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Brian’s Better BullsEye Success Story!

Hey Twenty…

Here is a little piece I just wrote…so much fun here!!!

Don’t limit yourself to playing with the TOOLS for “more money” or “travel”. Consider all of the possibilities and all of your desires.

I have been shooting at clay targets since I was a youngster. I loved the sport and shot with my Dad. I lied off for a number of years, focusing on school, then career, and family. A couple of years ago, I thought “why not, it might be fun” so I took up the sport again.

I quickly found that at 60, I was weaker, slower, and my sight was not what it was in my teens. I had all kinds of “head trash” about why I should just give up. Still, I was having tons of fun, and that told me to keep going…fun being under rated in our culture.

Typically, when we shoot we shoot 25 clay birds and that is called a “round”. I had a ton of fun and thought that this would be a perfect place to “try it for myself” as Neville has taught. I had all kinds of success stories since learning about Neville’s work and playing with some of the stuff Twenty Twenty teaches…

Why not apply it here? I had never shot a perfect round of 25 so I started.

I did a session about shooting a perfect round. I did sessions for both skeet and trap…two different games. I would go out and shoot, and each time I missed a clay, I would immediately revise and see my hit. As I fell asleep, I would feel myself moving around each field, from station to station breaking any clay that was thrown. My sessions were so fun, perfect shot clay after clay.

Recently, I shot a perfect 25 straight in trap…then a perfect 25 straight in skeet! It was so easy, natural, and fun! My shooting has never been better or more fun!

Pick something you never thought you could do and test it… Use the tools! Play and play on…
What a great skill to discover!

Brian – Manifesting Mastery Graduate!
PS: of course you can post it!

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