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Today's Lovely Rose in our Garden.

Today’s Lovely Rose in our Garden.

It’s the difference between sitting in traffic, and pulling out from a red light with someone sitting on your bumper OR cruising down the highway and pouring on the gas and going into overdrive.

This is why you can Double Your Income much easier than manifest a million dollars.  (Read the Success Stories.)

And this is why Neville often shared…

Your job is to Prune The Vine (not dig it up and replace it with something new. And this is why he told us often in the Lessons of The Potter – to refashion – to reshape the vessel we have into something desirable.


If you Follow The Formula, it is relatively easy to double your income – because you know how your current income feels – what it looks like – what it does for you. And it’s easy to imagine having twice that. (Keep doing our double up method and you’ll eventually get to a million (if you want to) anyway.)


If you Follow The Formula, it is easy to take a conversation or situation that you have had and REVISE IT – into something that not only feels better – but something that helps you create the state of what you choose to have and embody in life.  Read Neville’s Phone Method.


It’s not about being bullet proof (positive all the time) it’s about shaking off any state you don’t wish to continue living in and enter into the state of your wish – having been fulfilled.

And remember the truth about  you – you are one with God – greater than any state.

Many Blessings from our home to yours,  enjoy the links above,

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PS:  Our mission here in the Neville Goddard Project is to make Neville easy to use, easy to duplicate, and to make it as effortless as possible.   We teach as Neville did, from experience – from our hearts and souls.  Thank you for being a lovely part of our growing community.   Many blessings.



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