Would Doing This Help Me Manifest Faster? – Free Neville Goddard

“Called upon to look for the cause of creation, what are you doing losing yourself in the phenomena of life? When something happens, search your thoughts and you will discover your own wonderful human imagination to be the cause of your experience.” – Neville Goddard

Hi TT and Victoria,

I have been studying a Neville lecture where he quotes from Matthew 18 or 19, he states how when two people are in agreement around a manifestation, it will appear.  He says how the two can be one’s self: voicing it/imaging it and heading one’s self say it.  As a practical tool, what do you think of one recording one’s self making a positive statement, then play it back to one’s self and having that suffice as stating and hearing one’s self in agreement over a desire to manifest?



Hi John,

Recording your physical voice – is recording part of the universe. The universe, and everything you experience though your physical senses, is all effect. And remember, since everything physical is an effect, and it can’t possibly be a cause.

“There is only one cause for the phenomena of life. That cause is God. Housed in you, God is a person in the most literal sense of the word. Believe me, for I know this from experience. God, the only creator, is pure imagination working in the depth of your soul.” – Neville Goddard

Free Neville Goddard Making a recording of your own, is like putting training wheels on a bicycle – when you don’t need them.

It could “short term” seem to support your imaginal act, but long term – using training wheels like that – tends to turn them into crutches. And crutches used when not needed – cripples you.

Remember, nobody THINKS adding something physical to do (rub the belly of the buddha, touch the lucky rabbit’s foot, make long lists or vision boards) – to Feeling It Real will harm them long term, but it often does.  We get heaps of emails from people, who did great at first using physical tools like that – but eventually ran into big time problems manifesting ANYTHING – because they became dependant on them.

At some level stopped noticing that FEELING is the secret, and imagined that “the recording” (or what ever training wheels or lucky charm that they were using) was important.

Want results?   Here’s the deal.

Keep it simple. Follow-The-Formula. Remember what’s REALLY real and what’s really important. Because that is what will give you REAL ROCK SOLID SUCCESS.

How’s that my friend?


Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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“Called upon to look for the cause of creation, what are you doing losing yourself in the phenomena of life? When something happens, search your thoughts and you will discover your own wonderful human imagination to be the cause of your experience.” – Neville Goddard


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  1. Christophe says:

    Sorry for the long smart-ass sounding message ahead, but I feel so inspired by Neville’s wonderful teachings!

    There are several interpretations of that verse, all are perfectly valid:

    From an abstract, psychological point of view the “two” that should agree represent our conscious and subconscious minds. In reality, they are one but for practical reasons the bulk of our mind remains hidden, so we can concentrate on our daily life while drawing from it when need be. The conscious mind represents our reasoning, thinking side, while the subconscious mind represents our feeling, sensitive side.

    In practice, we need to align our ideal with the feeling that it is real, so it will be accepted by the subconscious mind as true! If for example we hatch a vision or affirmation but cannot muster the appropriate feeling, the subconscious mind will reject it and stick to the old pattern. If on the other hand, we get the right feeling but our rational mind (Judas) keeps hijacking it with thoughts of lack, worry or unbelief, it won’t work either or we’ll get less satisfying results.

    The second interpretation is clearly laid out in Neville’s famous technique of the “angel” delivering the “good news”, that is when you make up a mental conversation with a friend or relative who confirms you now are or have what you desire. Your subconscious is easily impressed by seeing another agree with the reality of your desire.

    The last and most obvious interpretation, is when we share our ideal with a friend. Neville did warn us not to shout our visions or beliefs over the rooftops, because most people might be too negative or materialistic to accept them, and will instead judge and ridicule them. So we need to find open-minded imagining partners, preferably laid back people, who enjoy new experiences and will see the process as a harmless game.

    Neville was that sort of a person. Students would come to him at the end of his lectures and tell him their needs and desires. He would then go back home, sit down, close his eyes and spend no more than one or two minutes imagining the reality of each demand. Most of them would come to pass. So another thing you can do is to imagine Neville imagining for you!

