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Your Success Stories and Week In Review – Jan 26 2013

Hey mate,

DSCF3558Here is your Neville Godard Week in Review and this week’s Free Neville Goddard reader success story. We often hear from readers who apply the methods, to help them stop forcing or struggling with something in their lives, and this example is great.

“Finally, I decided to just sit still and imagine it already completed by hearing him congratulating me. After a while the words flowed fairly easily and I emailed it to him. Later that evening when I logged back into my work email to send another colleague some content edits, I saw an email from my boss and AVP. The email from my boss was basically letting our AVP know the draft content was ready for review, that I was the editor working on the project and if she had any questions or changes to please let him know. Her reply back: “No changes. It’s perfect as is. :)” (Yes, she even included the smiley face.)” – Donna

What would you like to complete this week, and get congratulated on ?   What would you like to stop forcing and feel worried about?  (Sit still in the silence for a few moments, and Feel It Real).

Let’s do our weekly recap real quick and so you can use it reinforce your strong foundation:

  • Are you being the foolish or the wise virgin?   Are you running your mind, filling it with beauty or….?   Click here for the Wise Virgin Article.
  • Neville wanted to start at the highest level, to be what many would call a Master Minister.  Read about how Neville focused on only the Highest Level – to become the man, who led the life, that continues to be a blessing and inspiration to us here, even today.
  • And finally, we shared an amazing video on the power of the Human Imagination.  How the human imagination took a man who was severely handicapped, and turned his life around.   Enjoy Never Give Up!

Have an amazing day, thank you for being a member of our Neville Goddard Community, and remember to feel your ideal as real.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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