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Why I Love Feel It Real – Success Story

feel_it_real_neville_goddard_quotes_believeHi TT and V,

I just watched an interview of the incredible story of a lady author and speaker in Quebec who suffered from a stroke this summer and is now re-learning how to speak. This story of love between her and her partner is so inspiring and shows how much through love, anything is possible.

During this interview, the interviewer questioned her about predicting this stroke by imagining the worst thing that could happen to her which was losing her speech and means to communicate.

Wow!! I then knew for sure that she had imagined over and over not being able to speak and felt the fear of it.

I am seeing in others and in myself the effects of imagining whether it is for little mundane situations and things or for greater or more devastating outcomes.

I have been studying with TT and V for the past couple of years now and have been through what everyone has by questioning myself or not being constant enough or stressing about what I really want or the “how”… I have done the Manifesting Mastery program twice.

I had to stop my insanity in order to just live in the end of all that I want.  I asked myself if I believed or not in Neville and my answer is absolutely yes.

Even if sometimes, I am not perfect in applying the steps or revision or the sats, I believe and have faith. In any situation, if I ask myself what the end is, there is always an opening.

I will give you examples.

I needed to feel more relaxed about money and paying bills for years.

I talked with my boyfriend in the spring about us moving in together and that was the most natural thing to do.

  • I imagined my life with him in the same home but how would I rent my condo??

I imagined a great tenant who would take good care of it and pay easily and a client referred me to a great real estate agent who found me exactly that tenant within one week!!

Plus, I stopped the insanity of counting how much was left in my accounts vs how much work was coming in and just stayed in faith…

I still stressed over the move and felt overwhelmed by all I had to pack and fit into my boyfriend’s small home but still focused on the end and of all working out. My boyfriend kept reassuring me as he could have easily lost patience with me and my stressful mode.

He kept telling me that all will be fine and will work out and slowly but surely helped me pack, clean and give all my things a new home.

He made room where I didn’t know where to begin to clear up the mess of boxes and still nevertheless focusing on ease and love at the end. That all happened in July.

Now, I am here. Feeling much more at ease with money (I still do not count, and money flows) and our relationship is great.

We also were worried about getting new members for our karate school to keep it going and I keep imagining us being known in the future as the older couple with the great karate school in our community. And so far, new people are trickling in to try it out and we have 6 new members plus some that had stopped for the summer are coming back.

In two years, this is the first time that we have so many people coming in or calling randomly to ask for a tryout. Just last night, a teenager was jogging and noticed our class and just walked in at the end of it and was so excited because he and his mom used to do karate together until their school moved away.

I definitely attribute it all to me keeping the faith.

The pitbull ban in Montreal is another example for me. I have used seeing the end result that I want for my 4 month old puppy, Doug.

Though I live in a borough of Montreal which is not affected by it yet, the mayor  has shown such stubbornness and is so adamant in NOT hearing other alternatives given to him that his ban might influence other areas too.

Instead of focusing on my frustration and anger (which I do feel, if I hear him speak so arrogantly) towards his attitude I kept saying that I knew it was not going to last.

The ban passed on Monday and that same day, a judge ordered a revision of the ban and he will render his decision today, Wednesday. Meanwhile, I just got the news this morning that the council in our borough voted against the ban.

So I see myself with both my pups walking them calmly without a muzzle and going to dog parks to see them run free, no fear of anyone taking Doug away. I see Doug as a mascot for our karate school and as the poster pup for all pittys.

So I could go on with many other little examples but I just wanted to share that I am far than perfect and in my application of Neville’s teachings but I stopped questioning it and just keep the faith and knowing that there is a tool I can use in any situation of my life.

When in doubt, my most convincing tool (the one that I feel the most ease in doing) is imagining, feeling from the end and revision.

So to all, stop struggling!!

It’s ok to feel fear and anger and frustration. Nothing is dramatic if you know it is a result of your imagination and feeling it real. Imagine all the power you have! It’s amazing! Stop stressing and let go, just have faith and keep reading and listening to TT and V. The more you do, the more seeds are planted and the more blessings come and therefore more and more relief, trust and ease.

Thank you Twenty and Victoria
Emmett and Bruce

Nathalie – Manifesting Mastery Graduate (TWICE!)

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