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Your Creative Flow – The Secret of The Senses -Part 1

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In today’s lesson, Neville shares how to get into the creative flow.   Before doing any of his methods, it is vital to understand and experience his worldview, which will help you get into the Creative Flow, and that is the focus today.  Let’s begin with Neville exploring what we are – and what is the true cause of everything n the manifest world.

“You are Moses coming out of the plains of Moab. The word Moab is a contraction of two Hebraic words, Mem and Ab, meaning mother-father. Your consciousness is the mother-father , there is no other cause in the world. Your I AMness, your awareness, is this Moab or mother-father. You are always drawing something out of it.” – Neville Goddard

Neville is reminding us of what you are, you are the “I Am”, you are “awareness”. You are not your physical body – that is part of the universe.  You are what is experiencing – and directing -your consciousness – and your body. Get this today (and forget any thought that you are your body or it’s history) and you will be in the creative flow.   Next, let’s explore the real nature of what we want to create, embody, bring forth into the world.

“The next word is Nebo. In your concordance, Nebo is defined as a prophecy. A prophecy is something subjective. If I say, “So-and-so will be, ” it is an image in the mind; it is not yet a fact. We must wait and either prove or disprove this prophecy. In our language Nebo is your wish, your desire. It is called a mountain because it is something that appears difficult to ascend and is therefore seemingly impossible of realization. A mountain is something bigger than you are, it towers over you. Nebo personifies that which you want to be in contrast to that which you are.” – Neville Goddard

The mountain – what you wish to be, is something that only appears difficult and seems impossible. Remember these words of Neville as you do your daily Feel It Real Sessions. We are working with the world of appearances – and discovering the wisdom and power of the real you.   And now, let’s dive into the Secret of The Senses.

“The word Pisgah, by definition, is to contemplate. Jericho is a fragrant odor. And Gilead means the hills of witnesses. The last word is Dan the Prophet.  Now put them all together in a practical sense and see what the ancients tried to tell us. As I stand here, having discovered that my consciousness is God, and that I can by simply feeling that I am what I want to be transform myself into the likeness of that which I am assuming I am; I know now that I am all that it takes to scale this mountain.” – Neville Goddard


Here is the secret of the senses:  You can hear a chirping bird – and not be sure if he is close by – or far away. You can see in the night sky a speck of light on the horizon, that could be a relatively close by airplane – or a far away star across the galaxy, sometimes it is hard to tell.  On the other hand, here are the ANCHOR POINT SENSES.  Smell, taste and feel, those are the here and now senses. And that is why they are so important in your Feel It Real sessions. Smelling the ocean, implies you are there. Tasting the salt water drops, feeling the mist on your skin – all awaken the miracle producing present tense – HERE AND NOW within you. Use these senses in your sessions – and your imaginal power from being in Your Creative Flow will amaze you.

You are going to love how Neville Continues with Your Creative Flow -Part 2 tomorrow. Life really is this simple, this magical. And you really are this powerful, and complete.

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  1. Excellent piece, Twenty. Thanks.

  2. sami says:

    Excellent posting for the starter of this week. Many thanks.

  3. I would like to thank you for the work you do. It is of great benefit to be reminded daily of our greatness, and what better way than to refresh our thoughts with Neville’s teachings.

    I have been applying these teachings since the 60’s and still learning daily, and finding new meanings in old messages.

    Just wanted to say Mahalo!


  4. This is wonderful! Thank you.

  5. Chris Lightfoot says:

    Very grateful for what you do!

  6. lisa says:

    This is inspirational stuff I love it