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Free Neville Goddard – Making The God Mistake Too?

“How can I be God, when God is so much bigger than I perceive myself to be?”

Hey mate,

Yesterday, we explored THE BIG MISTAKE.    How we get STUCK when we make a big deal out of something we choose to manifest and embody in life – instead of getting DETAILED about it.   (Click here – to read THE BIG MISTAKE if you missed it.

Today, we explore the cause feeling separate from God – the reason why most people don’t have faith and why they settle for HOPING – and the source of all our REAL POWER – by exploring what God is.

Because if we explore What Is God – in DETAIL – we stop making God something  BIGGER than us – that we can’t possible access or be.   Remember, Neville says WE ARE GOD, that our imagination – our consciousness is God, and that is what we TRULY ARE.

Let’s begin with this lesson from Neville – exploring the NAME OF GOD:

  • They said that God’s name was spelled, JOD HE VAU HE. I shall take these symbols and in our normal, down to earth language, explain them in this manner…
  • You are seated here now. This first letter, JOD, is your I AMness, your awareness. You are aware of being aware — that is the first letter. Out of this awareness all states of awareness come.
  • The second letter, HE, called an eye, is your imagination, your ability to perceive. You imagine or perceive something which seems to be other than Self. As though you were lost in reverie and contemplated mental states in a detached manner, making the thinker and his thoughts separate entities.
  • The third letter, VAU, is your ability to feel you are that which you desire to be. As you feel you are it, you become aware of being it. To walk as though you were what you want to be is to take your desire out of the imaginary world and put the VAU upon it. You have completed the drama of creation. I am aware of something. Then I become aware of actually being that of which I was aware.
  • The fourth and last letter in the name of God is another HE, another eye, meaning the visible objective world which constantly bears witness of that which I am conscious of being. You do nothing about the objective world; it always molds itself in harmony with that which you are conscious of being
  • You are told this is the name by which all things are made, and without it there is nothing made that is made.  The name is simply what you have now as you are seated here. You are conscious of being, aren’t you? Certainly you are. You are also conscious of something that is other than yourself: the room, the furniture, the people.”

In the Bible, your NAME was your essence. Notice now where in the name of God, is there ANYTHING implying that God is separate from – or bigger than YOU. God simply is:

  1. JOD: Consciousness. Awareness.
  2. HE: Imagination. “The Inner Eye.”
  3. VAU: Feeling it into reality. Embodying. Incorporating.
  4. HE: Seeing it into embodyment – in the objective world.

When we get that THIS is what God is, our whole experience of God – transforms – and liberates us.

How will you use this today?

Will you use it to dispel ANY and all thoughts of God as BIG AND SEPARATE from you?  (That is a really good idea.)

Will you use it to open the door, as you experiencing you as the Son of God? (More on our nature as the Son Of God in tomorrow’s lesson.)

Have a great day!

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

PS: If this article has helped you, download The God Lectures. Hearing Neville Goddard talk about this LIVE is transformative and life changing. Click here for The God Lectures – Neville Goddard in his Own Voice Volume 1.

Want more of the FOUNDATION BUILDING BASICS – Read Imagine – Neville Goddard Simplified – Click here.

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  1. Are you making the BIG GOD mistake? (Excellent read.) Please share far and wide.

  2. Once you understand this name of God, try singing it a bit. Notice how it feels, whta it shifts. It's magical to sing something beautiful like this – especially when you understand what you are singing.

  3. I found a bought a pendant for myself with copper letters inscribed with Jod He Vau He on it twenty years ago. At the time it felt right to purchase it even though I didn't know what it meant but I knew it was something very spiritual and powerful. I have since found out what it meant and so this article today was extra special. Thanks Twenty Twenty.

  4. Until you totally understand the FIRST name of God, and what it teaches you about you, you can't help but make this mistake and…

  5. You're doing a good job. Keep it up.

  6. Venetia says:

    Dearest Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria,

    Just a quick and ‘short’ email in response to the lovely and very helpful emails I receive for you both.

    Thank you both so much for the wonderful and helpful strategies you send out about using our wonderful human imagination and about Neville, which I so love to receive.

    I really look forward to looking in my email in-box to see what new and very apt lessons I receive, too! They seem to be very timely!

    Recently, it had dawned on me that I was closed to RECEIVING the gifts that are just sitting there, gathering dust – waiting for me to claim them- and since clearing this blockage, which is still ongoing -wonderful things are happening and are continuing to come to me, each day ‘I AM’ receiving wonderful gifts, which more insightful, apt and wondrous for all sorts of reasons! 

    ‘I AM’ even open to receiving the ‘telling off’ gifts too!

    Being alert is key! Great experiences are coming from all directions! 

    I had been focused on GIVING… To all I came into contact with… This, I realised, prevented my RECEIVING… – you may notice that I refer to receiving a lot at the top of my email and felt that perhaps more people may not have realised this… 

    ‘I AM’ grateful, thankful and joyous that YOU receive this gift of acknowledgement from me.

    As you say ‘It’s good to share’.

    Thank you again and keep the emails coming!

    Most sincerely 

    Venetia x

  7. Quantrell MrChips Miles says:

    Everyone shall know His Name.

  8. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Venetta,

    Thank you for the great share. Been there, done that. Learning how to receive and accept is truly a gift in itself.

    I see you having fully accepted and incoprorated this in all ways, and at all levels.

    Receiving wildly – with delicious abandon.

    What we accept, we can share.

    Accepting more and more with you,

    Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

  9. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you Adeniyi!

  10. jod he vau he says:

    Everyone will know our name.