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Free Neville Goddard Quote and Lesson: Eliminating Confusion – Planting and Pruning

Hey mate, Today’s Free Neville Goddard Quote and lesson are in reply to a letter from Freya, that was left in in the comments section of “The Big Things“. We share our experience, and a great quote that will help you gain clarity, from the Neville Goddard Lecture – I Am The True Vine below. Enjoy!

“I hear in this quote that a seed must be let go, dropped into the ground and I understand that to mean that we should do this imaginal act only once – don’t keep digging it up and examining it, or it will never come to fruition.”

“However, it seems, from my limited understanding, that it conflicts with other Neville teachings which ask us to live constantly in the assumption that the wish is fulfilled. I find it hard to drop the creative act and at the same time live in the wish fulfilled. Can anyone throw light on this? Thanks for your input” – Freya

prune_the_vine_freeneville_neville_goddardHi Freya,

Digging up the seed is looking for PROOF in the physical world.   Once you start Feeling Your Wish as Already Real, you stop looking for signs, proof, and facts to support it.

You know it is done, because you feel it is done.  See Lesson 68 in FREEDOM – Click Here

Now in your sessions, our experience here is you only need to plant it ONCE.  But if you find your state wandering – if you don’t feel 100% that it already is true, then PRUNE THE VINE and do another session on this one.

So let’s look at it this way…

You will know when you have planted the seed in a session, because you will feel RELEASE and completion in your mind.  You will know – it’s done.

After the release, when you do your next sessions, put more buns in the oven – do sessions for other wishes.  

Seems like the more buns you have in the oven, the funner and easier this is.  And if you feel the desire to, or if you feel like you got bumped from your state – dive back in and use THE TOOLS  on that wish you already felt real – but slipped a bit with.

These sessions end wory, and are fun and  often while you are doing these Feel It Real sessions, you will find a new level of conviction and certainty.

And as a bonus, remember taking the time to  FEEL IT REAL for ANYTHING lovely and fun in your life – eliminates the habit of worry – so it is is much easier to walk in the state – of your wishes fulfilled.

learn how to feel it real - click hereTODAY’S TAKE AWAY:  

Don’t dig up the seed, by looking for signs or evidence in the physical world.   Feel It Real until you feel it is ALREADY TRUE.

And continue in your sessions – so you prune the vine, end the habit of worry and walk from the state of the wish fulfilled.

Hope that helps, and notice how this fits in nicely with Neville below.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

“If I’m to be the vine of eternity and I am the eternal vine, I can only grow what I feed myself mentally. What am I feeding myself morning, noon and night? – – I’ve got to actually put myself on a diet. A mental diet and stick to it. and then I would bear the fruit of that changed diet. It’s entirely up to us. All these little things happen in our life to teach us a lesson. – –  And you say to yourself, I am the true vine and my father is the vinedresser.”

“Every branch in me that bears no fruit he takes away. Every branch that does bear fruit then he prunes it that it may bear more fruit. Now if I am that vine and my imagination is the eternal vine of the world, then I should do something about it.”

“In Morning, noon and night, every moment in fact even in my dreams, I’m pruning. Even in the dream you get to the point you simply start pruning and you prune and prune.” – Neville Goddard – I Am The True Vine

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  1. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Pruning to me is taking what you imagine, and refining it – shaping it into a more and more detailed and fulfilling vision. The more I imagine and explore FROM the desired state the more new AND exciting details come into mind – and into my life.

    Mr Twenty Twenty

  2. MannyWells says:

    Also, how would one keep pruning?

  3. Sue-Marie says:

    Well, I have to say that I am confused just like Freya and I appreciate her question as it relates to my recent thoughts. So could you please explain this in simple terms.

    Do we plant the seed (the wish we want fulfilled) and then continue to live in that wish fulfilled but continue to “prune” in the respect of redefining it more clearly? But could this mean that we are not releasing the seed and how do you know that you have felt the release?

    I find as Neville states in “I Am The True Vine”, it is easy to plant & release the seed with the non important aspects of our lives, but when it comes to issues that are very painful, I seem to I dwell on them constantly, even though I am aware of their implications. How can we control this, especially when others around us are very negative while we try to stay positive?

    There seem to be two aspects in my life which I constantly battle with. They improve for a short time but then return back to normal. So obviously I am not releasing. Any suggestions????

    Much appreciated as always.

  4. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Sue-Marie,

    When planting the seed – there is a release. A knowing that “it is done”. Something has been given birth to – with the release of the seed and it’s union with the soil. We no longer have to fret, worry or figure it out. It is done.

    Even though “it is done”, we still will think of it – like we would think of a vacation trip that is coming up – that we have already booked. Having that feeling of wonderful anticipation.

    So further imaginings would include – more possibilities – more details – more special moments – all around the wish fulfilled.

