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Free Neville Goddard – How to stop repeating the past and Awaken the Giant Within you.

Dream Like GodHey mate,

What if you could awaken within you – the might power within you – the mighty power that you are?

You wouldn’t need to stress, you wouldn’t need to worry.  You wouldn’t need to struggle, and you wouldn’t need to wait to be happy.

Because you would know, what you truly are, and that what you choose to embody and manifest in life – truly is possible.   But before we can begin to manifest what is truly possible for us, we have to STOP letting what displeases you – remain in charge of your future.

Stop repeating the past, and awaken the giant within, that is the focus of today’s Neville Goddard Quote and Lesson taken from, Awakened Imagination.  Let’s begin with Neville.

“Now this morning I have brought you the means by which this mighty power in us may be awakened. I call it the art of revision. I take my day and I review it in my mind’s eye. I start with the first incident in the morning. I go through the day; when I come to any scene in my unfolding day that displeased me, or if it didn’t displease me if it was not as perfect as I thought it could have been, I stop right there and I revise it. I re-write it, and after I have re-written it so that it conforms to the ideal I wished I had experienced, then I experience that in my imagination as though I had experienced it in the flesh. I do it over and over until it takes on the tone of reality, and experience convinces me that that moment that I have revised and relived will not recede into my past. It will advance into my future to confront me as I have revised it.”

Notice how Neville does not start this lecture series with “you can manifest anything”.  He begins with how important it is to FULLY AWAKEN the mighty power within you, and he uses it to REVISE what happened earlier in his life.  He takes the time to rewrite, and rewrite, and continue to rewrite his day into his IDEAL, until he FULLY FEELS IT AS REAL.

 Why do you absolutely need to take control of your imagination today?

“If I do not revise it, these moments, because they never recede and they always advance, will advance to confront me perpetuating that strange, unlovely incident. But if I refuse to allow the sun to descend upon my wrath, so that at the end of a day I never accept as final the facts of the day, no matter how factual they are, I never accept them, and revising it I repeal the day and bring about corresponding changes in my outer world.”

So where will you invest your time today mate?  Will you take 5 to 15 minutes and do a feel it real session – revising your day – remaking it into your ideal – to the point of feeling it real?   Will you release the Orgasmic Energy within you?   Will you leave behind desperation and experience the true power of you – and create your destiny?

All it takes is 15 minutes – or less.   And it is entirely up to you.

Awaken the giant within you – fully.   And put an end right now to repeating the past – by awakening the power of you.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


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  1. leonard worthem says:

    i will awaken the giant tonight!

  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Go for it Leonard!

    Give us an update!

    TT and V

  3. Mrs C says:

    I’m going to give this a go too. I have been visualizing every morning about one thing so I’ll keep you posted. Happy New 2013

  4. Mattia says:

    It works! I know from experience and continue to explain the power of imagination to others. Thank you Neville, you are forever appreciated and loved.

  5. Love this! It is Powerful and I use it in my life