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Ask and You Shall Receive? – Free Neville Goddard

“You know how people say, ‘ask and you shall receive’, well I KEEP asking, but I am not receiving Mr Twenty Twenty. Can you and Victoria help me? I am tired of hoping that my dreams come true.”  – Paula

neville_goddard_feeling_is_the_secretHi Paula,

Let’s SPEED UP your results, by diving into the words of Neville…

“Prayer is not so much what you ask for, as how you prepare for its reception.”

“Whatsoever things ye desire, when ye pray believe that you have received them, and ye shall have them.” – Neville Goddard

(Get how COOL this is?) 

Most people miss the first part, where Neville says that prayer is HOW you prepare for the reception of your wish being fulfilled, by believing (actually feeling) as if it is done.

This Act of Assumption is not asking, begging or hoping hoping.

Feeling ANY of those, just shows that you HAVE NOT actually Felt It Real properly. So does ASKING for….

Because you don’t ASK FOR what you ALREADY HAVE….

A true Act of Assumption – an effective Feel It Real session,  REMOVES ALL TENSION from you around your wish – and allows what needs to be done – to be done – so your wish becomes your reality.  So stop asking and hoping, and simply start right now with what Neville shares next.

Notice here – how Neville NAILS it!

“The only condition required is that you believe that your prayers are already realized. Your prayer must he answered if you assume the feeling that would he yours were you already in possession of your objective.” – Neville Goddard

Take a moment and notice:

  • What’s it feel like to already have that new car – long enough – that it doesn’t FEEL NEW…
  • To be in that loving relationship now for months…
  • To have RIGHT NOW your desired level of success again and again… 

Really get how those FEELINGS ACTUALLY FEEL in your body, feel free to explore them and open up to them.  THEN lock it in – with KNOWING it is – done.  (Congratulatory Conversations are one of The Tools which is GREAT for this.)


Your STATE directs your body’s behavior – and it directs the behavior of “the rest of the universe too” – so live from the feeling – you are what you have desired – that you have what you have wanted.

Because once you do that – everything inside of you and inside the universe moves.

“The moment you accept the wish as an accomplished fact the subconscious finds means for its realization.”

“To pray successfully then, you must yield to the wish, that is, feel the wish fulfilled.” – Neville Goddard

  • feel_it_realNotice how Neville says we must YIELD to the wish.
  • It’s not a matter of forcing it, it’s a matter of feeling from it.



When I feel like the loving husband, author, speaker and teacher – everything and everyone knows it. When I feel myself into the financial flow – everything and everyone responds IMMEDIATELY.

So remember…

If you feel yourself back to the begging and hoping state – because that is the state most of the world wants you in…  

STOP. Sit down, Follow The Formula and do a session to get back on track.

And remember, you are the operant power!  Dive in, dive deeper!

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

“Imagining the wish fulfilled is the seeking that finds, the asking that receives, the knocking to which is opened.” – Neville Goddard

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  1. Zahar says:

    This was right on time! I feel it and believe, but at times doubt crept in. Now I know what to do! I have been into Nevilles teachings for approx 7 years and have also used other loa systems. I always return to Neville because my results are consistent and the teachings are all biblical. The bible has always been the basis of my faith however there were always unanswered questions. The Neville lectures and your expounding on the lectures, in bite size pieces, have helped me understand sciptures that made no sense to me before. Thank you for all you do. I also have some success stories if you’re interested. Sincerely, Zahar. Namaste. (Please excuse typos, typing on a phone)

  2. lisa says:

    Another beautiful share: it is so great to be reminded of the HOW to ask…and the way to HOLD that ask as our reality. We are so fortunate to have you understand this so completely and share it so generously. Big Love to TT and V 🙂

  3. Conni Lewis says:

    Makes me happy feet. ;~)

    thank you!

  4. Dawn Bothie says:

    As usual, I love what 20 points out – And – I find that writing a nice story for myself- and for my clients helps. Write a story about yourself as if you are writing to a friend – all about your success. All about how great it is to own that house and what the party was like when everyone came to the housewarming. All about what it feels like to have that special person on your arm with everyone noticing how happy you both are.
    (including where you were going, how you got there, what you did etc.) A story with details about how it is NOW in your life. As 20 has pointed out via Neville – not the details of HOW it happened, but THAT it has already happened. Then, as 20 points out – collapse the longer story to a point so you can revisit that point over and over again easily and the other images will be there in the background. For me – a longer story TO START WITH – helps me surround myself with the STATE. And regarding the all important scene sharing your success with others – the congratulatory scene that 20 talks about – I love to add a child, or dog, or something to make me smile, laugh or feel deep fondness – Certain small events always make me well up with tears move me – so I incorporate those! I add a child's interaction – or something to make me smile, or giggle, – to make me feel fondness welling up inside. Maybe an animal who seems to sense that something has changed. Choose something that you know will cause an instant response in you…a sweetness, or feeling of love
    Clinking glasses as 20 suggests is great too, – and, you might also include another noticeable or unusual sound – fireworks? or a lawnmower? Or the start of the organ at church as you walk down the aisle? Or the crash of lightening – as you sit in your cozy new couch looking at your fireplace. I find that a strong sense of sound helps me "to be there" and as I hear that sound in other contexts – "on the way" – to living my dream in the flesh – I am reminded that I am already living in the state of the wish fulfilled. Hope that helps.

