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Freedom from the storms – Neville Goddard

Hey mate,

“You create the storms, as well as the peace and the calm. No longer will you believe he, she, or they, did it, for you will recognize them as reflections mirroring either the storm or the peace and calm within you…   If you will completely accept this, you will set yourself free. You may not immediately see the effect of what you have done in your imagination; but it must come, because there is no other creator to stop it. All things are made through awareness, and without it is not anything made that is made. It is imagination who claims: “I kill and I make alive, I wound and I heal. I form the light and create darkness. I form the evil and I make the good, the weal and the woe, and there is no other.”  Neville Goddard – FREEDOM

I Am The Creative PowerToday’s lesson gives us the master keys to freedom.   Just think about these simple take aways from the lesson:

  • You – as awareness and imagination – are the creative power.  (You aren’t your body or your history – they were created through you – but they aren’t you.)
  • You create both the storms, and the peace and calm.  (So don’t worry or feel guilty about the old storms or congratulate yourself on the new peace and calm.  Just focus on what you CHOOSE to have in the world, and it will manifest in it’s appointed hour.)
  • There is no other creator.   (There is no one but you – to oppose you.  So get targeted, stay simple, be loving.)

But you might be asking, “How can this be?  One God – One Creator and so many of us?”

Take today’s lesson to heart.  Live from it as if it were true, and you will discover how marvelous you truly are.

Tomorrow, we will explore with Neville, how God is diffused  within all of us, by studying the ancient name of God with Neville.  Once we understand and experience that there is no other creator in our lives, we become free – free from guilt – free from limitation – free even from the crazy cycles of storms that were holding us back.

Freedom.  That is what it’s all about, and we gain freedom by waking up to what we really are.

Have an amazing day and remember to always – Feel Your Ideal As Real.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria.

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Note:  Notice how simply entertaining what Neville shares, removes guilt because you don’t have to worry or feel guilty about the past – just focus on what you choose to have in the world.  Notice too that he says, “there is no boogie man” either.  No one to fear or hide from.   There is ONE creator – and as we awaken to that – the boogie men, devils and monsters all fade away.

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  1. Sonny says:

    I found it hard to admit at first, that I am the one who created my storms in my life. Then I wanted to feel guilty about the old storms because they hurt other people. Then like you said 20, focus on what you choose to have in life. Guilt is just an indulgence, another state to get sucked into. I choose to remember the power that I AM so we all are blessed by it. Blessings to you and Victoria.

  2. Htweelr says:

    As I’ve been reading Neville for a while, I’ve read this before. I’m going through a calm right now because I was creating it in my mind. This was a confirmation for me that I’m on the track. Thanks once again for being here!