Feel It Real Fun Video 31 – Stop Silly and Serious Stuff from Blocking Your Blessings

“These past few weeks I’ve been feeling very frustrated and down.”

“I mean things been on a roll but all of the sudden it stopped.”

“I couldn’t pin point why at first. After I read the revision email you sent out today somehow pin pointed it for me.”

“It was Prince’s death, like I said it’s weird but it has taken a toll on me emotionally since I heard about it. How can I fix this, I don’t like it at all. But one thing I am is happy that I figured it out.”

Go to: Patrick’s 10 Year Time Saver Success Story

Note: This success story is one of the ones here, that really dive into TRIGGERS and meaning – which is what today’s video is all about. Until you become aware of and stop – the triggers – and become aware of “the endless meanings” that keep getting in your way – life is a drain. Dive in and notice – how true this is – and amp up your life. Go go go!

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