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10 Year Time Saver – Neville Goddard Success Story

Hello Mr. Twenty Twenty.

I want to first thank you for creating all the wonderful recordings and articles. You have truly blessed so many people. I just finished my first week of the Manifesting Mastery course and i am very happy with the insights and information you have shared so far.

For as many years as i can remember, i have allowed my ocd, which i no longer capitalize because i have changed the meaning i now attach to it. My imagination would run wild and would cause all kinds of fear and anxiety. I never fully realized how much meaning i was giving to what i saw and heard. My imagination was Feeding dozen of meanings to what caused me so much fear. It never stopped, and created a lot of problems like drinking and overeating to numb me.

In the past 7 days of listening and following your instructions to pay attention to the meaning i give events, i have found myself being more mindful and present and really noticing the story i make up to the information coming in. WOW is all i can say. I am aware now, that i can choose to experience any meaning i desire, or no meaning at all!!

There is great peace to be had by being more mindful of our states, and i am grateful Mr. Twenty Twenty for your beautiful program.

Peace and love

Patrick McMillan
from Manifesting Mastery

You have my blessings in sharing this email to everyone.

Dream Like GodOur Letter to Patrick:

Hey Patrick,

Thank you for such a wonderful share mate. And thank you for diving in and doing the tiny little drills in each daily lesson. We designed the first two weeks of the program – to do what it took 10 years of yoga / meditation / tai chi for us to do.  (And you nailed it.  Good on you.)

Freeing up your mind from being triggered non-stop (which is how most people seem to live) gives you heaps of the two things manifestors need plenty of – Energy and Attention.

And the little drills at the beginning of the course – help you notice EXACTLY how and when you get triggered – so you catch the spin – the meaning that we each put on every little thing.

(In every moment, we either add in meaning – or contribute to our manifesting – with our energy and attention.   We can’t do both – and learning how to notice this as it’s happening – just might be the ultimate game changer.)

Noticing the triggers and the meaning that gets added in on autopilot –  in real time – frees up your Energy and Attention – so they get applied naturally to what you want in life – what you are manifesting. This is the technology of miracles.

Enjoy the course mate. Next week expands in a really cool way on what we’ve done already, then each week after that we switch gears and dive deeper into what matters most. Results and good fun.

Blessings to you!

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria
Sunrise in Melbourne

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