    As far as other people go, we can imagine them as changed, more receptive, more in tune with what we know is true. And we can imagine ourselves surrounded by new people, who know the truth as we do. I’ve had people in my life change and grow. And I have had the people in my life – change – old friends move away, new friendships and relationships form.

    And as always, come from the end.

    It is done. So it is.


    Mr Twenty Twenty

  5. Sue-Marie says:

    That makes perfect sense, thank you.

  6. jason cabalce says:

    The point is, we are imagining every moment. Even at this very moment. The word “prune” was used only to address the positive side of imagining. Those who would not accept it, then the word “cast out/ cut off from the vine” is addressed for them. Well, it is just a term used in this explanation – for we are forever imagining every moment, consciously and subconsciously. So learn to imagine good things, desirable things, every moment, then the outcome will be good and desirable things only. We read in the bible, whoever wants to see good days, stay away from evil lips and tongue, think of good things, what is pure, what is of good report, think of these things, – so here we have and must every moment of time, pursue the imagining of happiness. We heard many times from the bible itself, describing of praying day, noon and night. Imagining should be done until it becomes reality. How? We can imagine it 1000 times but if we do not believe in it, it will not become reality. What is believe? Believe exists only when doubt is eliminated and not even a single tiny piece of doubt existed anymore. It is the same feeling when we like or want something on the first few moments of attention, we really really know that we like it and we want it and not a single feeling and a thought of doubt existed to not want it. This requires practice. And practice makes perfect. When the believe of the desired thing overcomes doubt, and it becomes part of our whole self consciously and subconsciously, then wait for it, for it is sure, it will come to reality. At this point, automatically one does not have to struggle with his imagination anymore. Because one has overcome it by believing it.

  7. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Jason,

    Great share, thank you.

    Neville teaches that imaginal acts are taking place CONSTANTLY in our lives. I just looked at your name – for example, and noticed that I imagined a fella I went to school with. Imagination is fast. We get to prune it and cut off any thoughts that limit our world – all the time – every moment.

    We pray without ceasing. Imagining constantly.

    Right on about doubt. Doubt is nothing more than a very misdirected faith – faith or belief in doubt.


    Mr Twenty Twenty

  8. Freya says:

    Thanks Mr Twenty Twenty. I appreciate you posting my question and the dialogue and clarification that has come out of it. I really like the comparison to booking and planning a vacation, something I love to do and have done many times, and the wonderful anticipation and excitement as the departure time draws nearer. I find that very helpful and will use it in my imaginings. Thanks again for this and all the Neville materials you offer.

  9. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you Freya!

    I’d love to give you a hug – if you will accept it.

    Your question has given us the opportunity to help a number of beautiful people.

    Mr Twenty Twenty

  10. Alden says:

    Hi Twenty,

    I have to say a big phat thank you for this post, as it clarifies similar queries I had like Sue and Freya’s. It is very ‘timely’ and arrived with a jolt of inspiration.

    It would be remiss of me not to express gratitude to Jason, as his post and substitution of prune (cast out) had similar encouraging effects.

    Thanks again and best wishes,


  11. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Nice to see you Alden.

    I’m considering taking a TON of notes we have here, and condensing them into a book…

    Just fine points like this – that really make a difference.

    Your sharing, comments, feedback and appreciation really make the difference.

    Mr Twenty Twenty

  12. Freya says:

    Hug received, and thanks again. Last night I had the best sleep I’ve had in ages, in large part due, I believe, to being able to bring the clarification from this dialogue to my pre-sleep imaginings. Freya

  13. leonard worthem says:

    great topic. neville actually deals rather directly with this exact question during one of his q and a sessions in 1948 here’s what he tells an audience member:

    Question:How often should I perform the imaginal act, a few days or several weeks?

    Answer: In the Book ofGenesis the story is told of Jacob wrestling with an angel. This story gives us the clue we are looking for; that when satisfaction is reached, impotence follows.When the feeling of reality is yours, for the moment at least, you are mentally impotent. The desire to repeat the act of prayer is lost, having been replaced by the feeling of accomplishment. You cannot persist in wanting what you already have. If you assume you are what you desire to be to the point of ecstasy, you no longer want it. Your imaginal act is as much a creative act as a physical one wherein man halts, shrinks and is blessed, for as man creates his own likeness, so does your imaginal act transform itself into the likeness of your assumption. If, however, you do not reach the point of satisfaction, repeat the action over and over
    again until you feel as though you touched it and virtue went out of you.

  14. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Excellent share mate!

    Those lessons are here on the site in the CORE section, just look at the top left part of the website.

    You are exactly correct.

    Whoo yah!

    Mr Twenty Twenty

  15. Mr Twenty Twenty says:


    I used your share to write today’s lesson mate. Thank you for pointing us in this direction.

