Feel It Real Fun – Video #46 – The Selfish Show

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Today’s How To Feel It Real video just rocked. It began with a common question, and ended with….

“I’ve noticed its so easy for me to hear for others but I struggle doing sessions for myself.” – Tara

“The desires which impel us to action are those which hold our attention. A desire is but an awareness of something we lack and need to make our life more enjoyable. Desires always have some personal gain in view, the greater the anticipated gain, the more intense is the desire. There is no absolutely unselfish desire. Where there is nothing to gain there is no desire, and consequently no action.”

Source: Neville Goddard 1948 Core Lecture #5

“It is much easier to imagine the good for all, than to be purely selfish in our imagining. By our imagination we can change our future, and to the man of high purpose, this is a natural measure.”

“All forms of creative imagination imply elements of feeling, for it is the ferment without which no creation is possible. There is nothing wrong with the desire to transcend your present state. The world would not progress without man’s dissatisfaction with himself.”

“It is natural to seek a more beautiful personal life. It is right to wish for greater understanding, health and security”

Source: Arise by Neville Goddard

“The house must be empty when she isn’t there, or you aren’t there. If I knew, in her heart, that I could go and come when I wanted and she wasn’t concerned – oh, that’s not my wife! I know I’ve got to depart someday and leave her behind me, or she goes and leaves me behind. That, I know, is inevitable. But while we are together, I want it to be so that the house is empty if the other one isn’t there. And I’m selfish enough to want her to feel the same way.”

Source: Neville Goddard – Power

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