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On July 8, LaMonica dove in with the Feel It Real Power Pack, got a few other goodies from us, and dove in to FEELING IT REAL in the most lovely way.

What you are about to read is what happens – when you choose to use The Tools and be the blessing. Let’s dive in!

Hello Twenty!

Just when i thought my manifesting wasn’t working, I get a call from my mom saying that…

“The cancer is in remission.”

My stepdad was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had the surgery to have it removed last week.


They went back to the doctor for his follow up and the doctor told them there was no cancer and that it was in remission.

My imaginal act was me hearing…

…my mom calling me by phone to tell me the doctor said, “No Cancer!” I created the scene, felt it as real, & would go back to it often or as i thought of him for about 3 months. However, last week i trusted my imaginal act as real and let it go completely!

learn_how_to_feel_it_realI kinda felt like i was abandoning him at first by letting it go.

But i had to truly trust it and not let it drive me crazy.

Thank you!

LaMonica  – Loving the Feel It Real Power Pack!

TT and V Power Point:

We love how LaMonica discovered how Neville taught “letting go”.  Letting go of THE WORRY, by living from THE WISH FULFILLED changes EVERYTHING.  And it’s these tiny little bits -that so many people miss – that stop their manifesting DEAD in it’s tracks.

Keep going! Dive deeper!   Be the blessing!

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PS: There are those government agencies that want us to tell you that “this ain’t typical” and “your bad bad might get worse worse”.

Even if you “buy a program”. So you’ve been warned. We aren’t medical doctors, and we don’t “buy the bullshit” most people do. We suggest diving in and discovering the truth about you and what is possible for you – like many others here have. Why not?

You just might discover – you are God – having the adventure of a lifetime…. Have fun!

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