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Fighting With My Family – Wrestling With The Angel

“I find when I argue with anyone in my mind it is extremely easy to enter into the dream state and be lost there. This is what is killing me. I am having trouble entering into this state on good terms. any suggestions? I have tried to do it consciously to no avail. It it good, though, that I am understanding what is happening there.”  – S.

Hey mate,

In How To Use The Imagination, (listen to it free, click the link and find it in blue on the page) Neville shares two very powerful tools you can use to help with entering into the state on good terms – more productively – and more peacefully with family and friends.  Both are tools that are within the stories that he shares.

The First Power, is the Power Of Habit.   For 30 days, Neville went to bed and did the imaginal work that made physcial his trip to Barbados.   This is what he did, when he first learned the power of the IMAGINATION, he decided to use it DAILY AND DELIBERATELY for 30 days.  He developed the Power of Habit and retrained his brain – to enter into the positive.  (You can do the same with ANYONE you have arguments or awkward moments with – inside your mind.  Imagine how great your holiday visits could become.)

The Second Power, is the Power of Revision.   Now go back in to your day, your week, your month, and REVISE your previous sessions where you had trouble entering into the state productively.  Revise those sessions, so that NOW you see yourself and FEEL that those sessions were EASY AND POWERFUL, and that you entered into the state – and controlled your mind EFFECTIVELY.  Imagine the conversations that you HAD imagined, being much more peaceful, and productive.

“The key to not repeating the past is to revise it into what it is – that you want to have and repeat in your life.  Freeing yourself from the past, brings you into the present, so you can more powerfully create your future.”

Imagine what happens once you have combined the two – so that you have the DAILY Habit of using the Power of Revision.   Your miracle momentum multiplies.

That’s it for today, and remember the lesson of Jacob.  Jacob wrestled with his angel (the human imagination) until he won – and then he was blessed.  Wrestle until you win – because then – we all win.

Feel your Ideal as Real and have a wonderful day!

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


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  1. Zdenka Kolar says:

    Dear 2020,

    Although I've been a Neville's follower for almost 2 years, I am so grateful for your simplifications and all the effort invested in connecting our problems to the adequate Neville's solutions.
    Please keep doing so, because 'you will get all you want in your life if you help enough people get what they want in their lives'. 🙂

  2. Thank you mate. Many blessings.

  3. Thank you Zdenka. Our pleasure. Thank you for your comment and gratitude. Many blessings.

  4. Elizabeth Streeks says:

    Hey TT&V…I want to thank you for all the extra great insights…into Neville’s teachings that you are sharing…they sure are inspiring me…and I know they are also inspiring many others…and I know because of this…you will continue to be blessed with health wealth happiness and love…Elizabeth x

  5. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you Elizabeth.

    We really appreciate your letter and your support. It is a pleasure to explore the world of Nevile and share the good stuff with such wonderful people. Many blessings,

    TT and Victoria

  6. Lucy Shaw says:

    I was sending out thanks today and wanted to be sure to say thanks to you for the great, prolific demonstrations of love and sharing that drop into my email every day. Sending u lots of love and light.