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You’ve Got To Read This Lovely Success Story!

neville_goddard_karma_purpose_feel_it_realHi TT, V, Emmett and Bruce!

It seems like ages since I’ve been in touch, and I’ve missed you all! ?

I decided I’d do an update to cover all of the last lessons of the training, which I was going to write last week, but then things got busy. Anyway, here I am, writing to you now, and I have lots to tell you! ?

I finished the daily lessons just over a week ago, and I have loved how each and every one of them has produced tiny little shifts that in turn have had such a profound effect on me, and how I see myself.

Some things, like sitting in the silence and instantly revising, I’ve been incorporating into my daily life for a little while, so it was nice to really give attention to them. Sitting in the silence has given me the chance to explore and reflect on what I am (in one session “I am a powerful creator” emerged) and also the states I choose to enter into.

Instantly revising constantly challenges me to examine how I perceive events in my life and is great practice for changing my reactions and shaping things to be my ideal.

I really loved using the “opera” lesson, and discovering how my feelings changed in response to how I chose to say the word “really”, and the lesson where I imagined objects to be different colours to their physical conditions in conjunction with these two lessons. I have had, and am continuing to have, a lot of fun with these.

Revisiting the Pearl of Great Price and Pure in Heart gave me further chances to explore me (and everyone else) as God, and also how I add meaning to things. This is massive for me at the moment. As you know, we’ve just had Brexit, and the aftermath in the news and on social media has been phenomenal.

I noticed how hooked I was becoming on the bad news stories and other people’s doomsday opinions, and how they have been affecting me in a not good way. I remembered back to the news lesson in the first weeks of the training and how shocked I was to discover how I reacted to watching the BBC news. I admit, I’m not completely weaned off the news, but I am revising and finding good news when I notice myself getting sucked in.

I’ve also made some interesting discoveries. From the recap on giving meaning to my life, and the reborn as the ideal you lesson, I have discovered that I have expected to have to struggle to attain anything I want.

This was quite surprising, as I didn’t think I believed that at all, but I’ve spent some time exploring how I would feel if I didn’t have this belief and I can happily report that everything, not just the things I really want, is shifting into “easier” mode! ?

Another thing that’s taken me completely by surprise is the belief that people who are being happy and doing what they want to do are in some way inconsiderate. This stopped me in my tracks.

I’ve recently noticed that if I consider things aren’t going my way, and I see people having fun, or getting what they want, I go into victim mode and somehow convince myself that I have the moral high ground, and am a better person because I’m “suffering”! It’s another piece of the puzzle slotting into place, another layer I can peel off ?

I’ve had a couple of good successes as well. I spent last weekend with my man, and on the train there, I explored the 18 inch adventure of “we had a great time”.

I just explored how that thought felt to my heart, and how my belly knew it was a done deal, and allowed the feeling and knowing to be amplified in me. I didn’t worry about how it would happen, I just “knew” it was so.

Needless to say, we did have a lovely weekend. Interestingly, I noticed little signs of the considerate, lovely man he is emerge, but more interestingly, I noticed how my reactions to things I may have previously put a negative slant on, have changed. This was for me a great example of what I’m in the process of creating in my life. I’m still human, I still goof up, but hey, overall, I’m rocking it! ?

The other success makes me smile lots, because it’s so fun. It’s the man’s birthday at the end of July, and he loves gadgets and music, so I have got him a bluetooth record deck (very cool). I thought I’d also get a few of his all-time favourite albums on vinyl so he has something to play on it ? so I started a search of Stevie Wonder’s Songs In The Key Of Life and The Beatles’ White Album.

Now, in the space of a couple of weeks, I have become an expert on vinyl reissues, first pressings, grades of condition, price, you name it….I knew I wanted a first pressing of the Stevie Wonder (it comes with an EP and a lyrics booklet), I knew I wanted a near-mint or mint condition copy, and I knew I wanted to pay about £20 to £25 for it.

I looked and looked, but couldn’t find one that fulfilled all three conditions. I was considering just biting the bullet and buying a reissued copy for double the price, when I was inspired to have a browse on e-bay. It felt like a really casual “may as well have a look” decision rather than “I MUST FIND IT ON HERE!”

Well, guess what? A first pressing copy, in near-mint condition, with EP and booklet, had been listed just the night before. Bidding started at £19.99. There were no bids. I got straight in there and put my money on it. I watched it for the four days it was live, and no-one else bid on it – I won it on Sunday, and it arrived today! It’s lovely, and the vinyl is in superb condition.

That’s not all. I bid on a copy of the White Album, but lost out to someone who paid £31 for it (my highest bid was £20) The next day, a £5 off voucher from e-bay popped into my e-mail inbox. Back on I went, and found a seller who had a new copy of the White album to sell for £26.99. With my voucher, I paid £21.99! It also turned up today, in perfect condition.

With both records, I paid exactly what I wanted to pay for exactly what I wanted to have. I didn’t even really do a formal session, I just got into the feeling of how good it would be to have exactly the items I wanted, well in time for his birthday, at prices I could easily afford. I loved this, and it taught me so many lessons about giving life to a state in a gentle, relaxed, fun way.

I intend to go through the training again straight away, and would love to start receiving the daily e-mails again, so please could you restart them for me? I have missed starting my day with them.

I think that about wraps up my first “end” of course update. I have been watching the videos, and I really love the 18 inch adventure. I am imagining myself investing in Manifesting To The Max very soon.

As always, thank you for everything you do, and the love you all bring to my life. It’s been an absolute pleasure getting to know you on this phase of my journey, and I’m looking forward to sharing even more with you this time round.

Love and blessings to you all, my firm friends,

Sylvia – Manifesting Mastery Graduate – June 2016

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