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Do you really Need to do Feel It Real Sessions?

“Why do you think I need to do daily sessions? I think Neville gives plenty of examples where he Feels It Real without using a formal session, or the state akin to sleep? I haven’t gotten any results yet, but I know that I will get them just by imagining during the day.”

DSCF3801Hey mate,

Here is an teeny tiny snip…

….from the handbook from the Feel It Real Powerpack (page 10 of 33), including a quote by Neville Goddard, and a tiny bit more on why Neville was such a fan about doing formal sessions, in the state akin to sleep. Enjoy.


Most people skip this VITAL step, when learning how to Feel It Real.  They just try to imagine during their hectic day what their ideal life might be like. Trying to “feel it real” while being stressed out or distracted can CONTAMINATE your ideal.

This is the first reason why Neville says to do sessions in the STATE akin to sleep. Create a special time where you ONLY feel your ideal as real, so you can put your undivided attention on it and feel it FULLY.

What Do You REALLY believe?

Think about this too, if you aren’t taking somewhere between 3 and 30 minutes DAILY to envision and to energize with  “official sessions”, do you REALLY believe this stuff works?

You can watch a rerun or recreate your world – it’s up to you how you spend or invest your time.

– – – – – – – – – –

“You change your future best when you are in control of your thoughts while in a state akin to sleep, for then effort is reduced to its minimum. Your attention seems to completely relax, and then you must practice holding your attention within that feeling, without using force, and without using effort.” – Neville Goddard – The Core Teaching Lectures

neville_goddard_feel_it_real_quote_2015What does Neville Goddard have in common with…

professional tennis players, professional golfers, professional pianists, and the professional martial artists we’ve trained with?

They all continued to practice the basics, no matter how good they got.

  • The tennis player practices her basic swings, with a coach, or against a machine.
  • The pro golfer will go to the driving range and the putting range, and practice basic drives and puts.
  • The professional pianist practices their scales.

The professional martial artist, will return again and again to the basics, what they learned in their first month or two of training.

learn how to feel it real - click hereNeville, effective as he was, continued all his life to do Feel It Real sessions, in the state akin to sleep.  

Part of it was because he knew that THAT is what works.  The other part, is because we can continually explored the special balance of “tension and relaxation” needed – to be totally relaxed – yet remain highly focused.

In the past 30 years…

…we have found that doing daily Feel It Real sessions totally transforms your world – if you do them right, and if you don’t leave anything out.  

So keep diving deeper so you can soar higher!


Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. Patricia Abbey says:

    Thank you so much for this gentle reminder, and I have a question on a completely different topic, but first I want to say how beautiful your flowers are. I can just imagine how lovely your garden must be!!

    Now, my question… what does Neville believe about tithing? Was he a supporter of the 10% rule??

    Many thanks!!!

  2. Robert Testaz from Melbourne says:

    That said sometimes an on-the-spot session produces miracles. Recently at my mother-in-law’s house auction I listened as the estate agent went past 620,000. I closed my eyes and “heard” him saying 690,000. A few minutes later the house went for 690,000. This session lasted no more than 10 seconds. Wow – I was blown away. This was 70,000 more than she had hoped for. This was more the exception than the rule though.


  3. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Excellent mate!

    $70,000 for a ten second investment.

    Good job.

    TT and V

  4. Lynne says:

    I have been overwhelmed by something that happened 20 years ago. My wonderful was addicted to herion. He took $6000. from my charge card. My husband & I were hard working people who didn’t have extra but we didn’t want him to be put in jail so we went into debt. Eventually, we had a lot more debt. I knew nothing about drug addiction & thought if I just saw him as normal the addiction would stop. It didn’t.

    He died 16 years ago after 4 years of a hellish life for us all. I was then about $
    100,ooo in debt. I paid the hospital bills cause I saw doing these things would bring me good but that is not what happened. The grief & life we lived depressed my husband & I & we stopped working.

    My husband had a sudden heart attack & died 2 years ago. I have another son who has paid my bills but wanted to stop cause he was working too much. So in July I said I would take care of it. I got so stressed I landed in the hospital due to blacking out.

    I love my son but he works so much & lets me know he can’t see me or talk on the phone to me cause he has to work.

    Now a friend is helping me to get disability but it might take years & it would only pay part of my bills. I don’t have time cause in November my house will go into forclosure. I have no income so I will be homeless. I want to stay in my house & pay with ease. I would love to have a work at home job on the phone but it has not manifested. I don’t have the stamina for a lot of hours unless I really love it & can walk as I am talking at times.

    I got to a doctor tomorrow & I must tell all the problems I have which makes them worst but I don’t have the job or faith. Any suggestions? I have to have something happen quick cause I have bills due now & they are high. I feel hopeless & if when I feel happy I need to have the money which has not come. Thank you, Lynne

  5. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Lynne,

    We’ve been in similar situations before, and what we would suggest is diving into Neville – not just to solve your current problems, but to find a whole new way of living life. You found us for a reason, so stick around and dive in.

    Get on the daily email list, so you get the articles and updates, and read what we’ve posted here so far. We’ve got over 800 articles, about a hundred or so videos, free and paid recordings that will help you totally transform your world.

    Good on you for being here, and for diving in.


    TT and V

  6. Max says:

    This post reminds me of a passage in one of Neville’s books that keeps coming back to me: “At first your thoughts may be like rambling sheep that have no shepherd. Don’t despair. Should your attention stray seventy times seven, bring it back seventy times seven.”

  7. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Exactly Max!

    We hear, “This is so hard!”

    Well, it might be, at first, if you have heaps of straying sheep.

    Be the good shepherd. It’s so worth it.

    TT and V

  8. SM says:

    I try these sessions but I fall asleep everytime. I don’t know how to keep the focus on it.

  9. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hey SM,

    We dove into that today in this Feel It Real Fun show for you: