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Free Neville Goddard’s Other Secret Feel It Real Formula

Hey mate,

Today, Neville is going to teach us how “the name of Jesus” is actually a Feel It Real Formula that guarantees your success.   Once you read this lesson, you will never be able to deny what is truly possible for you.  Let’s dive in.

“When you spell Jesus in Hebrew it begins JOD HE VAU. You don’t have to go further – that is the Creative Power – (JOD) to be aware, (HE)to be aware of, and (VAU) to be aware of being the state decided on…” – that’s the Name. Now, the day we really believe it and are bold enough to walk in that Name (JOD HE VAU), there will be peace in the world. If we turn on the outside to an external God, there will be war in the world. For you have denied me and when you deny the real God there is confusion and conflict in the world. – Neville Goddard – The Four Mighty Ones

DSCF4616Let’s explore how to use what you have just read, so you can manifest what you want in your world.

The first part of the name is JOD. JOD is the power of you that is accessed when you realize that YOU are awareness. If you are not your body, if you are not your history, if you are not what the visible eye can see – you are awareness.

You are your awareness of being. You are the spark behind the eyes, the awareness that animates life.

When you live from that realization – WHAT you want to manifest often changes, because we have found peace. And since we have found peace, what you manifest tends to manifest much more easily, because you aren’t projecting your peacefulness onto the condition of getting it.

HE is the next part of the NAME. HE means “to be aware of”. Often translated as an inner eye, a window. Your IMAGINATION is your window – seeing what is possible – giving birth to what is possible – by being aware of and seeing it as possible. “To be aware of” something that is possible – makes it possible for you, if you simply believe. – See Adventures in Possiblity Thinking.

VAU is a NAIL. A nail binds. If you would BIND yourself so fully to the inner vision of HE that you have had – that you become ONE with it – you will experience that or something even better. If you are SOLID with it, solid like a nail. Think about how two boards are made into ONE structure – by a nail.

If you use this formula you will experience true peace.  If you use this formula to assume the state of the wish fulfilled, to assume the state of the man / woman you choose to be, to assume you are one with God – and you will know that you are – and you will manifest all you truly choose to have in your life.

TODAY’S TAKE AWAY:  Stop imagining the past – and you won’t have to repeat it again.  Stop imagining what you fear, and you will start living a life driven by dreams instead.  Stop imagining separation from the God you are one with – and start imagining FROM the place of power and love that you are.   We share what we share because we know it works.  Dive in and enjoy the waters of possibility.

Have a blessed day.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. The photo in the article is of our baby ducks. They are part of the "one life" that is. We can't help but feed them, they rejoice in being fed, even before we feed them. This is how ducks pray – assuming – thankful. Simply being themselves.

  2. zach says:

    This day to day going to work is not working for me. I don’t want to try an trade time for money anymore. I am about to try a buisness oppertunity of. Do you think the manifesting money action pack will work for me for that buisness oppertunity? Thanks Mr TT. Zach

  3. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Zach,

    The first step is desire. Having the desire for a change – we start to formulate exactly it is – what we choose to be and have in the world. Sounds like you are in that stage mate – defining what you choose not to have – and defining what you choose.

    The Manifesting Money Action Pack is calling you for a reason mate. Maybe, for you it might have exactly what your end in mind is. Or maybe, it will be part of what helps you define what exactly it is you choose to be and have in the world.

    Either way, for the price of a small lunch – it will be a meal that will feed your mind and soul, and transform your world.

    Blessings to you on your journey mate,

    TT and V too

  4. zach says:

    Thank you Mr TT 🙂

  5. paula says:

    Yes! This is how the Native Americans manifested rain. When they did their rain dance, they weren’t dancing to make it rain, they were dancing because to them it was already raining. They were already dancing in the rain, assuming the state of the wish fulfilled.

  6. lisa says:

    Hey Zac – I am late coming to your party here…as the emails flowed to me. I wonder – did you buy the training? What happened for you if you did? What has happened for you if you haven’t?
    I ask as a huge advocate of the training, and all the changes it has made for me, personally, in my own life.
    I would love to know! I have never found a more consistent and true teaching, ready for me to grasp and use with a true understanding. I hope you did and they are working for you too!

  7. Dennis says:

    Great message TT&V! Its interesting what you find when you break these things down like that, the real meanings become clear. Thanks for all you guys do. Blessings.

  8. Bill says:

    Love this line even though it’s only part of what you are teaching in your post: “Dive in and enjoy the waters of possibility.” Should be one of your 20/20 originals that you post 🙂

  9. Cindy in NYC says:

    For over a decade I’ve been active in recycling here in New York, collecting, then passing along articles my neighbors donate (clothing/appliances/books/household items) to people who need them. For awhile now I’ve had a deep desire to start my own entity, (“FLOTSAM, RECONSIDERED”) a slightly hipper and jazzier version…still to recycle and re-use and re-purpose, for others. So, by simply assuming my wish (to BE THE PERSON WHO HAS THAT THRIVING BUSINESS) has already been fulfilled..guess what? I get phone calls from people who have things to give away. They are aware I’ll know someone who can use them; not only that, but in addition to calls…I ‘keep finding wonderful things’ left out on collection days, or dropped off at our donation locales. And then – guided by intuition – I make a call and the person will say, “that’s amazing, I was going to look for a new chair, the old one strange that you should contact me, about a chair you wanted to give away. And I never told you I even needed one!”

  10. Sazali says:

    “Your IMAGINATION is your window – seeing what is possible – giving birth to what is possible – by being aware of and seeing it as possible. “To be aware of” something that is possible – makes it possible for you, if you simply believe”.

    These are powerful words Mr Twenty twenty. I felt a sudden inner realization after reading them. Thanks

  11. Nat says:

    That’s great Cindy! I am imagining the ever increasing abundance of your desire.

  12. Llisa says:

    Nice to come back through to this post TT. Thanks so much.