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Free Neville Goddard – Thanks Giving – The Third Way

Rinehart, F. A. (Frank A.) (photographer)Hey mate,

It’s Thanksgiving time….

And today we are going to explore how Neville prayed. This is one of my favorite Neville Goddard studies, because Neville prayed just like my Native American mentors and ancestors did.

“My third way of praying is simply to feel thankful. If I want something, either for myself or another, I immobilize the physical body, then I produce the state akin to sleep and in that state just feel happy, feel thankful, which thankfulness implies realization of what I want.”

“I assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled and with my mind dominated by this single sensation I go to sleep. I need do nothing to make it so, because it is so. My feeling of the wish fulfilled implies it is done.” – Neville Goddard – Core Lecture #4

Personal Story:  My Native American mentors called Tobacco – The Thank You Plant.

We smoked it in what people today call, “the peace pipe”. It wasn’t the pipe that was the focus – it was the power of THANKFULNESS. Those prayers – like Neville’s.  They were all simply giving thanks that our wishes had been granted.  And THAT is what gave us inner peace.

So today, let’s dive deeper, and take take it a few steps further…

So today – explore being thankful – and use being thankful – to construct an imaginal state – of the wish fulfilled.

  • Give thanks that you truly are the man / woman you have wanted to become.
  • Give thanks that the objective reality formed itself – with perfect timing – to the wish – the wish fulfilled.
  • Give thanks – that you know who you truly are – and how this really works.

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Dive Deeper – Join us!

Neville Goddard in His Own Voice – Volume 3 – Neville Answers Your Questions – These are more of our favorite Neville Goddard Lectures – where Neville Goddard starts his lecture – with a question to be answered.

Notice how his style is “the usual Neville”, but with a special flavor or twist.

And get the FEEL IT REAL POWER PACK – so you really and truly know how to pray like Neville did.

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  1. Jahn Warner Laster says:

    a further step is to pray your pray that all may have this wish/prayer fulfilled in those that de sire it as well. Peace & Wealth to ALL..(not just Paul).. May you all be multimillionaires, stay in Bruce Lee shape all your lives and have a loving mate!

  2. Joan Heintz says:

    yea nice thank you

  3. JOAN says:

    yea nice thank you

  4. Cindy in NYC says:

    Here it is November 2016. And what am I thankful for? Well, many things, actually. But that list must include… the Internet. My world has grown so large, yet oddly enough I can accommodate it in a small space, on a laptop. I can reach out to the Neville family in Australia..and anywhere else. We share, lend support, cheer one another on, teach, learn and grow. Feeling it real together! How cool is that??

  5. Nat says:

    I thank every member of the FreeNeville family for their continuing contribution to this pool of shared blessings. Peace to all.

  6. Wow, how schizo TT and V..I am replying to myself!! It’s thanksgiving again, only now it’s 2017. Mother left us peacefully June 1st, in her bed, surrounded by the family who loved her. I am thankful we were there to care for her, with strength and kindness and all the good stuff we inherited from her!! I am thankful for another year of contentment with my dear husband, who came here over a ‘bridge of incident’ – Hurricane Katrina, in 2005. I have the honor to be his companion/love/mate/partner in all things, since marrying him in 2008 at City Hall (“in the hallway” our neighbor’s goofy little girl likes to say). I have the ability to create and manifest, and have now adopted a small school library on the Lower East Side, where I am dubbed “The Book Lady”. I simply feel it real, then go to the discount store and there are my books, ready to purchase for a song, and then pass along to ‘my children’..who read and enjoy them.I regularly ‘philanthropy’ to organizations I feel should get some help. No sooner do I sign and mail my checks for anything whatever, than another windfall ‘accidentally’ appears! Hey, is that excellent?!! I am thankful for good health, a community that somehow feels better as I go out and do cool stuff, IN it. A checking account that has mushroomed, from my wonderful imagination – into five figures as well. I feel a center of calm, thoughtfulness and peace such as I never knew in my young years, which were deeply troubled, and troubling. I am thankful that I made a wrong turn into “The Secret”, and wound up asking, “Who the heck is this Neville Goddard anyway?” And, the rest, as they say is history. Grateful? Thankful? You ain’t just whistling Dixie, guys!! Big love-zap on you from Union Square. And, all our worldwide Neville clan…

  7. William says:

    Yes, Thanks to TT&V for your very rich and generous sharing of Neville Goddard’s Abundant harvest. Thank You!