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Bonus Neville Goddard Lesson – Bundled Beliefs

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Hey mate,

Last Tuesday morning, we did a coaching session with one of our members…

…and we talked about a very powerful part of this Neville Goddard quote -the power of BUNDLED BELIEFS. Notice if you are doing this as Neville does:

“How do you get out of a state? Through belief! You must believe in the doctrine. You are told: Whatsoever you desire, believe you have received it and you will.”

“The precepts of Christ must be accepted literally, for they will be fulfilled literally. Can you believe the precept that believing you have already received your desire will bring it forth in your world?”  

“If so, then tonight you can change the things that are happening in your world. And if you can believe and persuade yourself that things are as you want them to be to the point of actually moving into the feeling they are true, they will be felt and seen in your world.”

“You must feel your desires are already realized, that they are already true, for the truth of any concept is known by the feeling of certainty that the thought is true.” – Neville Goddard

feel_it_real_neville_goddard_quotes_believeDid you notice Neville has TWO beliefs – bundled together?

  • The first is BELIEVING that THE SYSTEM works!
  • And SECOND, Neville says to have  the BELIEF that WHAT YOU HAVE DESIRED is now real.

Getting BOTH OF THOSE 100% active in your life –  becomes EASIER AND EASIER the more you do – exactly what we teach.


POWER POINT:  If you are missing either one…

…of these two BUNDLED BELIEFS that Neville shares in this lesson – then you don’t have nearly the chance of manifesting your desired.

So notice today – are you reacting to the world as if:

  • Imagining creates reality.  (The system)


And notice too if you are reacting to the world as if:

  • Your ideal is real now.  (Is what you have desired FELT  real now, are you embodying the feeling this minute.)

Because you need both BUNDLED BELIEFS – to make his system effective – so you can manifest the life of YOUR dreams fast and easy as pie!

Have an amazing day!

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria



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15 Comments on "Bonus Neville Goddard Lesson – Bundled Beliefs"

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  1. Dennis says:

    Thats great! I never looked at it in that perspective before. Im not sure how I missed that insight. Thanks again!

  2. One of the great ways that I feel it real is in focusing on the general feeling that I would have if my wish were fulfilled. Ease, peace, joy and freedom.

  3. Sue says:

    Thank you so much for bringing this question to ponder…. It has allowed me to take a real look at my belief in the “system”. This is a key that might have gone unnoticed.

    Thank you!!

  4. Michael says:

    Message Body:
    “So notice today – are you reacting to the world as if:

    Imagining creates reality. (The system)

    And notice too if you are reacting to the world as if:

    Your ideal is real now. (Is what you have desired FELT real now, are you embodying the feeling this minute.)”

    Concerning the above, I think it is mainly a matter of believing confidently in one’s belief, with the emphasis on the belief. As soon as our minds try to figure out how consciousness creates reality we are back in the duality, in separation. Feeling the reality of our belief is good, but it is a matter of being aware that our consciousness, which we share with God, is creating that feeling. A subtle difference, perhaps, but creation itself is non-dual.

  5. ER says:

    Mr. Twenty Twenty,

    I like your point of disaggregating the two beliefs. One is the belief in one’s ability to manifest s/he desires, and the other- belief that one’s desire(s) have already come true.

    The question I have, however, is is it really necessary to believe in the system to manifest a desire? That is, it should not matter whether I believe or do not believe that “my thoughts create reality” or what have you, if I believe that my desire is already a fact.

    While I can see that believing in the system will allow one to persevere in assuming that s/he already is/has/does what they desire to, is the belief in the system itself a necessary condition for manifesting a desire?

    Thank you

  6. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi ER,

    Great question mate.

    As you’ve probably noticed, people who have never even HEARD of “the system” are manifesting (mostly crap)(mostly unconsciously) all day long.

    Obviously, they can’t believe in “the system” because they haven’t heard of it.

    On the other hand, if you are consciously going to “use the system”, HONESTLY believing in it seems to be necessary.

    At least that’s my experience, and from working with megatons of clients – seems to be theirs as well.


    TT and V

  7. Maggie says:

    Thanks Mr TT, I so enjoy your posts! Just wanted to add my experience with manifesting unwanted things. I’ve noticed, as Neville says, that any imaginative experience, felt intensely, is bound to crop up in my ‘visible’ world sooner or later. The more intense the feeling, the sooner the manifestation.

    I’ve noticed that the ‘state akin to sleep’, along with a feeling of conviction that ‘it is real in the NOW’ is all that’s needed to plant the seed for unwanted things. Then if I forget what I did (when I’m creating unconsciously) I don’t go back and dig the seed up and it is more likely to come to fruition, whether I want it or not.

