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UPDATED: Are You Forcing It Real or Feeling it Real – Free Neville Goddard

Hey mate,

If you ever feel like…

 “I can’t hold the state”


“I keep making myself do my sessions but it’s getting harder and harder…”


Because the ONLY reason that happens, is what we are fixing today.

So let’s dive in and have some FUN, because this is supposed to be easy.

Because STRUGGLE ONLY happens:

  • When you are doing things wrong

  • Not getting the basics right

  • Or have old beliefs and behaviors that get in the way.

Let’s try this Neville Goddard quote on:

“Try falling into a state and remaining there until it feels natural. It feels natural to go home tonight and you’ll feel relaxed when you arrive. I have been living in my home seven years now and no matter where I go it always feels so good to be home again.”

“Now, move into a state and stay there until you feel just as comfortable in it as you do your home. You might not feel at home in a palatial place, but if you will remain there long enough it will begin to feel like home, for you will become accustomed to it and not feel its strangeness anymore.”  – Neville Goddard

Notice the steps Neville shares with us today.

  • Fall into a state.  (Don’t force it. FALL into it.)
  • Remain there, until it feels natural.  (Don’t just bump into it and run back to your day – stay there.)
  • Power Point:  You’ll know you have succeeded – when it feels like home.

Let’s make this something you can do TODAY, so the rest of your life changes – BIG TIME!

Now…  Just take a few moments to actually NOTICE….

  • What does forcing feel like to you? (Most of our mentoring clients tell us they feel rigid – like pushing against a wall when they are forcing. When you feel that STOP.
  • What does Having FUN – FREELY FALLING feel like to you? (We imagine falling backwards into a huge fluffy soft bed, and being held by it. What does that feel like? The feeling of warm, comfy support?


Just take a few moments to notice what happens when you do your Feel It Real sessions today:

  • Do you feel like you have to get back up – because you have to do something “important” or because of what people will say?
  • Or do you STAY THERE and FEEL IT REAL . Allow it to feel more and more natural.


Neville says  you can spend or you can invest.

Stop spending – your time, your money, your imaginal acts – and to INVEST them all instead.

  • Taking the time to learn how to do your sessions effectively is investing.  Good on you for doing that.
  • Taking the time to DO them daily – that’s big time investing.   Warren Buffett style.

learn how to feel it real - click hereJoin us! Do what it takes, dive in DEEPER, so you can soar HIGHER!  Because you – your family – your world all deserve it.

Big time blessings and love to you!

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. Conni Laine says:

    Twenty. great post. really… many thanks.

  2. RHONYC says:

    i’m learning to take advantage of any and all quiet uninterrupted moments where i can Nevillize. be it when my boss has a meeting for 30 min or my colleague goes on a 15 min coffee break and i am all alone. prior i would blog or window shop my fave sites, now i am practicing to ‘invest’ my time like Neville teaches.

    since listening to Neville’s lectures on a daily, i’m practicing to POUNCE on anytime i have alone in silence to do revisions, a congratulatory scene or think of someone’s situation lovingly improved. bathrooms, unoccupied offices, conference rooms, stairwells…even at my own desk when i notice there is silence around me i’ll take however long is given 1-3 min to do a session. it has really upped my game! 🙂

    p.s.~ as to not get ‘caught’…i usually carry some paperwork with me so that when i hear the door, or someone approaching i can just stand up grab the folder and act like i am just routinely walking throughout the office back to my desk. it’s all very James Bond. Lol

  3. Cindy in NYC says:

    I like to also use the image of the adorable Peanuts character Linus and his blanket: As I am sinking into the state, I am ‘wrapped’ in a soft blanket, creating not only my state, but the complete, secure comfort WITHIN it!!