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Are you using BOTH sides of Neville’s Manifesting Methods? – Free Neville Goddard

Hello Mr. Twenty Twenty and Victoria,

Warm greetings from Las Vegas, Nevada! I’ve been diligently doing Feel It Real sessions and I got curious about whether the process must be done completely mentally, or for example, with a congratulatory conversation, if it would be just as effective to act/mime itout loud, with eyes open and speak to imaginary but specific people?

I rehearse situations out loud, like preparing for an interview or before meeting influential people so I wanted to know if it can be applied to Feel It Real sessions. Thank you for your inspiring spiritual guidance and I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Mary

how to feel it realHi Mary,

For years, I have done the something similar.  Let’s see how this ties into manifesting Neville Goddard style.

For decades, I’ve taught “workshops”, with “imaginary clients” as well as “real ones”. 

  • Personally, I haven’t stood there talking to the crowds physically, but I have – while standing where I would teach – IMAGINED TEACHING classes there.   

And when I have done this – it happens.

To me, the experience of teaching “imaginal people” is the same as if teaching “real physical people”.  (What is wild is sometimes we recognize each other in the PHYSICAL world, when we meet years later, at a workshop I am teaching.

Who is to say when I am doing that IMAGINAL ACT and FEELING IT REAL, that I am not teaching real people, who might be in a sleep or meditative state around the world?

As we wake up to being Manifesting Masters, we get to wake up to what is truly real, and what is the world of the shadow. Every great mystic / teacher says the same thing. Every person who I have met who has had a mystical awakening or moment , shares that same story.  Consciousness is the only reality.   The physical world is the shadow that FOLLOWS it.

learn how to feel it real - click hereSo how can you make this practical today?

Remember, Neville says to – “Occupy the state.” It’s easy to build the state, get clear about it, and condense it down in a Feel It Real session. We always suggest doing 2 or 3 of those a day.

FEEL IT REAL SESSIONS are FOOD, they give you what you need to walk from your states all day long.

“I urge you to dream nobly. Although your dream may seem impossible, invite it into your consciousness by feeling it is real. Wear this feeling as you would a suit of clothes, and persist until the feeling takes on the tones of reality. Do that, and in a way no one knows, your desire will appear as an eruption of your continuous thought. – Neville Goddard

So how do you “clothe yourself with the REALITY of the state you have just CREATED in your imagination?

  • You REMAIN in the state UNTIL you feel it’s reality.

Neville teaches BOTH to “rest” and to “walk” in the state of the wish fulfilled.  Neville would do his sessions and rest in his chair.   He would also walk the streets of New York, FEELING AS IF he was in Barbados.

So do both.  Be physically STILL in it, and also be physically IN MOTION, while FEELING it.

And watch what happens in your world.   This stuff works, all you have to do is FOLLOW THE FORMULA, stop doing silly new age crap, and FEEL IT REAL.

  • And remember, the reason it works – is because we are ONE with God.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

Tired of wasting time – trying to figure it all out yourself?  Get some goodies from today’s article?  Then dive deeper and get the Feel It Real PowerPack  today.

“Change the system – not the symptom.” – Mr Twenty Twenty

“We are more thoroughly convinced by the sense of touch than we are with sight or hearing or smell. This is told in the 27th chapter of the book of Genesis… It is the story of Isaac and his sons… Your voice is the voice of Jacob, but come near so that I may feel you. And when he felt him he said, ‘These are the hands of Esau’ and then he gave him the blessing. The whole thing was determined by touch. He could FEEL him. He heard the voice, but he wasn’t trusting what he heard. He wanted to touch him…. When Thomas doubted the resurrection he said, ‘If I could but touch you.” And he (Jesus) said, put your hands in and feel.” – Neville Goddard

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  1. Michael Olson says:

    Hi Twenty Twenty,

    I hadn’t thought of it in just this way before, but this “spiritual experience” would certainly qualify as an example of the conscious-imaginal as being the really real because of the effect it has had on me over the years! I really felt the lady’s presence, but it took place in my mind as a vision!

