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Free Neville Goddard Quote – Drink The Wine – Feel the Ideal and Make it real.

“If I heard you were ill, saw this literal fact but wanted to turn this water into wine, I would see you healthy. Then I would REPENT by actually persuading myself that I am seeing you in the perfect embodiment of health, and so persuade myself of this fact that when I think of you I can see only health.”

“When I see only this new, healthy you in my mind’s eye I have drunk the wine of fulfillment and won’t bring you up any more, as I know what you want to be pictured in my world.” – Neville Goddard – God Only Acts

Hey mate,

We while we walk in our garden, we talk to the plants, the flowers and the tree’s.   We talk to them, seeing them as strong, healthy, well and beautiful, feeling their strength – appreciating their beauty.   And guess what, they live up to our expectations – how we feel about them.

Sometimes one or two move on, they make room for someone new for us to plant, but for the most part – they survive and they thrive – beautifully.  We don’t buy into the world of the stones – how they appear to our physical eyes (we rescue lots of plants), we drink from the WINE, we feel the ideal and make it real for them, for our garden, for our land.

  • What if you chose today to drink the wine – and feel the ideal into being?
  • What if you got what you expected?
  • What if you raised your expectations – your feelings – from surviving to thriving – beautifully?

“So we walk in the garden, giving thanks for the beauty that we get to be the caretakers of.   We talk in the garden, grounding the visions of beauty we see with our INNER EYES”. And we feel the ideal as real, and we get to be – God Living The Adventure Of a Lifetime.”

Remember – You are one with God.  Enjoy your adventure of a lifetime!


Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. Eleasah says:

    This is such a beautiful post. I have a great relationship with my husband, but he doesn’t have the passion for creating as I do. I don’t want to be pushy, but when bad things happen, I try to remind him that they are a direct result of thinking. He’s so wonderful and I don’t want to go another year with our good being witheld from us. I just want to have the power and love that you guys have. Is there anything I should do to help us?

  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Working on an article for you Eleasah. Blessings.