    When I’m trying to create consciously is when I have to learn to stop digging up the seed, going back, ‘looking for signs’ etc., because as Neville says that’s when I bring about an unintended miscarriage. So the ‘leaving it alone’ happens best when I have faith in the process, and have faith enough in the reality of what I’ve done that I can ‘consciously’ rather than ‘unconsciously’ leave it alone while the act gestates into space/time.

    So far I’ve got the whole ‘finding a parking space’ thing nailed down. Still imagining greater wonders. As I read last night in Your Faith is Your Fortune, when I really grock that I AM is the LAW of my BEING, (because I AM is the Power and Wisdom of God), it will be much easier to manifest with less and less effort. Minimal effort = maximum return. Mag.

  8. Beth Smith says:

    I love that, whatsoever, we desire, believe we have received it and we will….how can I get to this point where I do have it, when my senses, and my mind says, no, you don't have it yet…, how can I accept the fact, it is already here..

  9. Jamie says:

    Neville is one of many who found the truth. At first glance it seems like nonsense just a bunch of wishful thinking. Then something happens, the more you look at it the more you see the truth in it. ” The truth shall set you free” When you consciously come to the conclusion that it’s the truth, you’re halfway there. This quote from the Matrix jumps to mind from Morphus. ” There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path” We logically understand from modern science how this works through Quantum Mechanics. The double slit experiment, non locality, super position,random event generators , it goes on and on. This science proves that nothing is what it seems to be. The great teachers of the past have been sharing this information with us down through the ages. We look at our own lives and see how it’s played a major role in what our lives have become, good or bad.
    We experience miracles and phenomena that neither we nor anyone else can explain. After all, if you believe even one person in the history of mankind was healed of a terminal disease then you know our current model of reality clearly isn’t true. In our world no one can be cured of an incurable disease by it’s very definition. Yet it happens all the time and medical science has no answers. Walking the path is where most of us let ourselves down. We wish and want for things to be better and spend our time imagining the opposite. If we can have the faith that Neville talks about we’d see miracles daily. I, like you am trying to find a way to have that faith. I believe that’s what holds us back and makes us feel like we are broken and not doing it right. If we could really teach ourselves to live from inside the vision nothing would be impossible for us. The solution has to be just as simple as that otherwise it wouldn’t be available to everyone.

  10. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Jamie,

    Having the faith is EASY.

    Imagining that having faith is hard – makes it hard.

    We learned that “having faith is hard” by repeatedly being exposed to stories that it’s hard, and people explaining that it’s hard.

    That’s why we are here, a voice shouting out the truth in the wilderness.


    TT and V

  11. lm says:

    Hey TT- Can you elaborate more on this?
    The need to believe. I truly do – believe. However I have so often wondered at the people’s lives – whether creating joy, abundance and what is generally considered all things good… or whether they may be creating Crap – as evidenced in the generally accepted paradigm of “how things are”.
    I have often wondered about not knowing the truth, and how it creates for us as well.
    Good topic for discussion!

  12. Therefore I Am says:

    I am enjoying learning and creating hoping to find like minded to people to swap success stories and help create!

  13. Hi TT&V,
    I am amazed by the clarity of the teachings of Neville. Neville has become the HERO in my life. It is still a mystery to me how I came to find Neville! He is wonderful and amazing!

  14. Quick manifesting story: Those who know me, are already familiar with the way I ‘pull stuff out of the air”..mainly clothing, household items, textiles, and whatnot. Then I pass them along to needy clients. My company, FLOTSAM RECONSIDERED, repurposes these items and I can’t tell you all what a ‘buzz’ I get doing this! Well, one of my my usual feel it real faves: is to manifest towels, which we then cut up, for the local cycle shops to use. They keep our bikes in excellent shape, and they always joke, “You’re money’s no good here, lady!!”, when we try and pay for repairs. The towels are joyfully snapped up, and they love seeing us. But since we now have more than one bike store we supply, we usually alternate, asking, “Who’s up next, Hal, or Frank?” And I’ll manifest only enough for that ONE store. Anyway, today I went out and took my usual walk, but decided to ‘up the ante’… feeling my wish fulfilled – saying, “I have an abundance of great towels now being donated, more than enough. In fact there are so many I can easily get two batches ready, for each of our favorite stores.” No need to choose up sides!! Checking in at textiles, I found two monster sized bags of towels had been dropped off – most times there are towels donated, but NEVER a ‘motherlode’ like this.. Did I feel it real and bring them into my world, to gift our beloved bike mechanics? You bet I did!!

  15. Momo says:

    Neville Goddard was ahead of his time. He still is. I have read over 10 of his books and this guy helps you to relax in this crazy world. I use his methods and they always work. No ‘if’ or ‘but’. How can you make some business associates who ignore your emails for months reply to you? I simply use his imaginary method with the actual content of the message I wish to receive. Boom! It works, I actually received those replies with the actual content that I was expected. Neville Goddard was and is still a Master.