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Free Neville Goddard Quote: Will you develop the Most Important Habit?

Neville Goddard Quotes - I am the true vine“This calls for (one) every second of time observing what you imagine, for that is God in action. God imagining is creating…  You simply prune the tree. Is this of value to me? No it isn’t?  Well prune the tree.  It isn’t worth my time and it isn’t worth my energy. I keep on pruning the tree morning noon and night as I live.  And then it becomes a habit.  And when it becomes a habit, it is easy to keep that tree instead working on it in some hard manner a few times a year to bring that huge bush down.  I’ll keep it going morning noon and night and then it keeps bringing lovely things in my world. Lovely friends, security, all the necessary income, everything in the world. That’s how it works. Then you’ll come to know this moment and all that I am telling you now will prove itself in performance.” Neville Goddard – Prune The Vine

Hey mate,

In today’s Neville Goddard quote,  Neville tells us to develop the habit of Pruning The Vine, so that it becomes a habit – and so that it keeps bringing lovely things into your world.  (If you don’t develop this marvelous habit,you can imagine the results.)

Neville tells us to prune the vine – all day and all night.  The vine is the human imagination – and we are always creating with it.  We prune the vine by stopping ALL imaginal activity that does not serve us.  We feed the vine by putting ONLY good stuff inside our mind.  Today, as we were listening to this lecture in the garden, we couldn’t help but notice how Neville repeats the same message – again and again – with different words – and in different ways – to help ensure that we get the core of his message.  We are one with God, and we have the duty to prune the vine – the activity of God – the imagination – so that it produces fruit – the fruit we want in our lives.

  • What fruit do you want in your life?  (What you focus on and feel – manifests.  Choose your fruit wisely.)
  • Is what you are thinking / feeling / envisioning in this moment helping to produce that fruit?
  • If not, prune the vine – and focus on the ideal.  Feel the ideal as real.

And remember we are one with God.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria.

You are going to love this:
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  1. Sue-Marie says:

    I love “I am the true vine” and have listened to it many times. Its so to the point and easy to understand. Very inspirational, thanks guys!

  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    That’s a goodie one. Blessings Sue-Marie. Thank you for being here.