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The Tipping Point – Speedy Manifesting – Free Neville Godddard

“That’s a motion in God and that movement will produce results! Everything in this world is nothing more than the result of a movement in God, which is a motion in your wonderful imagination.” – Neville Goddard

feel it realHey mate,

The next sentence you are about to read – will completely change your world.

The physical world is the SHADOW…

It’s the SHADOW that follows movement in God – it follows what YOU IMAGINE your wonderful human imagination.

You can prove this to yourself, because at the most basic level of FEEL IT REAL, you are manifesting movement every single day in your life.

Here are two quick examples…

Here’s what happens, at the most BASIC level of how the imaginal act – leads the universe.

  • If you see a snack food commercial, and then imagine eating snacks – your body – which is part of the shadow  – responds, and you find yourself eating a snack.  (It’s the same with eating a lovely healthy meal too.  Join us.)
  • If you imagine how wonderful you felt last time you talked with a special someone – to the point where there is a “movement” inside – your body will reach for the phone, just to say hi.

This is the most BASIC level of how the imaginal world leads the physical world.   And if you notice how easy that basic level is for you already and how you do it all day long – it makes the Feel It Real methods much more easy to use.

So you make the movement there – in God – in imagination. And you notice how the shadow world follows.

But why is it that not all “acts” create change?

Let’s see what Neville has to say about THE TIPPING POINT.

“The slightest imaginal act that is a change (I don’t mean just an act, for you can imagine things you don’t believe), but if you imagine something you believe IS a change, a thrill is sent through divine being. At that moment you have actually entered another state and made it alive and real in your world!” – Neville Goddard

Neville gives us a POWERFUL insight here…

….that most people read past and miss.

“The key is to REALIZE that if you believe that THE CHANGE happened IN the imaginal act – it is AT THAT POINT made alive and real in your world.”

Then “the shadow” world gets to catch up.

So today’s Almost Missing Master Key is this:

“Do you believe that THE CHANGE happened ALREADY in the imaginal act? (or do you believe (hope) that “the change” WILL happen in the physical world?)

learn_how_to_feel_it_realTiny insights like this – THE TIPPING POINT – create huge changes in your world.

Tiny insights – lead to massive success.

So stop chasing after the “next new manifesting game or gadget or gizmo” and use what’s been time tested and proven.


….that are time tested – THEY WILL change your world – big time.

You deserve success, and that’s why we are  here.

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Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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From YESTERDAY’S Inbox: 




I am blown away! How is it possible that each lesson gets better and better than the one prior!!??

Sooooo good Twenty! Thank you so much!!

I had a hard time starting my MM and fell so behind. Im only on 18, but have recieved 40-something from you. Im asking myself, 

Why did i wait so long???

The temptation now is to binge and get caught up because i can’t wait to see what the next lesson will teach me. But I’m going to not binge and get the full scope of each lesson daily.


I can’t seem to finds the words to express this to you.

Please just know, I’m so thankful.

Much love,

Cheri – Day 18 – Manifesting Mastery


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  1. Paula says:

    Love this: “The physical world is the shadow that follows movement in God – your wonderful human imagination.”

  2. Angel Light says:

    Excellent article!!!!!! Thank you!!

  3. lisa says:

    Imaging the desire fulfilled IN THE IMAGINAL ACT…not hoping, knowing, seeing it and feeling it..yes! Quite a distinction from HOPE.
    Thanks TT and V and E

  4. Felicity says:

    “Do you believe the CHANGE happened ALREADY in the imaginal act (or do you believe (hope) the “change” WILL happen in the physical world”

    Well that is the $20,000,000.00 dollar question right there. Talk about rock solid gold right there. I’ve never had an trouble imagining things, actually I was always told that I had an “over-active” imagination and needed to take control of it because it WASN’T REAL. The light bulb has just come on as to why I have been “struggling” with this. I couldn’t understand the missing piece. My feel it real sessions are awesome – I get tingling through my body and a smile comes on my face. I even get other physical responses happening like movements in my hand etc.
    But when I come out I go back to that belief that it wasn’t real because that’s what I was told to believe for so long.

    so time to start revising that one I think!

  5. lisa marie says:

    Still in love with this lesson!

  6. Patrick says:

    Thank you for a wonderful article. I can feel the difference from one of hope and one of knowing. I also feel the deep emotion that it is already done in my imagination.
    Keep rocking it!

  7. The physical sensation when I first opened that envelope, and gazed on the $58,000 check, made out to me… from my Dad’s first estate property being sold. I ‘felt the thrill’..that is is the only way to describe it. I am able to call it up, if you will, that feeling…whenever it is needed. I sometimes ‘prime the pump” with the congratulatory conversation, one I actually DID have with the gal at the bank who knows me well, from my years banking there. “You’re such a great person, you deserve this blessing. Good for you!” she told me at the time of my deposit. And we knuckle bumped. So, I use THAT as the zing-bait to get me over the top – works every time!!

  8. kandan says:

    Hi T20. I keep manifesting things i desire and then suddenly a negative thought which is opposite of what i manifest comes into mind. What to do?

  9. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Kandan!

    You know what to do mate! Don’t wait ONE SECOND.


    Have you done these 7 little video lessons of ours? I think you’ll get heaps from them. There is a “trick” we share, that takes care of almost all those opposite thoughts – easily!