    Your imagining partners do not even need to share your beliefs (I’ve tried it with atheists) because it is the unhampered imaginal act and the feeling thereof that do the work. The ideal partner is very open to suggestions, like those people who fall into a deep trance at the first words of a hypnotist.

    When we start practicing Neville’s techniques, our faith might still be wavering, so knowing someone else is imagining for us, helps us feel our desire is a sure thing. Third-parties also have the necessary emotional detachment to ensure successful manifestations. When we really desire something, fear often comes in, making us worry about the means and bringing up all the things that could go wrong. But our friends, not being as involved as we are in the situation, will simply imagine the scene or desired outcome without over-analyzing and let it go, to care about their own affairs. This is what Neville calls the Sabbath: after we plant the seed in the subconscious soil, we must let it rest there and turn our attention elsewhere, to allow it to take root and grow in our reality.

    As positive results pile on over time, our faith grows, and we can then safely use our own divine imagination without the help of a friend, like a child who learns to bike with training wheels, and takes them off when it reaches natural balance. It’s the same Christ within all of us anyway so when you ask a friend, it is truely Your divine imagination that is at work already!

  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hey mate,

    First thank you for taking the time to write such a long comment. It’s probably longer than some of our articles.

    The biggest thing we notice is people add in things that just don’t matter, and miss the things that do.

    Keep it simple, FEEL IT REAL.

    As far as partners go, you don’t need them. People constantly limit themselves by believing they can’t imagine for themselves – so they ask others to.

    And then there is the fallacy of “the more people who imagine something – the more likely it is to happen”. Again, a total waste of time.

    What you are, is what I am. One with God.

    There is ONE cause, one source. And the sooner you choose to simply notice that and live from that space – the more of an adventure of a lifetime this becomes.


    TT and V

  3. Christophe says:

    Thank you for giving Neville geeks a place of expression and discussion!

    Of course, partners are absolutely not needed, and the ultimate aim of practicing imagination and presence is to realize everything you’ve just said. Nonetheless, partners can act as a temporary faith booster, a stepping stone, like the lucky charms you’ve mentioned in the article, as long as we do not rely on them like we would depend on crutches, in which case the whole process turns into idolatry and robs us of our power.

    Now, the thing I personally enjoy about sharing with a few carefully selected trusted friends, is that it’s actually pretty fun. But again it must not become a need, we must not imagine that it is in any way necessary, and we must ultimately become perfectly God-reliant.


  4. Carme says:


    I’m probably doing something wrong, but I can’t find what it is…the thing is that I’m totally able to materialize all my fears (very quickly) and I’m also able to do the same with things I really want, but it only happens when suddenly, a thought like “it would be cool if that happens…” crosses my mind and I FEEL that coolness…even if that thought wasn’t really a desire of mine. And the funny thing is that I didn’t need more than 1 second…only a flash, I forget about it and….boom! in 2 days is in front of me…!
    However, when I really want something and I feel it and I believe I have it…nothing happens. Maybe because I can keep that “it’s already mine” feeling for one day or maybe even two, but then I come back to feel its lack. Honestly, I think it all comes because inside of me, I might think “that thing I want” it’s impossible or very difficult (although some of the things I materialized which I talked about before were probably almost impossible…!), so my question is…how can I keep the faith and KNOW that it’s mine when it’s not in my physicial world….yet…?

    Thank you so much


  5. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Christophe,

    And that’s why FEELING that you need partners – or rabbit’s feet – or vision baards – is DANGEROUS.

    It’s all “fun” but it’s all a distraction and seems to almost always delay you realizing how powerful you are.

    Faith in YOU isn’t boosted by relying on something that is “outside you”.

    Try this on…

    You don’t need the help of others to WORRY or have ANXIETY.

    Since that’s true, why would you need – even temporarily the help of a manifesting partner or group for something GOOD.

    “Go into the silence – that you are.” That’s where all the power is.

    Avoid all lucky charms. All they do is delay your discovery about how powerful you really are.

