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Big Love and Blessings
Big Love and Blessings
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Free Neville Goddard – Is This The Will Of God?

Hey mate,

How would you answer this question?

“What if what I want is not in the will of God?  Will I still get what I want in my life?  Will I still get what I imagine?”

Let’s see what Neville has to say about this for us today.

“Everything depends upon man’s attitude towards himself. That which he will not affirm as true within himself can never develop in his world. A change of concept of self is the right adjustment – the new relationship between the surface and the depth of man. Deepening is, in principle, always possible, for the ultimate depth lives in everyone, and it is only a question of becoming conscious of it.

Life demands of us the willingness to die and to be born again. This is not meant that we die in the flesh. We die in the spirit of the old man to become the new man, then we see the new man in the flesh. “Subjection to the will of God” is an old phrase for it and there is, I believe, no new one that is better… When we are united with the truth, then we will put off the old nature and be renewed in the spirit of our mind.” – Neville Goddard

Will you explore these three questions with us this weekend?  (I promise you, your life will be transformed if you do.)

What does everything depend on?  Everything depends on your attitude – toward yourself.   –  What are you, really?  Are you the body you have been living in?  Are you your history – your previous behavior?  (You are the consciousness, the imagination – which is God.   And the more often we notice that by living the Law – what you hold in mind manifests – the easier it is to totally accept why the Law works – because we are One With God.

What does your life depend on?  Life depends on the willingness to die and to be born again.  – Are you willing to let “the limited old you” die?   Are you ready to turn your back on it – and repent?   (Often we have hidden agendas, we love the pity parties, the attention, the struggle of the old man.   Once we turn our back on that and choose to rejoice and give thanks – everything changes because we are born now from above – above is born of the spirit – of the imagination.

What is the will of God?.   Neville says above, that when we die in the spirit of the old man (by choosing) to become the new man, we see the new man in the flesh – and that is the will of God.    If you and God are “consciousness and imagination”, then choosing to be reborn – as what you imagine – is turning into – the will of God.

Enjoy your weekend, and enjoy the new free Neville Goddard recording and the new collection of Neville Goddard In His Own Voice – Spirituality and The Bible – Click here


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  1. Holger Hubbs says:

    What looks like two urls at the bottom of the article are not links, indeed.

  2. It can be no other way. There is only One Power. You can believe there are two and try to serve two but you cannot. You cannot believe and stand in or for two forms of consciousness. You either believe in the Father-Mother Principle and not follow (ego) or believe in ego and not God. The Will of God is not the will of ego so until one aligns with the WILL, you will not receive or see the manifestation you desire because you are in doubt, disbelief, anxious, worried (serving -believing all forms of ego as TRUTH).

  3. just saying that when I click on the links they don't work sooo can you get them working.

  4. The homework assignment is a good one Mr. TT.

    Richest Blessings to Everyone,

    Daya Devi-Doolin

Big Love and Blessings
Big Love and Blessings