    I had a vivid experience of encouragement from the other side many years ago (40 or so) when I was feeling depressed, business issues; I was a full time studio potter! I was sitting in my studio and shelves of books broke loose from the wall and came crashing down on my desk as I was sitting there. The books broke my glasses and went sliding across the floor. It took me several days to try to organize the mess and I was sitting there one evening, still depressed. (A few days before I had to drive 40 miles to order new glasses. I asked them to send them to me in the mail.) Suddenly the wall in front of me seemed to open up and I felt a strong feminine loving presence and standing there was a tall blond, beautiful woman in a long white robe. She reached up and tweaked her gold rimmed glasses and asked me, “Do you like your new glasses, Mike? You will be getting them in tomorrow’s mail.” On each side of her there was a row of older men, some gray, some with not much hair, all also in different colored robes in subtle earth colors, and they stood in rows going back further into the wall vision. The men were clapping, laughing and yelling, “Way to go Mike!” The next day was a “snow” day, no school, no mail, things brought to a halt. But on the day after that the glasses were in the mail! I must say I have never been deeply depressed since because I can remember that scene, knowing that I am (we are!) never really alone!

  2. I am so grateful for the work you do, Mr T. and for introducing me to Neville. So happy to have discovered his work through you. These posts are wonderfully inspiring and my week would not be the same without them.

  3. valvacious says:

    In your article you state…stop doing silly new age crap.

    I go to a Unity Church ( sometimes called New Age or New Thought teaching) and Neville’s books have always been in our bookstore. He is also taught in classes along with respected authors such as Catherine Ponder, Dr. Joseph Murphy ( he studied with Him), Florence Scovel Shinn, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, etc..

    Many sites identify him as a respected New Thought teacher( here is one of many so I find it ironic that you would use the terminology “new age crap” when he is considered a respected teacher of the New Age movement.

    What silly new age crap are you referring to? I would love to know. Always in Gratitude……Val

  4. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Val,

    i’d consider anything “silly new age crap” that implies or states outright – that the power is outside of you.

    What Neville teaches, pretty much comes down to one thing – be one with what you have wanted – feel at one with that now – and the reason why it works – is you are one with God.

    Anything or anyone who states or implies that the power is ‘out there’ – is what we’d suggest avoiding.


  5. John Gilmore says:

    A fantastic teaching! Thanks! Just a word of clarity for the commenter regarding New Age. I am a New Thought minister and we are clear to make the distinction between New Thought and New Age. They are not the same. Neville’s teachings are regularly shared in New Thought communities. I do it all the time and many people have been helped.

  6. valvacious says:

    Thanks for replying. The New Age movement never teaches that God is outside you. I have never heard any Unity church preach that. We are taught that ( After you accept Jesus as your savior): you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you. Therefore to keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.

    So your terminology, “New Age crap”,is very ironic since you have a whole website dedicated to Neville Goddard, who is a respected New Age teacher. Stating that phrase is a mockery to Neville. À chacun son goût, Chacun son goût

  7. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Valvacious,

    I’d suggest that most of the new age stuff implies God is outside of you. Just look around, and notice how people behave.

    It’s pretty darn easy to spot. On what you said above about “after you accept Jesus as your savior”, that suggests that before you do – that you aren’t God’s temple – and that God’s Spirit isn’t dwelling in you.

    Now, I’m not saying that’s what Unity teaches, but it’s what you just said. Doesn’t that imply,God outside – or you separate – until “you accept Jesus as your savior”?


    TT and V

  8. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Good one John.

    Neville was definitely part of the movement called New Thought, and I too have spoken at many new thought centers and groups and they mostly love him and his work.

    Blessings to you mate!


