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Are Hidden Beliefs Holding You back? – Free Neville Goddard

Hello Mr Twenty Twenty!

I consciously see my self confident at talking to people to recruit them into my business, and when i meet the person and start talking to them about my opportunity my confidence goes away, i start stuttering and i look like and idiot.

Is that a subconsciously hidden belief that i’m not aware of. I don’t know how to eliminate that behavior. Please help me. Thanks. Stephane L

PS: I purchased the prosperity pack few weeks ago , but I’m not doing a lot with it, and i don’t know why.

feel it real - live boldyHi Stephanie,

We really aren’t into the theory of “hidden beliefs”…

Here’s why.

It’s what you are imagining right NOW that impacts everything you experience and do – right now.  

So to change that – we focus on are two things….

First, let’s dive into the obvious: Change what you imagine.

You change what you imagine – by using The Tools – so you imagine more and more of what you choose to have and be in your world. (Sounds like you are trying to do that already.  Good on you.)

NOW,  we want to NAIL, why aren’t you DIVING DEEPER…

….into that Prosperity Pack or having FUN with your sessions….

It always comes down to – many people REALLY can’t dive deep enough – or enjoy their sessions and get results – because they are being TRIGGERED all day long, by “events” in their lives.

Second, let’s right now, begin to Notice and Destroy Your Triggers

You have to learn how to BOTH notice and destroy the triggers – that have you – unconsciously – imagining – (what you don’t want) because they ROB you of stability and confidence.

“Everyone has triggers that take them out of the state of the wish fulfilled, and it is those triggers that have you stuttering, and feeling that you look like an idiot – and it’s those TRIGGERS that have EVERYONE who fails to easily maniest what they want- feel frustrated and stay stuck.”

Side note:  Trigger Elimination is EASY.

We have found that we can in 7 to 14 days – eliminate the trigger traps – almost every single time, and that’s exactly what we do in the first two weeks in Manifesting Mastery.

(Which we would suggest you do, because you mentioned that you aren’t doing well using the other training on your own…)


Since Manifesting Mastery has a tiny but powerful Members Only lesson and exercise – delivered DAILY to you, most people who have had problems working with other courses on their own, actually DO the program – and experience great changes in their lives – because it is just a tiny little bit each day.

That’s why we have heaps and HUNDREDS of success stories…

…on the site from members who have taken it.


Here are 3 Manifesting Mastery Success Stories that specifically go into TRIGGERS for you: (So you can see how powerful this is going to be in your life right now.)

Lucy’s Week 1 Manifesting Mastery Success Story

Linda’s Whole New Life Manifesting Mastery Success Story

Grant’s Day 7 Manifesting Mastery Success Story

Many Blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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