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Free Neville Goddard – Don’t think of it – See From it!

“Now you can do this with everything. An objective, a desire, is an egg, which you can penetrate and occupy. You can move right into it and view the world from it. Don’t think of it; view the world from it, which implies that you are in it. Then feel the relief, the satisfaction, of being there. Do this and no power in the world can stop you from realizing that state. You may regret what you did, but you will fulfill it anyway. Learn your lesson and try not to do that which you do not want to experience in the future.” – Neville Goddard

Hey mate,

Today’s Neville Goddard Quote centers around a very simple power point that takes about 3 seconds to put into action.

  • Never think about what you want – instead see the world FROM that point of view.  Penetrate and occupy the state.
  • Change how you see the world – not just what you see in the world.

Feeling it real is NOT about seeing a thousand dollars in your wallet. Feeling it real is about how do you experience shopping – how do you see the world differently – knowing now that you have $1,000 in your wallet – that you can spend on what ever you want.

How does it feel, to look at what you want to buy – knowing you can afford it?

This is a radical shift, going from “thinking about money in your wallet”, to seeing the world through the eyes of the man / woman who knows they can afford what ever they want – because they have the money in their wallet.

Let us know what you think, and feel free to apply wildly. These insights will transform your world.

They sure have ours.

In light, truth and love,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


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  1. Cher N says:

    Mr 20/20 and Victoria….
    everyday, I am thankful for your neville notes..keeping me in check to what I really know to be truth. It is helping me most in describing what I belive now to others…which I have kept silent for so long…
    I wanted to say I have just discovered the 221 downloads ( that i could not find in my computer)…OMG!!!! they have opened up my world even more in terms of fluid understanding…
    I had written you before, telling you of how my church had asked me to leave due to my constant manifestation/praise reports monopolizing the stage, and now i am writing to tell you of my story.(.in point form…so as not to bore you with teeny details.)

    For most of my young marriage, there was a lot of frustration, emotional and social turmoil, and in the end I found myself constantly saying to myself, things like “We’re so poor”, or “I just want some alone time to think”….and within a short time, my husband disappeared to go live with another woman, and he stripped me of all income and later claimed bankruptcy while in hiding…and the banks collected all of his debt through me.. I ended upstanding in food bank line ups for a year… but that year shoved me into the bible…and I honestly began reading it differently, having similar revelations as Neville describes in some of his writings….things began to change for the better…

    i would ask for specific things, telling no one..and just see myself in a better place…
    I asked for specific things, like amounts of money, food items, things….and they would all come to me within days or just shy of a few weeks.
    -I asked for groceries when the food bank period had run out…and the following day Milk was delivered to my door, then a laundry basket of lunch items for my daughter’s school lunches the next day, then the third day brought 2 bags of produce and the following day a big box of canned items.

    I had never owned a car…i had been an avid cyclist year round( I actually had a fear of driving)…and that limited our lives a lot. I started to believe I was ready to drive, and then started to believe for a car….with the specifics, of no payments, low mileage, and good condition…then this spurred the thought of how I could finally buy a big load of groceries instead of a small bag to carry while on my I believed for a small freezer for me to have for free as well….
    – shortly after, my Grandmother passed away…and my father said Grandma wanted me to have her car. It was practically brand new, no payments, and the mileage was only at 27,000km….later when i went to collect it, dad and his brothers were helping to clean out grandma’s house and my uncle asked me if I wanted grandma’s freezer..Immediately I said yes.

    when my first husband went bankrupt, I also was struggling to afford a baby sitter….there was one month in particular where my employer messed up my wages and had to deduct $360 for one month…which was the amount I had to pay my sitter. I believed for the money to come and it did…I was to pay her in 4 days.
    -day one….an anonymous letter arrived in the mail with a $100 bill wrapped in blank paper.
    -day 2… father surprised me with a visit and upon leaving left me some cash on the mantle of a total of another $100.
    -day 3…a doctor at the hospital where i worked ( he also used to go to my church) approached me saying his wife was thinking of me and wanted to give me something. he handed me an envelope containing another $100…
    I was so grateful when i returned home that I didn’t care about the other $60 remaining…I was just so glad to have most of what I could pay my sitter.
    -Day 4…(The day I was to pay her)….my aunt came to the hospital for an eye appointment and stated that she was glad to run into me, that my uncle took all the bottles for recycling and wanted to give the deposit money to us…it came to exactly $60.

