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Eliminating Fear and Frustration – Part 1 – Free Neville Goddard

neville_goddard_feel_it_realHey mate,

Last week we explored the nature of doubt, the state Neville calls the devil.  This week we are going to reduce and maybe even eliminate another “demon” from your mind, the demon of fear.

Fear begins to lose it’s grip over you…

… anytime you remember the truth about you,  that you are the Good Shepherd – that you are NOT one of the sheep.

“Maybe you would rather continue to walk with the sheep of the world and not be the shepherd, but you would like to feed on green pastures by still waters, instead of climbing the steep hills of doubt and fear as most people do.”

“You can, if you will persistently assume: I am well fed. I am wanted. I am known and everything is as I want it to be.  But remember: to bring all these things into being, there must be a persistent assumption. That’s the story of Jesus.” – Neville Goddard

You have a choice today, you can be like the sheep – or you can be the shepherd.

POWERPOINT:  Thoughts and your emotions run the lives of the sheep.

But you, being the shepherd, can direct your thoughts, and your feelings – by simply Following-The-Formula and living from the state of the wish fulfilled.

The Mistake Most People Make:

Notice Neville doesn’t say to SAY you are well fed, wanted, etc.  He says to persistently ASSUME that you are.   Assuming the state of the wish fullfilled is FEELING that state, and reacting to the world from that state.   If you do that today, you are the Good Shepherd.

“You who are here are hungry for the Word of God. You are thirsty for the Word of God. You could be at home this night watching TV and it would cost you nothing, but you have given up your time and your money to be here because of your hunger.”

“I have been sent to tell you not only that you become God when he is fulfilled in you, but how to cushion the blows in this world of reason by delighting in his law. His law is simply a persistent assumption in the claim: “I am what I want to be.”” – Neville Goddard

learn_how_to_feel_it_realLike the original listeners of Neville, you are hungry and you are thirsty for the truth.   You could be in your home watching TV, listening to the news or watching mindless reruns, or participating in fear mongering gossip with friends or family members.

But instead, you have chosen to be here with us, and to invest in you – to invest in learning the truth about you and about our world.

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So how do you be the Good Shepherd?

Neville says to assume right now,”I am what I want to be”.   Don’t just say it – FEEL IT REAL.  Walk in that lovely, confident state, and be indifferent to the fear based fanatics in the world.  Let go of your frustrations, and embrace the truth – you are subject only to what you hold in mind – and what you hold in mind you embody and you manifest in your life.

Be the good shepherd, be the true you.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. Reinis says:

    Very inspiring message! Thanks!

    Which Neville’s lecture are these quotes from?

  2. Dennis says:

    I am what I want to be….thats a powerful statement, especially when you feel it. You have to come from a place of omnipotent power when you feel it. Thats what I get when I close my eyes and say it…that I am the power behind the statement.
    Random thought here, does Neville explain somewhere the proof of why the bible is not an historical timeline? He says its too lengthy a discussion in a couple of the lectures and wont go into it. So, which lecture does he address that? It makes total sense to me that its a journey of the mind and not a history book. Thanks TT!

  3. Because I love to cook, and we spend a good deal of time the kitchen, I base my feel it reals on cooking. I am WHO I wish to be. I am WHERE I wish to be. I am DOING what I choose to do – cooking, in my new home. I feel the textures of the foods, as I handle things, assembling ingredients for meals… in my kitchen. It brings an immediate sensory awareness to things, because these sensations ARE so familiar. I can close my eyes and..I’m THERE!! Everything else follows, after that. Meatballs, roast chicken, baked apple Betty, sautéed broccoli, grilled salmon, crisp green salads, sliced mushrooms…Each producing their own special odors and colors, and then the view out my window into the yard I have, in our home, as I prepare food. Works like magic. Imaginal cooking?? Hey guys…I am not only the shepherd..I am the CHEF!! :-))

  4. Momo says:

    Thank You.