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Bonus #3 – Manifesting Millions – Feel It Real for Money

feel it real - live boldyHey mate,

Would you like to MANIFEST MILLIONS of Dollars too?

Today we are going to explore one of our favorite How To Feel It Real For Money lessons of Neville’s – inspired by the Neville Goddard Prosperity Pack, one that will help you with just that!

We love exploring stories like this, because they remind us of the truth that sets you FREE!

That is the truth about you.  The truth about what is possible for you.  Let’s dive in.

“I have told you the story of this man before. He was a young lawyer of thirty, without funds, when a few years ago after coming to my lectures he decided to use his Imagination to obtain an immense objective. He desired to control a multi million-dollar concern — the Berkeley Savings and Loan Company. At the time he had no connection with them, but within six months he was in control.” – Neville Goddard

Did you notice how the focus keeps the “action of self predominant”?

Notice the focus of his imaginal act. It is not about “the Berkely Savings and Loan”. It’s about him having the control over it.

It’s subtle shifts like that, that we teach that speed things up the most.  

TODAY’S POWER POINT:  If you have EVER felt “in control” of

…anything, even if it’s just one project, or one activity you have done in the past – you can imagine the feeling of “control”.  (That’s what this man imagined – being in control.  He wasn’t making a big deal about “what’s a savings and loan feel like” or “what’s 10 million dollars feel like.)


Did following Neville’s Feel It Real methods work?

Let’s find out:

“He turned over the wheels of industry so fast that he doubled its assets. Now he has sold out control and gone into the building business. He has recently returned from Hawaii where he built four hotels. Now he is building the largest co-op on the west coast, the Comstock, named after the famous Comstock Lode. It is on San Francisco’s Nob Hill and is costing $8 1⁄2 million. He is president of the company.” – Neville Goddard

Let’s dive DEEPER NOW into the Prosperity Lessons…

…of Neville Goddard and get what most people miss – so you get the results you want and so you KEEP getting them:

“He wrote me a letter and said, “I have a deep and abiding conviction in the power of my Imagination from listening to your lectures. If Imagination creates Reality and I walk in the direction of my image, then I will predict my future.” Now he is president of this company and building this 120-unit co-op, which will be the highest on Nob Hill.”

“He has not forgotten. I wish I could say the same of others. They build big dreams and make them real and then forget how it was done. So, after Herod is dead, his son then rules in his place, and they say, It would have happened anyway.” – Neville Goddard

Let’s talk about how you can predict the future, your future for just a sec…

  • How do you predict your future?  You Feel It in.   You don’t listen to what others say – about you or about the world.
  • How to you predict your AMAZING future?  You do what Neville says, you INVEST.  You invest your time, your money, your imaginal act.

People who don’t do that…

…are lazy and scared.  And lazy and scared people judge others – and judge the world, when they could be IMAGINING UP SOMETHING LOVELY instead.   What would have happened to this friend of Neville’s if he listened to “friends and family” – or if he listened to the news and just judged?

Some people choose to invest – to make money, create fortunes, achieve massive success and benefit the lives of MILLIONS…

While others watch the news – and bitch – and moan – and make excuses.  And some people choose to REMEMBER the source of all wealth – and they choose to…

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Many Blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. Dave Harr says:

    Spot on Twenty, love that particular key quote "feel it real" and yet so simple, just lovely. Enjoy the life you create anyways, why not a grand one? Live your life with zest! Blessing everyone!

  2. Hola Señor T T: would like to get a friend started on these but where should they go so they don't get overwhelmed and lost from beginning…Thanks for all you do

  3. Conni Laine says:

    Another Goodie for sure for sure.!

  4. Mary Herrera says:

    no entiendo el ingles me gustria recibirlo en español si es posible gracias

  5. RHONYC says:

    this is such an exciting post! thanx TT & V! stellar job. 🙂

  6. Tina River says:

    Beautiful Twenty.

  7. Tina River says:

    si – debemos ayudarle, Twenty – debe ponerlas en espanol. How can we help twenty? Maybe a group of us can get together and translate – cono un grupo…para dividir las lessiones….

  8. Tina River says:

    One recommendation, is find one of Twenty's breakdowns of a Neville lecture – that shows Twenty's ability to open the understanding… perhaps?