    i had always dreamed of living in a log style home…I had always thought them to be grand and expensive…but bottom line..i had just always believed to live in one and i had saved and saved all my pennies for a new condo……after a whole day of looking, we finally stumbled upon a 3 bdrm bungalow with vaulted ceilings, and pine accents..I had found my cabin..prices were dirt cheap and i managed to get mine even cheaper….and purchased it….My little log style cabin had manifested within my budget.

    As my daughter got older we dreamed of a trip to Disneyland.. we ordered the free promotional videos and stared at the pictures in the book that accompanied them…and saved our pennies once again for spending money, knowing that in time, we would have accumulated travel points to discount the flight further down the road.
    -Just 2 weeks after we had all our spending money saved, my aunt called and said, Uncle Dan and myself would like to treat you to a trip to Disneyland!…the entire flight hotel and extras were covered….she said just bring spending money for yourself. we’ll give Your daughter some spending money of her own. so 15 days later we left for the land of the mouse!

    when i decided to sell my house…the market had gone up and i was sure to profit a little ….I had taken out a small loan to renovate the cabin, turning it into a clean modern style of lake house, which was fitting because i lived near a local Resevoir which housed a large boating community,.I also still had some of my ex husband’s debt load and so I had asked every night before I went to bed for enough money to cover the debt and maybe a little extra fun money to spare.( i wrote myself 2 checks to pin to my wall next to my was written for the sale of the house, the other was for debts and the extra fun money everynight i could stare at the two checks beleiving they would be written for me…)
    ..I did not want to deal with Realtors coming and going for too long…so I came home from work early one morning. pointed at my house, and said, “You are going to sell in 14 days!” i proceeded to go into the house and then stopped, pointed again and said, “Someone’s going to fall in love with you the moment they walk in!” then i went into my house and went to bed.
    -14 days later, my realtor said I had an offer on my house. the offer was approved by me, and My realtor told me that this woman had looked at houses for the last 2 weeks and mine was the first she had seen. she told me that the woman asked to go back to the first house because she had loved it as soon as she had walked in… word for word that is what she had said, just as I had declared.
    the profit on the house was enough to cover my loan, my husband’s debt….but the amount of fun money was beyond what I expected…when all was said and done..I had a profit of $97,000CDN. How’s that for fun money to spare????

    Anyway…over time(10 yrs of being a single parent, I had dreamed of a new husband)…at the time of selling my house I had met someone and we decided to get married…..(another manifestation story) and so the profit on my condo helped in us getting settled, pay for a wedding, do a little travelling, pay off some debts and put a little away …..

    now manifestations began happening for my husband…he wasn’t a believer…but i believed for him ( as Neville also suggests)…we have manifested 3 vehicles, a holiday trailer, a deer he was longing to hunt for.( it came to him while he was out hunting coyotes)…, vacation opportunities, jobs, as well as numerous other things….

    But I wanted to emphasize that all manifestations were started before i hit my pillow to sleep. I would focus on something, having it- feeling it real. and then going to sleep. Neville talks of casting nets for fishing at night….to cast on the right side..letting your imagination be cast into the deep before we sleep so that we may catch more fish (our desires/dreams)……
    it is true it works….i have seen manifestation after manifestation within very short periods of time, days even, sometimes weeks, and the longest wait for a manifestation was 5 months….but still….it works….

    i hope my stories bless you today…thank you for all the info you provide in your daily readings and your encouragement to share our lives as manifestation occurs.
    Cher N.

  2. As I said; anything Neville Goddard says or has taught – I firmly believe that what you can conceive, AND BELIEVE you can achieve. But since we've all grown up in a world of negativity, it takes some doing to get past the naysayers. Still working on it though. Neville, by the way, was taught by a BLACK MYSTIC NAMED ABDULLAH. Neville is the secret behind "THE SECRET" that made such headlines a few years ago.