  9. valvacious says:

    ALL religions including Pagan and Satanists, have one thing in common. That is Belief. You must believe in that higher power. You have free will and must accept that power first. It could be Jewish(ELOHIM) Muslim( ALLAH) ECK(HU) etc…God has many names across the Universe. He is outside of you if you do not believe in the power.

    All the Neville books that I have read always quoted scriptures from the Bible as his evidence to back up his lessons. For example in his book the “Law and the Promise”, he uses, 2 Cor.5:7 we walk by Faith and not by sight. This implys he was of the Christian faith, otherwise why did he quote scriptures from the Bible in his books.

  10. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Valvacious,

    God can’t possibly be outside of you.

    I really don’t know what else to say.


    TT and V

  11. valvacious says:

    You just stated that Neville was definitely a part of the New Thought religion yet you post on your site: He did not associate himself as a metaphysician, with any ‘ism’ or ‘New Thought’ teaching as commonly advertised by these collective groups. Other sites concerning Neville disagree with this statement.

    Too me that is also contradictory, nevertheless you have a good website. May God bless.

  12. valvacious says:

    Can you tell me how they are different. Just one or two ways.I have heard people use both terms interchangeably. Thanks, I appreciate all of our help.

  13. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Valvacious!

    I’d suggest joining a few facebook groups.

    Make 2 of them New Thought.
    Make 2 of them New Age.

    Odds are you’ll find a little overlap, but mostly you’ll find some huge differences.

    Generally, New Thought tends to keep returning to discovering the truth about “you and God”. And New Age, tends to get wrapped up in “secrets” and “rocks” and “vortexes” and all kinds of “things” and “things to do” that are distractive at the very least, and destructive at worst.

    Blessings to you Valvacious,

    TT and V too

  14. Jana says:

    Hi 20-20,

    Love your newsletters! Real McCoy! In this segment, the most important point is “And remember, the reason it works – is because we are ONE with God.” So true! Neville all the way !!!!!
    Thank you for your big heart and sharing.

  15. Alana Sugar says:

    This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Neville often reminds us that the eternal (forever and ever and ever) body of man (and woman and child and all else) is the imagination! Thank you so much for these joyful posts!

  16. Cindy in NYC says:

    One of my dearest friends is a staunch Christian, denominationally..and always I am reminded, when she speaks of her faith that it implies “out there someplace is God..”. I lovingly suggested once to her that God exists as us… IN EACH OF US, and by claiming this, we manifest our own destiny, our splendid best selves. She was not having any of that. My problem with her belief: that somehow one has to ‘wait’ for that blessing to be given to us by a Force – other than our own wonderful, blest human imagination. (To borrow and slightly change a leaf from Star Wars’ Obi Wan: “May the Force BE you!!!”) Which is the way I live, and manifest and create. Further, I told her it is not ‘heresy’ (love that word) to think that we can nobly manifest our own best good, use it in the world, become everything we can be..and along that path.. to perhaps act as mentors/helpers for others to think about doing the same..?

  17. Heidi Bennett says:

    Taking it into movement and touch is making a bug difference to me.
    Also finding it easier to tap into that state anything because it felt real to my hands.

  18. Ann says:

    Dr Mr Twenty Twenty
    I purchased your items, and found them very helpful. Thanks so much!
    I was engaged to be married to the love of my life, when our relationship ended 6 months ago..I’ve been keeping active! & invitational! Have being doing the ”feel it real sessions”, etc.
    My anchor point in my sessions is; me out walking with my ‘husband’ and pushing a pushchair with our twins in it!! we had talked about starting a family together, and time is not on our side! How can I manifest better?? There has been no contact from my ex!
    Would appreciate any valuable advice! Ann
    Crazy or what?!

  19. Vincent says:

    Can I imagine someone (imaginary someone or people) to congratulate of my success as I have no to tell or share my success ?
    Thank you for your time to answer this question.

  20. Mr Twenty Twenty says:


    And you could imagine sharing your story here mate!


  21. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    What’s it fee like, having kids in college?

    Try that Ann!

    Notice what all that implies. Blessings!