    TT and V

  6. Zarah says:

    Great question Carme…excitedly awaiting TT’s reply, too

  7. Ramina says:

    Carme. I relate to you. I have the same thing. 🙂 When i want something, not desire it as Neville says. but just need it, would be great to have it, kinda thing, i detach , and boom, it comes, but whatever i desire, dying for, thing, feel, have made my life of it, live and breath with it, thats the only focus , nothing, not coming at least havent yet. So i been wondering, maybe long ago i did read that detachment is important. But Neville says , feel it real until achieve it. Im guessing people write what has worked for them. I know one thing we do create by our beliefs. and i do agree with you, i think you and i have that ” this is big” thought so maybe thats the issue. But I am glad that i found your comment, There even finding your comment is my point, i was telling my friend about this, and i was wondering to read about if someone else has that, and boom i find you. 🙂

  8. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    HI Carme!

    My guess is you feel your fears QUICKLY, and you notice them materializing quickly.

    And probably when you are doing your sessions – they don’t have that “light and quick feel” to them.

    Another part, if you felt the worry / fear as REAL, it’s real. You can undo those ANYTIME, with the tools in the Toolbox.

    There might be more, but it’s pretty much impossible to tell without more personal contact.

    Hope that helps. Remember, it’s not only “what” you feel that becomes “real”, it comes real “how you feel it”. If you struggle with feeling it real, for what you want, do sessions until it feels like what you want is NATURALLY PART of your world right now.


    TT and V too

    PS: Keeping the faith – is easy. Stop having ANY faith in doubt, or attachment to “how” what you want is to happen. That, and don’t look for SIGNS.

    (Many articles here on that, just use the search box. and have fun!)

  9. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Ramina,

    Try this one….

    Detachment – in Neville’s world – is about not being attached to the “how and when” it happens.

    Living from the state of “the wish fulfilled”, requires that we not be attached to any “how or when”, because those keep it in the future.

    Lose ANY sense of “it’s not here”, and that’s when it gets fun.


    TT and V

    This will help too:


  10. Carme says:

    Hello…! Glad to know you were happy to find me and also glad to discover I’m not the only one around…! Let’s keep on working on it…! 🙂


  11. Carme says:

    Hello again…! Thanks a lot for your answer, I know you have tons of emails and text messages so, thanks for taking your time…!
    I’ve been actually thinking a lot about that lately and I’m almost sure my problem is that I can’t believe that the things I want are possible….and it’s weird, because I know from experience that everything is possible..actually, as I commented in my previous message, some of my fears were “almost surreal” but I felt they were possible, I feared them and…guess what…? yes, they happened, but somehow, it seems I’m not able to believe that my desires (mu truly desires, I mean….) are possible. I have materialized lots of small things….things like “would love to have a black drumset or that canvas I saw the other day or would love to go to NYC or would love to do certain thing, but….you know, I’m not gonna die if I can’t have it” but, instead, when I really want something…deeply….and I truly feel it natural and it almost looks real…can’t keep this feeling for too long…probably for long enough…and I know, without wanting to, that it’s not possible. And then I say…”c’mon, it’s not that the things happen and you have to act against them….it’s you who make things happen the way you want” and then I feel better, but…how can you know and believe deep inside of yourself that everything is possible…? How did you achieve it….?

    Thank you so much again

    Carme from Barcelona

  12. Carme says:

    Thank you…!

  13. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Carme!

    Personally, I’m not big on “belief” or “faith”.

    That might shock some people… But here’s what I do instead.

    I notice.

    If something is possible – for ANYONE on the planet, if it’s EVER been possible for anyone, it’s possible.

    Since “it’s possible”, it’s possible – for me.

    For giggles, I’ve manifested bagpipes, and an accordion. Just for fun. Never learned how to play either, but having them for fun, well that was great manifesting fun.

    See how much fun you can have with this stuff. Forget “big or small”. Explore “fun”.

    Anytime this becomes “serious business” we miss the point, and we forget we are the power.

    Thank you Carme for the opportunity to share.

    TT and V too

  14. Zarah says:

    Thank you TT, you guys are brilliant