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Today's Lovely Rose in our Garden.

Today’s Lovely Rose in our Garden.

Hey mate,

Today’s Neville Goddard lesson is really helpful for people who have problems visualizing.   Enjoy and please share with a friend or two.

There is another technique I gave you last night. If you cannot concentrate on an act, if you cannot snuggle into your chair and believe the chair is elsewhere, just as though elsewhere were here, then do this: Reduce the idea, condense it to a single, simple phrase like, “Isn’t it wonderful.” or, “Thank you.” or, “It’s done.” or, “It’s finished.” – Neville Goddard

Notice how simple Neville makes it today, to experience the FEELING that follows a wish fulfilled.   Simple is the key, because:  Effective feelings are simple feelings.

“There should not be more than three words. Something that implies the desire is already realized. “Isn’t it wonderful”, or “Thank you,” certainly imply that. These are not all the phrases you could use. Make up out of your own vocabulary the phrase which best suits you. But make it very, very short and always use a phrase that implies fulfillment of the idea.” – Neville Goddard

Feeling loved, feeling secure, feeling huge value and worth are all simple feelings, that can be anchored in with the most powerful phrase we know, “thank you”.

Note:  There is a part of the mind that seems to resist when you walk around SAYING, “I am happily married” – before you are married.   You can TOTALLY bypass that resistive part of the brain – by simply doing your Feel It Real sessions to create the “feeling of married”, then you go through your day – walking in the state of the wish fulfilled – anchoring that in by simply feeling THANK YOU.

BONUS TAKE AWAY: Why does “Thank you” work so amazingly well?

Thank you is one of the MOST POWERFUL, creation phrases we know of. Check this out:

  • What do you say, (and feel) when you are given congratulations? You say and feel, “Thank you.”
  • What do I say FROM THE HEART, when I wake up to a beautiful brand new sunshiny day next to my lovely lady? “Thank you.”
  • “Thank you” also implies “it is” (remember to always IMPLY it is done).  Now, let’s contrast that with, “I did it!”

For some people….

Sometimes, “I did it” gets in the way, because it activates the ego. And the ego seems to block the blessing – or at least muddy the waters a bit.

Feeling and saying “thank you”, or “I am thankful” – creates the master state of gratitude.  The state that can fit in perfectly – and that is the perfect outcome – of ANY loving use of imagination.

This is why we teach the Gratitude Game in Neville Goddard Simplified.  (If you know it, do it daily and watch how it transforms your life in an amazing fun way.   If you don’t have it, get it today!)

Have an amazing day!

Mr Twenty Twenty and victoria

PS:  Read this article or watch this video and notice how well this fits in with it.  Totally life changing.

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  1. Dennis says:

    That is so simplistic! Good stuff!

  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you Dennis! Greatly appreciated mate.

    TT and V

  3. As always very powerful and inspirational lessons that I am always compelled to share on Facebook.

    Thanks Twenty!