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Zoom Zoom Zoom! Tisha’s New Car Neville Goddard Success Story!


What appears to you as circumstances, conditions and even material objects is really only the product of your own consciousness…”

“You and your environment cannot be regarded as existing separately. You and your world are one.” – Neville Goddard

new_car_neville_goddard_success_storyHey TT and V!

I got my car today!!

Let me tell you that sometimes bridges of incidences can seem “worrisome” but they are bridges to bring you to what you’ve been experiencing in imagination.

The best part?

I imagined seeing my car insurance carrier on my credit card statement. And while at the dealership waiting to take my car home, I couldn’t get in touch with my insurance agent and I logged in to see if the amount was deducted. Sure enough I saw it.

I also got what I imagined as features as well.

Last weekend I went to a dealership and was about to get another make that didn’t really have all that I wanted and a series of incidents occurred that literally made me walk out!

I also did congratulatory convos and walked around in the state of car owner.

And lastly, I know I did this in all in imagination.

If you look at the facts, this should not have been able to happen. But it did. My family is stunned to silence lol. I love it.

Tisha –  2016 Manifesting Mastery Graduate and New Car Owner!

Tisha chose to join us in Manifesting Mastery on January 16 of 2016.

She decided to make that year the best year yet!  Now we get to celebrate another success with her today here! Go Tisha go!

We love reading your updates, and sharing your successes!   See you on Facebook!  Big love and many blessings!


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