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Are you Following the Sacred Order or the Stress Order? – Free Neville Goddard

“We have only to raise Imagination to the state of Vision and the thing is done.” (William Blake) Just imagine it! That is all you and I are required to do. No matter what it is we desire, we have only to raise imagination to the state of vision, and the thing is done! – Neville Goddard.

Dream Like God - Free Neville Goddard LecturesHey mate,

To get what you want in life, all you have to raise your level of imagining from thinking to the level of VISION.  

So the question is, HOW do YOU raise your imagination from the level of “thinking” to the level of vision?

(Have you noticed how many people are really IMAGINING “thinking about stuff (mostly negative) instead of FEELING FROM something wonderful – in their all day long imaginal activity?)

(Just notice what people talk about – and you will know exactly what they are imagining.)

So to help you get more and more of what you want in life…

Let’s try doing things in a different order. Here is just ONE of the 7 ways we teach in the Manifesting Mastery Program to help you move THINKING to VISION.

Begin with this one question:

  • “What is my REAL VISION?  
  • (You’ll know when you get it right, because it will POSITIVELY POSSESS you.)

Use this tiny question today (as we are going to show yo how to below.)

Because, this tiny yet powerful question will help you notice if you are doing your imagining in THE STRESS ORDER or THE SACRED ORDER.

(If you get this wrong – you will never arrive at success – because you will stress yourself out with your sessions.)

THE STRESS ORDER goes like this:

“I imagine I am a wealthy forex trader – so that I have enough money to relax, teach, and garden full time.”  (Notice how the core of this imaginal activity remains focused on a typical stress point – money.)

Did you notice….


  • That’s why – it won’t work.
  • That’s why it causes STRESS. 


Let’s compare that –  to THE SACRED ORDER:

  • “In my typical day, I spend lots of time – doing what i love.   Every day we go to the dog park.  Every day we play in the garden.  I sometimes enjoy a good cigar, and you can often find me playing with my kung fu.  When I’m not playing, I’m teaching, doing what I love.”

Use the Sacred Order by focusing first on your VISION – This IMPLIES that the money side of things is also taken care of. Contrast that to the Stress Order – where we first focus on the MONEY, so that the VISION can be lived.

Which one are you doing today?  

STRESS ORDER or SACRED ORDER?   (Which one above FEELS more nice and natural?)

  • TODAY’S TAKE AWAY:  Take a few moments and reorganize the focus for your Feel It Real sessions – so that you more fully use the SACRED ORDER.

And finally, how will you KNOW beyond any shadow of a doubt – that you are coming from Sacred Order?

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“And when the visions come, they possess you. You don’t have to go into meditation to seek them. They can come while you walk the street or are seated in a theater enjoying a play, when suddenly you are seeing what is not there to be seen by mortal eye and you can’t stop it.” – Neville Goddard

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Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


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  1. Sribhaktid says:

    Dude you are officially in a state of GRACE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I salute you.

  2. Sribhaktid says:

    By the way I never ever use the word ‘money’ . I use the word GRACE instead n that simple step changed my life for best. I always have GRACE!!!!!!!!!

    Much love for you TT and Victoria.

  3. Nat says:

    Thanks a million. Didn’t expect an email today. Was actually thinking about how to possibly restructure my vision. Am half way in going through the 90 day Mastery Program again. I want it to gel and become absolutely reflexive, especially the earlier lessons. Have benefited from the program in my day to day, but feel the need to connect it with my overall objective. Ace! Blessings to you and Vicoria.

  4. Wonderful! Thanks much!

  5. lisa says:

    Yes, it is really pure gold as you say. I have just finished my feel it real session this morning and feel excellent knowing that your lesson today describes exactly how this all was for me today in session, and now sitting here writing…all comes with me. Love it.
    Thank you Twenty.