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Your Creative Flow Part 2 – The Power of Doubling Up!

Free Nevile Goddard - Gardening HandsHey mate,

Today, we continue with Neville’s lessons on what we call, The Creative Flow. Click the link, if you want to read Neville Goddard – The Creative Flow Part 1 – first, to set the stage for today’s lesson.

Let’s dive in now with the words of Neville.

“I define my objective. I do not call it Nebo, I call it my desire. Whatever I want, that is my Nebo, that is my great mountain that I am going to scale. I now begin to contemplate it, for I shall climb to the peak of Pisgah. I must contemplate my objective in such a manner that I get the reaction that satisfies. lf I do not get the reaction that pleases then Jericho is not seen, for Jericho is a fragrant odor. When I feel that I am what I want to be I cannot suppress the joy that comes with that feeling.” – Neville Goddard

Notice how Neville begins with defining his objective, and then says to contemplate it in “such a manner – that he gets a reaction that satisfies.    This is an area where many people run into problems – they can’t feel their ideal as real – because they haven’t defined it in a way – that they can contemplate it and get the feeling of reality – of satisfaction.   Let’s explore how to do that today.

Many people we receive emails from – want to be financially free.  Those who are stuck either tell us something vague like, “I want financial freedom”, or they tend to define a dollar figure as their outcome.   “I want to be a millionaire”.   The problem is, they can’t fully feel either one of those – they can’t feel satisfaction fully – and the reason why is that they can’t relate to “a million dollars” or to the vague thought of “financial freedom”.

Here is how to do it – EFFECTIVELY.

When I started on my “lighten up” program – my program to lose weight and get fit – I couldn’t remember what it felt like – to be thin, strong and fit – even though I was as fit as a professional athlete in my younger years.   More recently, I had been moderately fat for several years.   But I could relate to “loose fitting clothing”, so I tossed on a pair of pants that were a little bit loose – and I looked in the mirror.   I saw me – holding out my loose fitting pants – and I imagined them TWICE as loose.  I imagined hearing conversations – again and again – over the months – during different seasons – about how good I looked – and me showing my friends – my newest pair of “loose fitting pants”.    I even heard myself saying to them, “My old pants are twice as loose as these new ones.  I have to keep buying them smaller and smaller.    And they keep getting looser and looser on me.”

And to help me imagine and feel more fully my arms and chest getting bigger, at first, I put on shirts that were too small for me, so I could feel my muscles, pulling the fabric tight, implying that I was bigger and stronger than ever  before.   That, and I imagined what it felt like, to double up the number of push ups and other exercises I was doing.

So, what can you do today to Feel Your Ideal as real – more effectively?  

How can you use this power of “doubling up”?

TAKE AWAY:  Create an outcome – you can relate to – and feel as totally real.  I moved from having a goal – an outcome or ideal of “25 pounds lighter” – which I could not feel as real or relate effectively to, to having an outcome of me buying smaller and smaller pant sizes – because they kept getting twice as loose on me.  And receiving double the compliments on how good I look.

With money, you could imagine what it is like – to have 2 times the sales – if you are in sales – how would your day be different with twice as many sales?.   Or you could have sales that are twice as profitable – for you and your clients – than your recent sales.   What would your day be like if that were true now? What changes would be in place, in your business – that you can relate to and feel as real – if that were now the case?

Or if you had 2 times the amount of money (or just twice the amount of extra money) in the bank than you had last month, how would you feel about paying your bills today, purchasing what you want.  How would you see your checkbook – differently?

POWERPOINT:   Why do we use the number 2?   It is easy for humans to relate to the number 2.  You have 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 hands and 2 feet.  It is relatively easy to relate to “doubling up” – multiplying anything cool in your life by the number 2.   And you can relate to that easily, you can easily feel it real – and experience the feeling of satisfaction, that Neville reminds us to feel – because it is vital to your success.

TODAY’S TAKE AWAY:   Imagine having half the stress (divide by 2) and having twice as many lovely – fun conversations in your life today – than you did yesterday.    Imagine how that feels.   Imagine how you would behave differently.    Use the Power of Revision – and re-create yesterday – as having half the stress – and twice as many “good times”.    When you go to bed tonight, do that again for today.

Monday, I took ONE forex trade – and it was nice and profitable.  (I don’t trade much on Mondays, they are sometimes a tricky market.)   Now, I can easily imagine taking 2 profitable trades yesterday.    And that can easily double my income.    Imagine your outcome – your aim or ideal in terms that you can relate to.   Double up the good, cut in half the states you wish to let go of.   And enjoy the ride!

Here’s to you – feeling your ideal as real.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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14 Comments on "Your Creative Flow Part 2 – The Power of Doubling Up!"

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  1. Thanks I will give it a try. The only hazard in manifesting until now has just been to imagine me fit. Specially since my birth to 10 years back I was fit as a fiddle. Wish me luck with manifesting. Your blessings will wrk wonders :)))

  2. Ann says:

    Wow! I so love this – this does feel good to me
    Thank you

  3. Conni Lewis says:

    I love you guys. thank you. this was a good write up. I will apply it.

