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Are Half Truths Blocking Your Blessing? – Free Neville Goddard

IMG_1742Hey mate,

It’s often the HALF TRUTHS that block you blessing, and make your Feeling it Real hard to FEEL REAL.

Here’s a half truth that was sent to us the other day by someone lovely, who has started getting stuck, because they recently have been mixing feel it real with other stuff.

Let’s peek at half truth blessing blocker…

…because it sounds “nice” but it really doesn’t WORK well with feeling it real.

“Nothing new can come into your life, unless you are grateful for what you already have.” – (This is Total Bulloney.)

Think about this for just a moment…..

Because, if this were true…

That nothing new could come into your life, unless you were grateful for what you already have…..  So…   Wouldn’t BEING UNGRATEFUL be a great way – to block “bad things” from happening?

Think about it…


If you were on top of the world, healthy, wealthy and wise, wouldn’t being NOT GRATEFUL for being healthy, wealthy and wise THEN block bad things from happening to you?

Because obviously, MISFORTUNE and LACK would be “something new”…..

Power Point:  These half truths often fall apart quickly…

…when you just think them through, just like we did this one.  (Notice how fast this one fell apart)

Let’s move on to some LIFE CHANGING truth!  🙂

Now let’s notice how the power of THANKFUL really works, with the words of Neville:

feel_it_real_quote_acceptance_feeling“When I speak of feeling I do not mean emotion, but acceptance of the fact that the desire is fulfilled….”

“FEELING grateful, fulfilled, or thankful, it is easy to say, “Thank You,” “Isn’t it wonderful!” or “It is finished.”

“When you get into the STATE of thankfulness, you can either awaken knowing it is done, or fall asleep in the feeling of the wish fulfilled.” – Neville Goddard

Notice what Neville teaches about being thankful.

If you imagine something LOVELY as true for you, to the point that you NATURALLY FEEL THANKFUL that it is done – that it is ALREADY REAL, then you’ve done what Neville teaches – you have moved in mind.  THAT’S how manifesting REALLY works.

This is why, we ONLY DO NEVILLE, and why we stay far far away from “teachers” who say other stuff.

feel_it_realLet’s dive a little deeper.  

Have you thought about this…

(We’ve shared both of these in emails recently with Manifesting Mastery Members starting out….)

BEING THANKFUL THAT YOU ARE ALONE AND SINGLE, will keep you – alone and single.

Nothing wrong with that – if that is what you WANT in life.

But if you want to manifest a mate, you FEEL IT REAL until you feel it so real, that you can’t help but give thanks – that it is done – that YOU are loved and happy.

One more…

BEING THANKFUL that you drive a crap car, will keep you – driving a crap car. Nothing wrong with that either, IF that is what you want.  

If you own a car you don’t care about, you can skip routine maintenance and save a few bucks and odds are it ain’t never getting stolen, so no worries.

But if you want a nice new car…

Follow The Formula and imagine you have it to the point you are NATURALLY THANKFUL that you do.

Learn how to Feel It Real.  Ignore all the “fluffy feel good” stuff, like the other person’s quote we started this article with.   Dive in.

Dive in, dive deep.  YOU and YOUR DREAMS are so worth it!


Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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Hey TT and V!

I am having a whole lot more fun. See I do not want to work, you know, like doing stuff I do not like and working for people. 

Manifesting Mastery is like a whole new path that was helped me to begin a journey. 

I am going towards the feeling in my heart that I want to feel and ponder there. Especially as I write to you. I have learned to take a short deep breath and simmer my breathing. It is nothing like being able to take things into consideration in your feel it real pack, Manifesting Mastery, and free resources that has been provided.

 I look forward to doing them. I was in a world of never in control and now I feel I can manifest with easiness and more in control as time goes by. I am playing, oh I am playing. Thank you, THANKS, GRACIAS your playfulness works has made new every time, getting better and better. Feel free to share.


Fred C – Day 41 in Manifesting Mastery

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