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UPDATED: Eliminating Your Debt – Free Neville Goddard

Today’s article begins with a letter from Peter, another supporter of the Neville Goddard Project.

Hi Mr 20 20 & Victoria,

I would love your advice about something that has been bugging me. If I need $50,000 to pay off debts, is it best to assume I have $50K, whose energy I can “wear” easily; or would it be best NOT to put limits on God and assume I have million, which would be very very useful, the energy of which is not as easy to “wear” at this stage for me?

I know it SHOULD be as easy to attract $1 as it is $1million but if it FEELS like an “unbelievable” amount for me at the moment, do I start small and “build up” to the larger amount in “stages” (and thereby “limit” Infinite Intelligence) or do I go right into the feeling of $1million?

I’m guessing I’m not the only one who is bugged by this. Your guidance on this matter would be so valuable to me. Thank you both for your help.


how_to_feel_it_real_neville_goddard_double_minded_2Hi Peter,

You are right mate, you are not the only one bugged by this.  We just had an amazing coaching call with a client in the States with a very similar focus.

“Do not focus on…”

“Do not be concerned as to how, when, or where – only the end. If you are in debt, what is the solution? That you win the lottery or an uncle dies and leaves you his fortune? NO! The end is that you are debt-free. How would you feel if all of your bills were paid? Assume that feeling and let imagination harden that feeling into a fact!” – Neville Goddard

Time to dive in deeper, so you can soar higher!

The first thing you mention – is what’s bugging you – needing $50,000 to pay of debts.   Good start.   To move YOU into a Position Of Power so you can manifest effectively let’s ask:

  • Do you know what $50,000 FEELS like?
  • Do you know what $ million FEELS like?   

Or are they just numbers…

…at this point in time in your life?  If they are more “numbers” than “feelings” then we suggest skipping BOTH of them, at this time.

Neville Goddard's DoorToday’s Take Away:  

It’s not about putting less limits on Infinite Intelligence – by choosing a bigger amount over another…  That’s making it about “the money”…  

And making it about THE MONEY almost always makes it STRESSFUL and HARD.  On the other hand…

This is about YOU…

…discovering YOU have no limits – and that YOU can assume any state.

Here’s One Of the Ways You To Can Eliminate Debt Right Now:

NOTICE that:  Earlier in life, when you were younger – there was a time when you were debt free.  Remember that time.


Remember how YOU felt to be debt free, to be free of ANY thoughts about debt.   This is a FEELING you can access, remember, bring into your sessions and bring back into your life and circumstances.

It’s not about “the stuff” on the outside….

Because it’s not about “the money”.  It’s not about “the debt”.  Those are both circumstances – stuff on the outside – that will change once you change WHO is on the inside.

It’s about YOU being “the debt free man”.

The debt free man, FEELING FROM and LIVING FROM the state of the debt free man – who now IMAGINES UP RICHES  and accumulates wealth.

Power Point:  Trying to imagine something you never had is a bit more complicated than imagining something you have had.  

So imagine being debt free – feel the feeling of being debt free.   How does it feel?  

Because there were times in your life when you didn’t get debt notices in the mail – and you looked forward to getting the mail.   

Another Quick Bonus Method from the NEVILLE GODDARD  Prosperity Pack

“And if you can’t do that quickly and easily – imagine your friends – happy for your success.  We’ve all had friends happy for us.   Just imagine them happy for you NOW – because you are now 100% officially debt free!”

This is how we do it.   Remember and Reactivate – that perfect state.

If this article gave to you…

(then keep going!)

…,and you now want more wealth, money and financial freedom speed up and soar higher with the Prosperity Pack below.  Enjoy and lets make this your best year ever.

Thank you for writing Peter. ENJOY diving into that Prosperity Pack

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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“Do not be concerned as to how, when, or where – only the end. If you are in debt, what is the solution? That you win the lottery or an uncle dies and leaves you his fortune? NO! The end is that you are debt-free. How would you feel if all of your bills were paid? Assume that feeling and let imagination harden that feeling into a fact!” – Neville Goddard

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  1. Didi Stinson says:

    Awesome, TwentyTwenty! Yes, this is a BIG ONE for many, many people and much needed information on how to eliminate debt the Spiritual way in which we can never go wrong. You are a gift to the world, and I for one, THANK YOU! Much love to you & Victoria.

  2. V says:

    This is a goodie! Thanks for sharing TT & V. Miracles have become a way of life, my faith in growing with each passing day.

  3. Jan Watson says:

    Mr. Twenty-Twenty-

    SNAP! You are correct-By just remembering and reactivating the times that you FELT you were financially secure, the Universe/God make it happen.

    Thank you for sharing this incredible TRUTH!

  4. hazel says:

    Hi there Twenty twenty – You are so awesome! …i mean wow …
    I am always happy whenever i get here…Thank you so much !

  5. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you Hazel!

    Keep peeking around, we love having you here. And email / comment ANYTIME.


    TT and V

  6. Marina says:

    This is a great topic, thank you. I know the issue I’ve been dealing with is that I was thinking it’s best to just manifest the money first to accomplish what I need to, because there’s so much I need to do. The money is like the master key for me so this is right on target. I even messaged you about it once TT, about going straight to the end. I’ve still been having a difficult time with just “going to the end” because I haven’t been able to see how so many different things I need to do will get done; there is so much that would have to fall into place. Obviously I need to work on my faith in the process. Thus, I’ve been working on manifesting a “realistic for me” amount of money to accomplish what I need to.

  7. Mario says:

    Mr.TT, thanks for sharing. Its a good point but is there any strategy to manifest the money you want by winning a lottery? If i can manifest the money i want, all of my problems concerning financial is solved. But many LA gurus dont talk about this. How about a feeling of winning a lottery? Is it valid? Thanks!

  8. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Mario,

    We’ve got a number of semi-ongoing threads about that in this Facebook group:

    The short version, seems like most people want – what they think winning the lottery will give them. So they stay stuck – focused on trying to force a lottery win – instead of just directly manifesting what they want.


  9. Mike says:

    Hi TT and V,

    Thank you very much for this post. It comes just at the right time as I was trying to manifest money to clear my debts, and I keep moving between amounts, wondering which one will give me a better chance of manifesting. This is perfect timing. I receive it and take it.

    Thank you once again and keep on blessing the world.

    Big luv, Mike

  10. Carme says:

    Hello 20|20 and Victoria…!
    I have a big question for you…what if you thought/imagine something you didn’t want to happen and you noticed you were doing it right…? (I mean you really felt it real, but in the wrong way, as it’s something you do NOT want in your life…). Is there any way of erasing the seed you planted….?

    thanks a lot….!!!


  11. lisa says:

    Hey Dear TT and V and E – well, as I circle around again to this lesson, I can say that it helps me see how much I have deepened and shifted through my sessions and dedication to this radical responsibility of my own life-making. This year, right now, I sit on the edge of evidence of multi-millionaire income. Yet I live from, totally now, that state of having/being/doing. There are so many stories in my life with my partner, and how I am working my projects, and the very projects that COME to me… even this morning we described with joy the outcome through one of its many facets (our new home – chubby bird ranch).
    but I know everyone reading will….feel more..belive deeper…when I write you that the payment has come. So, this note will be both of thanks to you and neville, and a promise to share that day upcoming in early 2016 when the evidence manifests for the senses.

    Thank you for being my way-shower to get to this life I understand from creation. I love you guys, my true family.