  4. Holger Hubbs says:

    With deep respect, and please correct me if I am mistaken: following the Neville perspective, there is only one; only what you can allow as real can come into your experience; waiting for someone else to bless you would be a denial of your own power … and in a way it seems foolish for me right now to use words for this. Your story of old is not wanted anymore, and the new story has not yet taken form for your senses. If you desire a change then the new story needs to become more real to you than the old one. There is no gambling, no luck involved; besides that we don't know the details how things come to pass; but this is none of our business. The gap between the old story and the new outcome is best being filled with faith. Even if it sounds and feels like lying to say "I am fit now". And who wants to be called a liar? Tricky 😉 "But without faith it is impossible to please him" (Hebrews 11:6) And all of this is just an in between step, another invitation to see what we hold onto. Being fit and good looking, smart, funny and rich is just a distraction compared to waking up into Love. Cause and effect…

  5. Martha says:

    These two lessons are great. I find in Pt 2, here, in your illustration of the getting fit and expressing it as “lightening up” or losing weight and “looser clothes”. And this reinforces for me what I have found the challenge to be.

    The first of losing weight or lighten up is an “overcoming” mode of thought construct; it tries to change that which you have accepted as true; or another way to say this is that it tries to erase or eliminate a condition. The second “loser clothes” is actually a thought construct that ADDS or builds a new condition. It is therefore a creative act constructed to fulfill a desire, rather than an act of attempting to eliminate something that is accepted. It was what Neville did so well…always finding a way to look at and express a desire so that it is adding something rather than eliminating a ‘don’t want’.

    The basic fallacy of the ‘lose weight’ outcome is that it sends a command to the subconscious to keep extra weight on the form so that it can be lost; therefore, the two sides mute each other. But the command for ‘loser clothes’ is a straight direct command for an outcome that adds a new state and the subconscious can then choose the ‘ways and means’ the how it will do it.

    Outcomes constructed in the first mode are very difficult to fulfill whereas those in the second mode are easily and more readily and quickly fulfilled. These are the ones of ‘before you ask I have answered’ speed. Very well described for helping us construct the ‘scene’ or script that will guide us to fulfill our outcome.

  6. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Holger,

    This is why it is said, “pray in secret”, not like those who pray loudly (with words). Seeing and feeling it “as done”, is very different than telling everyone, “it is done”. Feeling it real, seeing from the eyes of the new man – that helps us not only assume the state – but also notice and act on opportunities that are given to us.

    Distractions – what could be a distraction for one, is not necessarily a distraction for another. Neville shares in his stories about how he retired his wife, once he was earning enough – she wasn’t to work anymore, and that took 2 years. While we live in the world of Caesar, it is a blessing to enjoy the blessings we choose here. Health, fitness, smarts, richness. (Neville really enjoyed his martinis and dining.) They only become distractions to waking up as love – if we set them up that way.

    Thank you for the great share!


  7. Sribhaktid says:

    Blessing and wishing good luck is a Christ consciousness .Seeing your brother/sister in the light they are not yet able to see themselves. Neville did it all the time. In fact he advises many times for us to imagine the good for others as a practice of detachment.

  8. Ben Ndungu says:

    very useful tips….we communicate our needs to the universe via our feelings.

  9. Yaron says:

    So much LOVE here! Double the love ❤️

  10. Ben Hamberg says:

    So are you saying that having a huge goal may be an impediment because I can't get there and make it real? Doubling though is close enough its easy to feel.

  11. This is so clear and helpful. Thanks!

  12. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Ben!

    If you can’t relate to it – if it’s more of a concept than an experience – then it’s more difficult to feel.

    Neville’s story about the man who he helped manifest either $250,000 or $350,000 gave a goodie hint though. That man, had everything else in place, well thought out, etc. The dollar figure fit in with everything else he developed and imagined comprehensively.

    Just tossing out a figure, because it sounds nice, or generally makes sense – doesn’t have the same depth of experience.

    Hope that helps mate,

    TT and V

  13. Ben says:

    Hey TT,
    Not just tossing out a figure in the sense that I can imagine what that would be like even though I have never been there. ie I want to be at a position that earns roughly $250,000 a month. While the most I have ever earned is $19,000 a month, I do know several things.
    1. All bills at that point would be on auto pay
    2. There would be a monthly meeting with my tax attorney and investment advisers to go over where to put most of the money.
    3. I know how I would react to things that happen now.

    All that being said, I finally feel that I understand why I have only taken it “so far”. When Jacob wrestled with the Angel he kept a hold and refused to let go. I would have to refuse to let go of the state. If there is any “persistence” that might be the only place it matters. (doing Feel It Real sessions and being obsessed with staying in the state) I have been in the state of that man and then the habitual state has given Resistance.

    Would it matter if it were just doubling as far as how much resistance the habit kicks up?


  14. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Ben,

    When I read your comment – I notice the details are all in the PHYSICAL world. I don’t get much of anything about “you”. It’s like describing the woman of your dreams to me – but not giving me any indication on how you have changed – and the feelings you life from.

    We’ve discovered 8 pairs that seem to need to be balanced – so that manifesting is elegant and easy. This is touching on one of them.

    To paraphrase Neville, I get what you are focusing on – but I don’t notice any detail on where you are focusing from.


    TT and V too