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Free Neville Goddard Quote and Lesson – How Neville Prays – Method 1

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Today we have a great lesson and an invitation to  another Neville Goddard experiment for the weekend, as we explore the first and final way that Neville prays.  We did the lessons this week backwards – from his third method of prayer – to his first method of prayer, because when you read them in this order, it really helps us get how simple it is – and how complicated we tend to make it.

“I need not go through the door, I need not sit down. I need do nothing but stand just where I am and with my eyes closed, assume that I am actually standing where I desire to be. Then I remain in this state until it has the feeling of reality. Were I now elsewhere I could not see the world as I now see it from here. The world changes in its relationship to me as I change my position in space.  So I stand right here, close my eyes, and imagine I am seeing what I would see were I there. I remain in it long enough to feel it to be real.” – Neville Goddard 

If you reread the earlier lessons from this week, you will notice that all of Neville’s prayer methods – can be boiled down into the first.

  • Stop.
  • Be still.
  • Enter FULLY into the state of the wish fulfilled by experiencing it as real.

And rest assured that your body and behavior and the rest of the universe  will do what needs to be done – IF you have fully entered into the state – if you have fully moved in mind.

Remember, your body is PART of the universe that carries out the wishes of the imagination.  And you – are the imagination – the spark – the spirit within all things.

If you feel that you need a little help, read Imagine – Neville Goddard Simplified today.

NEVILLE GODDARD EXPERIMENT #2:   Take 3 quick breaks a day – 5 if you want brownie points – just a few minutes each – and do EXACTLY what Neville shares above.   And notice how the people around you change.   When we take the time to STOP the reruns inside our minds, and DELIBERATELY use the imagination for creative good – even if just for 3 minutes  – miracles happen.   Keep notes, and feel free to share with us what you notice.   Have a great day!

Listen right now to Neville Goddard in His Own Voice – Volume 3 – Click here!


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