Feel It Real – TOTALLY Transformed My Life!

“If I, in my Imagination, could go right in and possess it and clothe myself with the feeling of the wish fulfilled, actually clothe myself with it by assuming that it’s done now, until I feel natural in that assumption and that assumption though at the moment denied by my senses, if persisted in will harden into fact.”

TT and V note:  What you are about to read is a lovely story – of what happens when you DIVE IN and follow the formula.   We’ve had hundreds of success stories, some of the best are from LOA practitioners, who have had inconsistent results for years – and who when they ran into major events – like losing their home – or worse – have for some reason – discovered Neville – dove in deep – and found how to make all their dreams come true.

Enjoy this letter we got from Michael – who discovered how to stop doing it the HARD way – and discovered how delightful FEEL IT REAL IS.   He’s been doing it EVERY DAY NOW for 5 months, and it’s TOTALLY changed his world.  Blessings to you!

Hi! Good Morning TT and V,

Finally I’m here emailing you I feel as if I know you already. I thought it would be right now to just tell you a little about myself and why Im here writing you now.

I have been a LOA practitioner on and off since 2008. My success was sparodic at best how ever I persisted in the belief that one day it would improve .

My self education was very random and un-structured reading different publications from different “teachers” such as Bob Proctor, Wayne Dyer, Ester Hicks to just name a few and watching Youtube videos.

Early last year me and my family faced the possibility of being homeless and I must confess it was practising the LOA that saved us and provided the wonderful roof we have over our heads. All I had done was say a affirmation for money repeated for 30 minutes every morning for 3 months straight and like magic my fortunes changed.( Thats another story).

However not to be ungrateful this only helped me financially and couldn’t help solve specific challenges in my life not necesarily related to money.

Encouraged by the previous years success I developed an insatiable appetite to learn more. As great as all the other teachers are my challenges in life were specific and I needed someone who could teach me how to fix my specific life problems.

November last year suddenly I was faced with a life changing problem something that would not only affect me but my entire family. At the time despite all my previous positive LOA experiences in life I felt absolutely desperate.

I was having anxiety attacks , I began drinking just to try and numb the pain, I was depressed all the time. TT, I was in a very dark place.

learn_how_to_feel_it_realSuddenly one morning in my Youtube feed there was a suggested video. It was a lecture by Neville Goddard. It was titled “Assumptions Harden into Fact” That was the real turning point in my life because here was a man telling me of a specific method to use that can solve ANY issue in life it gave me real hope. and check this in the past when I had success in previous LOA experiences I had without knowing and in an unrefined way practised his feel it real state akin to sleep method.

I have just signed up to your Manifesting Mastery, however I must confess since buying just your Feel it Real Power Pack in January and I have had so many successes I’d probably be here another few hour trying to type this email. ( I don’t touch type by the way, lol).

Lets just say that not a morning or not a night for the last 5 months have I not practised your teachings in the “feel it real” i.e visualising in the state akin to sleep. I have so many questions that I need to ask you. Just writing you this email alone is making me feel so good.

Thanks for all the good work you guys do and I hope to hear from you soon.

Michael S. in Manifestng Mastery

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