  5. Martha says:

    This is all very well, and of course it works for things that are believed to be “easy” but the issue remains, when one is faced with the appearance world of the senses and it is particularly threatening with no discernible solution, imagining something different is dependent on one’s ability to detach from appearances and to let go of the belief of needing to do something. What Regardie wrote about Neville that is quoted in the intro to the “Reader” compilation of books is very accurate. This worked for Neville and others operating in that same consciousness, but for the woman back some weeks ago and wanting her “ex” to be her husband again, or Paula here, or me in my dilemma, the challenge becomes how does one let go of appearances and the angst surrounding them and then how does one enter a neutral consciousness that then allows one to partake of the opposite to appearances without empowering the assumption of the “don’t want”. Imagining a party in the new house does no good if one absolutely knows they have no house. So the real work has to be on how to let go and be in the no space. All of this “just enter the state” only serves to remind the subconscious that one is trying to change that which they accept as so, and that means more “don’t want” rather than the want. Hoping that one’s dreams become reality is an attempt to overcome their absence which affirms that one does not have them now, and THAT is what manifests ad nauseum in physical reality because it is the assumption. And no where are we given any help at all on how to exit a state so that one can enter a new one, which means for the biggie issues, Neville just doesn’t work unless one has evolved to his level which most of us haven’t.

  6. Martha says:

    Another comment: Yesterday, I really worked on my imaginings for the Stock Market. I entered the state of the markets (S&P500) moving 50 points. Felt it real. And today, the economic data was such that Futures tanked, the markets gapped down and continued selling off until the Index was down over 50 points. This size point move is not usual either direction, but as I did my imaginal work, I let go of the “size” of the move and just felt the reality of the 50 point move. The PROBLEM was I imagined a 50 point UP move, and instead, it appeared as a DOWN move. I truly am left feeling that I’ve become dyslexic metaphysically and have no idea how to unkink this knot.

  7. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Martha!

    Great to hear from you. Try this one….

    Have you noticed that people assert that positive change is hard, while also asserting that negative change is easy?

    We get emails that indicate this all the time. Imagining that positive change is hard, will make it hard. Imaging that letting go of appearances is hard – will make it hard.

    What if letting go of appearances was as easy as grabbing a hold of them?

    Have fun, big love,

    TT and V

  8. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Martha,

    Try this on, do you want a 50 point move – or what that 50 point move will give to you?

    My guess is that you want what it will give to you.

    So go directly to that. The 50 points is a way – to an end.


    TT and V

  9. RHONYC says:

    “So go directly to that. The 50 points is a way – to an end.”

    NG’s ‘Live in the End’ recording elaborates on your point excellently, TT.

    best wishes Martha…you’ll get there, just give yourself permission. 🙂

  10. Patricia says:

    I love your articles and I seem to always get them at the right moments I need them. I find that whenever I manifest large things, it takes more time than smaller things. During the period of time that I’m manifesting the large things, I have thoughts and feelings that will creep up on me and I begin asking myself if this is even possible. I go back and read one of Neville’s books, one of his lectures, or I’ll see an e-mail from you directing me to an article which helps me stay more focused. I am currently focusing on owning a home and I was beginning to feel desperate. I opened my e-mail and found the link to this article. Thank you Mr. Twenty-Twenty and Victoria! I appreciate all that you do!

  11. Zarah says:

    All you need to do is BELIEVE = BE LIVING IT.

  12. Harsha says:

    Hi 20/20,
    Great post. I would like to share something I picked up at the School of Practical Philosophy here in New YorK! It’s called “The Exercise”.

    It is a great pattern break of sorts for those who lose sight of the moment while the mind takes of on negative past and future trajectories. I think it is a great add on to imagination and getting to the State Akin to Sleep. The school by the way focuses on communicating the essential idea of non-duality i.e. the Self as the basis of reality. Not quite Neville but definitely some good stuff there.

  13. lisa says:

    Still would write the exact same sentiment, a year later.

  14. Esther says:

    Dawn Bothie, Wow! Thanks for sharing! I like to get into a state of radiating love from my heart then fall into the believing. I like the writing to friend. I will try it.

  15. Kim Capstick says:

    That was a wonderful post. It helped me so much. I’d loved all the detail you put into it. Thank you for sharing your techniques with everyone!