  9. Paul says:

    Hi TT & V
    I love receiving your daily insights, thank you both. I believe that imagination creates reality although and have been studying the feel it real pack. Where I seem to get confused is what type of scene to imagine. I want to grow my business but can’t decide what scene to focus on. Your guidence as always is appreciated.

  10. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Have you studied the Congratulatory Conversations Paul? (Or sharing your success stories here?)

    Those are often the easiest to begin with.


  11. lisa says:

    Yes, I am the Operant Power. That….is a powerful reminder for “me”. Thank you.

  12. Max says:

    I’ve encountered this principle before, but somehow, a light clicked on this time. Stand by…

  13. lisa marie says:

    Hola Ignacio
    I personally would recommend they start on the email list. Just the best, most concise lessons -and discussions – and answers to questions that they will also undoubtedly have along the way….
    reading a book on their own..I have personally send 27 Neville books to 27 friends – and not one of them..not ONE – is using/reading/changing from it…
    Not one.

    So, my suggestion is also based on a true love of the work, the truth, of twenty himself – and his way of explaining to folks.

  14. lisa marie says:

    “It’s your turn. Follow-The-Formula. Predict your future by Feeling It Real. And remember how it was done, you are the operant power. Just follow the steps, get out of your way – and enjoy what is truly possible for you.”

    OH I love this.

  15. Jean Keith says:

    I respectfully disagree with you Lisa Marie. I’ve just started (a few days ago) with the email list, and I’m overwhelmed and lost. There is SO MUCH information (221 lectures, notes & MP3s to start off), and then there’s tons more in the following emails that are delivered day after day. Then, if you read what’s delivered within the emails (which I’ve done), there’s even MORE articles, etc. to view/read from there, let alone all the various links to other/additional articles within those articles. WOW…totally overwhelming and totally lost.

    So, to say the least, your suggestion of starting with the email list (while you have good intentions), isn’t the best place to start newbies like myself.

    Perhaps, it could just be me…being lost & overwhelmed. But I wanted to give my “2 cents” worth.

    Should anyone have some suggestions which might help with my overwhelm & being lost…I’d be most grateful.

    RE: my overwhelm & being lost — I’m thinking of purchasing the Feeling It Real Power Pack, the Manifesting Mastery Pack and the Prosperity Pack.

    With Respect, and Gratitude for this wonderful website,

  16. Jay MANT says:

    Do you know the name of the Gentleman in the sighted examples, the individual Neville speaks off?

  17. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Jean!

    We’ve put heaps together, and tried to make it simple – and you are right – it can be overwhelming at times.

    Back when we started out, I had 4 Neville Recordings, and just a few PDF’s…… And I found them comforting and confusing at times. When I put together the 221 PDFs, and started giving them away, that’s when the emails started coming in.

    After a few years of those, I started writing articles…. Then the ebooks, then the programs.

    If success leaves any clues behind, most of our Success Stories come from Manifesting Mastery members, who have the Feel It Real Power Pack. And they tend to read the daily emails.

    Hope that helps. Blessings to you!

    TT and V too

  18. Holly says:

    I couldn’t find the name of the gentleman, but here are 2 links to the Comstock building, completed in 1961 and still occupied in San Francisco today. What a wonderful story.

  19. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you Holly!

    Big love and blessings to you!

  20. Yesterday, here in downtown NY, I walked into my favorite bookstore, The Strand, to pick up a book I had wanted to purchase at discount. As I entered the store, the odor of paper, old books, and in fact the entire ‘smell of the place’ warmly embraced my nose, and in fact, my entire being. Although I am 70 years old now, I was blest in my salad days to have had training in what we call “Method Acting”. They use an exercise called ‘sense memory’, where sensations are called up, clear, and strong, for use in acting. Well, when I walked into Strand, all the sense memory came flooding back to me. I am a heartfelt, devoted practitioner of the Neville ideas and concepts, actively using so many of them, in my daily life. And I heard Neville’s voice saying, “bring as vivid and full a representation of the senses into the situation”. As I did this, my feeling it real was instantly there, along with the odors of cooking, the smells of the new house. The icing on the cupcake? A congrats conversation, where I was surrounded by comrades and kin, in my new locale (New Orleans), asking me with wonder and joy, “Tell us!! How did you manage all this cool stuff?”