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Can You Imagine This Kind of Success for YOU too?

“You can play any part – be it a rich man or a poor man, a beggar or a thief, the known or unknown – once you know they are only parts, only states of consciousness. But if you don’t know this, and are not willing to give up your present state, you will remain there, looking at your desire and not from it. You can become what you would like to be in the twinkle of an eye by the simple act of assumption.” – Neville Goddard

From our Facebook Group: May 25, 2016

feel_it_real_neville_goddard_quote_twinkleTT and V,

After reading posts here I decided to maintain a log of my activities for myself. So here is a quick success story, and a little background.

I come from typical middle class Indian background. To add to that I belong to the “caste” that isn’t considered as glamorous plus no reservations.

So the mindset that was embossed in my skull was that of inferiority and “you don’t deserve to be happy”

I started off with LoA in 2011 and since then I’ve managed to accomplish a lot of things and successes. Surprisingly, I came across Neville just recently. But that’s a good thing because in past, I’d not have been open to the information that is so easy to apply for I wanted all my manifestations to be “legendary” (meaning, a lot of struggle).

So after buying the Feel It Real Power Pack, I realised I was so attached to the “illusion of hard work”, more than the actual manifestation itself. I wanted to have a “story to tell” and I put all my energy into crafting a perfect script of “how it should happen”.

So, recently I came to the understanding that I’ve been doing it wrong and decided to “truly” study Neville’s teachings, (no wonder I stumbled upon TT and V).

So the repeating pattern I had was – “I want to feel important”, but I used to do a lot of things that will “make other people feel that I am important”.

To do that I used to do a ton of stupid stuff:

  • Working long hours and just slaving away.
  • Attending interviews, securing new jobs with higher salaries and then casually threatening my current company that I will leave if they don’t conform to what I say.
  • Talking down to inferiors just to get a feel of being important.

So, for last 3 weeks I’ve been “feeling it real” that how would it be like if I were the person I was striving to be.

feel_it_realI constructed a scene in my mind that implied that my work is of great value and how I loved working on the project that in assigned to.

For a week there was no change on the physical plane. Only I didn’t feel the need and desperation to “do something”.

Two weeks back, I was assigned to the new project. As soon as I started on this project, I only focused on writing a great quality software without giving 2 shits about how is that making me “an important person”.

That’s all I did on physical plane. And to be honest, it wasn’t even remotely close to what I’m actually capable of doing if I want to prove something to someone.

Meanwhile I kept up with imaginal activities and today the senior most manager of the company called me in his cabin and told me how much of a great job I am doing and how much it has helped the project to be considered for “best software architecture” award!

Boom! That was shocking! Hehe!

So yeah! Focus on the Feeling of The Wish Fulfilled and it will manifest in ways your conscious mind can’t devise!

A. (now in Manifesting Mastery too)


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