    Mr Twenty Twenty

  16. uccello1983 says:

    This message from Neville is a bit confusing. I have read so many things from Neville where he says you need to visualize the same thing over and over again and in this message he says let it go. Does it mean you need to visualize the same thing in a different way?

  17. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Check this one out ucello!

    I’m sure it will clear things up quite a bit.

    Mr Twenty Twenty

  18. Remo says:

    Yes you need to visualize the same thing over and over again and then let go. .You must do it in a business like fashion 3 times a day etc. What is meant by letting go? The next time the thought pops in the mind during the day, mostly it will be a fear thought that it may not happen. You must immediately tell..that god is taking care of it ..or it will surely come to pass, .that is known as pruning the wine or letting are no longer taking about your desire…Joseph Murphy calls it ” lightness of touch “.

    All during day when you are not treating your desire, lightness of touch is the call, don’t touch ur desire..

  19. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    An imagination out of control, gives you fear fantasies. Wrestling with your angel, like how Jacob did – until you win – and walk differently – is you / taking control of your imagination. It is then that God – your imagination – will give you what you wish.

    TT and V

  20. John says:

    At times I’ve had marvelous results by just asking one time for something and having it come. At other times though I might write something down and put it someplace and leave it and it would come. I once wrote a highly detailed description of a custom motorcycle that I wanted and I then put it on my refrigerator and left it alone. Two or three times negative thoughts came up that I might not get it, but I just cancelled them and in two months the motorcycle came and was exactly what I had written down. Had I not stayed true to the dream by pruning negativite thoughts though, I believe I probably would not have received it.

    I’ve also had times where I needed to continually visualize and imagine and “feel it real” until I had the release that you mentioned. At that point I knew that I’d done enough and could leave it alone because it was on the way. For me, I think it comes down to what my level of belief is about something that I want. If I believe it will come it comes very easily and quickly. Some things though that I’ve not had such a firm belief about have taken more energy and work. One of my guides told me a while back that it was a process of building the energy field up until it was sufficiently charged to bring about the desired result. Makes sense to me. 🙂
    Thanks for another great post TT.

  21. Michael says:

    If I can just toss out an experience that might be of help here, it could shed some light. I was getting married to a woman who had traveled all over the world and I had limited experience in travel. I could not imagine where I could take her that would really matter, but I began to just imagine us walking around in some beautiful sea side place but could not really see where it was. We had dinner and there was haloumi cheese in the appetizer. She told me she had been to Cyprus but never to Greece and I began to think of Greece as the place we should go. I spoke with one of my co-workers who travels there often and it seemed the prices to travel there were out of our budget but I kept seeing us there. I looked at travel books in book stores, pictures on the web, etc. until finally I was really seeing us in Greece walking along a coastal village, standing at the Parthenon, gazing into some ancient theater, really feeling it. Pruning. Letting myself be there. My supervisor walked into work shortly after that and was excited that Lufthansa had set up a new hub in Charlotte and was offering ridiculous airfares to cities in Europe. In days I was paying less than half fare for tickets to Athens where we stayed in an old hotel across from the Plaka, with a veranda that was eye level with the Parthenon. At night we sat outside eating food from the taberna below, listened to bazouki music drifting through the night are as the lights came up on the acropolis. Then off to Samos, and Patmos where we stayed in seaside pensions and dined on the waterfront on saganaki cheese, fresh fish from the aegean, and local wines and grapes. Now when I want to go to Greece, the pruning is done, I close my eyes, think of the places there I want to see and the opportunities to travel there come. Sometimes in airfare deals, sometimes in unexpected income, or the last time a really nice inexpensive apartment in Athens that made the trip much less expensive. But the planter can drop all the seeds he/she wishes. Until she feels the seed landing in the fertile soil, knowing that that seed will only bear that fruit, and then prunes the vine of feeling, the fruit will not come. Let yourself see yourself already there, walking along the coastline, smelling the salt air, tasting the Kalamatas and feta cheese washed down by the local wine and home made bread dripping with olive oil. Be in the place you long to be.

  22. Brian says:

    What is meant by letting go?

    I believe that Neville is saying that when you have reached the “tipping point”, you KNOW that your desire is done. So you are letting go of the need or anxiety about the desire. That includes the when and how that usually gets us back in a knot about it. These are not examples of already having the thing desired.

  23. Nat says:

    This has been a great discussion on a seemingly contradictory issue. Thanks TT and all contributors for bringing out the various aspects. “Pruning” can mean vigilence in neutralizing negative thoughts which obstruct the manifestation of an imagining, as well as elaborating the details of the imagining i.e. making it grow into a particular form, thereby giving it more solidity and energy. This is what I have gleaned, anyway. Interesting thoughts on “release” as well. Great stuff !

  24. Zillionaire Silky says:

    very good