being “forced” to actually experience one lesson a day – not just read thru them en masse – has made all the difference in the changes I’m experiencing.

We structured Manifesting Mastery – so that it is a 90 day adventure for you…

A lovely adventure that takes you one step closer each day – in Manifesting Mastery – to living the life of your dreams.

Every day – there is a very specific quick lesson (another step in your adventure)…

….for you to do.   Each one takes just a few minutes.     And once you do each daily lesson, slow and steady – they become a part of you FOREVER.

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We live in a fast paced world….   

And sometimes to be much more effective we’ve got to slow down – and take our transformation one step at a time.   Like the rose that slowly opens to reveal it’s beauty, we often transform much more completely – when given a very specific small bit every day – that leads to massive and amazing changes.

If you are drawn to Manifesting Mastery – stop sitting on the fence and dive in.    Your life wll never ever be the same.

Love and blessings to you,  Lucy in Manifesting Mastery

Love and blessings to you,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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“No state you have ever created will endure unmoved, undisturbed, forever – because every moment of time you are being penetrated. Your idea of perfection and harmony today will be disturbed tomorrow, forcing you to use your talent to construct an imaginal change.” – Neville Goddard Quote

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From Today’s Inbox:  Imagine a New Car!

(It’s the FANCY one!)


How about this for manifesting!!!

Day 13 of Manifesting Mastery and I have manifested myself a brand new 2021 Toyota Prius XLE!!!!  Wind Chill Pearl exterior & Harvest Beige SofTex trim interior.  

It’s the fancy one, the luxury model Prius.  It’s exactly what I wanted.  I didn’t have to invest one single dime. I invested my imaginal acts.  I did not have to find it, figure out how to pay for it, nor am I going to have to go and pick it up.  

All of the pieces have actually all been done for me and its going to be delivered to my door in my name & paid in full!  What a wonderful gift! WOW!  I am one excited and grateful gal! 

Much love to you and Victoria! 

Vicki – Day 13 – Manifesting Mastery 

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  1. Thank you Mr. Twenty Twenty. 🙂

  2. Nat says:

    Manifesting Mastery is an awesome programme. I have gone through it more than once. It really helps break down that general sense of anxiety many experience as they navigate life’s events through identifying and re-patterning triggers. This opens the door to bringing the power home, and to begin working with Neville’s concepts in a productive way.

    Blessings TT & V & Emitt

  3. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Blessings Nat!

    Thank you for the share and thank you for being you.

    TT and V

  4. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Blessings Kelly!