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You Need to Fix these Three Manifesting Mistakes Today – Free Neville Goddard

“I think you are wrong.  To imagine what you desire ever day is actually in fact to admitting you don’t yet have it…  What would Neville say to that?”  – Ronald

Hi Ronald,

We invite you to test your theory mate, let us know what happens.   We also invite you to reconsider and actually follow the pure teachings of Neville Goddard that we share here on the site – and make easy in the Feel It Real Power Pack.   Let’s take a peek together:

“You must be persistent in attaining your desire. Continue to imagine what you want until you have actually obtained it.  You do nothing else to obtain your desire. If it is necessary to take some action, you will be led to do so in a normal, natural manner.”

“You do not have to do anything to “help” bring it about. Remember that it is God, Himself, who is doing the work and He knows exactly how to accomplish it. If you think of your desire during the day, give thanks that it is already an accomplished fact – because it is!” – Neville Goddard

This clears up several common mistakes people make.

The first mistake is that you ONLY  have to imagine it ONCE.

It’s true, you might HAVE to imagine it only once, or you might end up doing what Neville’s brother did – imagining every day – for 2 years – what implies your wish fulfilled.

Here’s the key:  If you find you doubt it’s happening, or if you find you HOPE it’s happening, you lost your state.   It’s time to do a session for THAT wish – again.

The second mistake is to insist that you take NO ACTION what so ever.   Neville shares numerous stories where he took action, filed paperwork, stood in line, FOLLOWED his gut, and it was THEN that he got what he wanted.   The key is to remember that the ACTION is not the cause of the change – the action you take – the action that ANYONE takes – even a stranger you never meet – but is part of the BRIDGE – is led by your imaginal act.  🙂

The third mistake is to look for signs – that it is done – or that it is coming.   Looking for signs just produces anxiety – which is like digging up the seed and that can kill the miracle.  Do what Neville did, give thanks that it is – already accomplished.

You can LOOK FOR SIGNS, or FEEL IT REAL.  You can’t do both, so HAVE FUN!

If you find these lessons useful, do two things.  Apply them.   And get the Feel it Real Powerpack Special.   It is jampacked with rock solid, life changing lessons and insights for you to both read and listen to – they will change your world.

Many blessings to you.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


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  1. Pure and simple – Neville Goddard.

  2. Pure and simple – Neville Goddard.

  3. Conni Laine says:

    great message tonight…many thanks.

  4. Really thank you well explanation

  5. Very plain and clear.

  6. Fred Dagg says:

    Yes been there done that. But when I do feel it real and live it from the end in my imagination then it usually works out well with the least amount of fuss and bother. A recent example is my shifting house. I had got no where trying to find a suitable place and I was getting stressed as I had to shift by a certain date. Finally remembered Neville and started to put it to practice, thinking of a new place, feeling myself sleeping in a new bed and then releasing it all so to speak with the thought 'Wouldn't that be wonderful' and 'It is wonderful'. When anxious thoughts arose I repeated to myself b.It is wonderful being in my new place' or words similar.

    What happened? Through hardly any effort on my part ( except mentioning I was still looking0 my housemate mentioned that he had found a place but had decided not to take it but go back home to India for a couple of months. So that place is now where I am! This DOES work if we do it right. I thank lfe that I found Neville (and Mr 20/20) through Joseph Murphy's book. Life is wonderful. Blessings

  7. Pete Clarke says:

    Regarding feeling the wish fulfilled over many days, not only did Neville tell of stories of others doing so, but he himself. Months at the beginning when he was first introduced to the method when he describes wanting to return to Barbados, and did so in December and again for 8-9 days when he wanted out of the army. On each occasion he entered the wished fulfilled night after night until it happened.

  8. Pete Clarke says:

    ….Again Neville repeatedly stated signs follow they do not proceed.

  9. Patty Hanke says:

    What a wonderful message.. Perfect timing. Thank you, I love you for taking care of everything

  10. lm says:

    PURE EXCELLENCE. Thank you – and I loved all the comments too! I agree Patty – Thank you TT and V for taking care of everything this way, writing it out, videos and lessons – all in a way that rocks my world and makes it all so clear. Indisputably clear.

  11. Daisy Boo says:

    Yes this is it

  12. lisa says:

    Re-reading your notes, responses and lessons… they are more clear and more helpful every time. So very glad you are out here Twenty! and in there, too!

  13. lisa says:


  14. lisa says:

    Great reminder! thanks Pete.