Why does Feeling It Real Work – Even When Everything Else Failed Me

“Let me ask you this Mr Twenty Twenty.   What is it that makes Feel It Real work, when everything else I have tried before failed me?”  Norman – Former LOA Teacher

Hi Norman,

Let’s go to the words of Neville, and explore why Feel It Real Works – so that even more readers can have less frustration and doubt and get more and more success like we do.

“You have dominion if, as you walk the earth, you know that your consciousness is God, the one and only reality. You become aware of something you would like to express or possess. You have the ability to feel that you are and possess that which but a moment before was imaginary. The final result, the embodying of your assumption, is completely outside of the offices of a three-dimensional mind. It comes to birth in a way that no man knows.” – Neville Goddard

Notice that Neville Goddard’s lesson today teaches that –  YOU have dominion if:

  1. “As you walk the earth…”
  2. “You know your consciousness is God.”
  3. “The one and only reality.”

Let’s explore these Feel It Real foundations real quick together.

  • “As you walk the earth.”   During your daily activities – notice – do you notice – do you believe that your consciousness is God?  That it is the one and only reality?    As we walk and live our lives on Earth, the shadow world, the world that simply ECHOES what we hold in consciousness – remember and realize the truth about you – that your consciousness is God – and you will notice that Feel It Real is always working for you.
  • “You KNOW your consciousness is God.”  You don’t just think it, you know it.  Before any thought or feeling shows up – consciousness is there.   Before your next breath – consciousness is there.   You can’t be separated from it.  You can’t “live” without it.   And once you get – fully get – that your CONSCIOUSNESS is God, buckle up.   It’s gonna get fun!
  • “The One And Only Reality.”  Neville says that there aren’t countless IMAGINATIONS out there, there is ONE imagination, there is ONE consciousness, and that ONE is expressed through each of us individually.   That is why when you feel lovely things for another, they are IMMEDIATELY blessed.   The one and the only reality is expressed through all life, and all life LOVES to be blessed and celebrated.

So, Feel It Real works – when we do the steps right – because our consciousness is God – the one and the only reality.

Read the PS below, it’s gonna knock your socks off.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

Wrong - I see me in the car.

Wrong – I see me in the car.

PS:  Many people who can’t get Feel It real to work, are making images that include their body in them.   This is called a DISSOCIATED image.  An image that removes your consciousness from the image / movie by seeing your body in it.   Oddly enough, many people who make dissociated images (that include their body in them) ALSO on some level think or  experience God as “dissociated” or “out there” somewhere in time and space.   When you STOP dissociating your self from your images (by seeing through your own eyes – as you experience the action) and when you stop DISSOCIATING your “self” from God – life truly becomes an adventure – you experience the peace and the power of ONENESS – and you start getting results that previously were beyond your wildest dreams.  Enjoy the Ride.

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Take it a level higher now with the detailed lessons in the  Feel It Real Power Pack or the Neville Goddard Prosperity Pack where we  explore with you both Neville’s Law and Neville’s Promise.  The Law states that what you hold in mind – what you feel as real manifests in your life.   The Promise explains why – because you truly are one with God, through consciousness and the wonderful human imagination.  Many blessings to you!

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  1. This is difficult I so want to get it. I feel so close I am confused when you say to see yourself getting congradualated yet this says not to see yourself. I would like to feel or see my business sucseeful even without me there. Recently someone came who is capable to make that elision possible but there are lots if issues he has did I create the wrong image ? I really want to get feel it real it's a little hard.

  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Monalisa,

    Here is an article to help you and another reader.

    The Difference That Makes The Difference


    TT and V

  3. Diana says:

    I must say thank you for the profound insights. However I would like a bit more clarity in this instance. Is it that the imagery must not depict ‘self’ jumping for joy (for example) or sitting behind the wheel of a desired car? I am still trying to wrap my mind around this.
    Can you please explain further? Thank you so much. Diana

  4. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Diana,

    Great question. To put it all in a quick single sentence – see it in your mind – just like you would see in through your physical eyes. Seeing your body is un-natural, and tends to create distance and delay in manifesting.


    TT and V

  5. Nick says:

    Neville instructed to visualize in the first person, to make our visualizations match how we experience everyday life. This is in contrast to visualizing ourselves in a scene in the third person, where we see ourselves the way an observer sees us. The common thread in using both techniques effectively is seeing the “future” scene you want as being NOW, to give you the feeling of already having what you want.

    Visualizing in the third person can and does work too. I think to say that it can’t is inaccurate, and would be the kind of dogmatic attitude of which Nevile himself would disapprove. I think for some people the two techniques complement each other (as John Assaraf teaches), because one method can build up a feeling of belief & having in cases where limiting beliefs and fear have hampered the effectiveness of the other method. I think what’s most important is using the technique that makes you feel good, and gives you the sense of peace & completion Neville talks about – the sense of already BEING the person who has what you want. I think Neville emphasized first person “feel it real” visualizing because he personally found it most powerful in creating that feeling, and there is alot of value in working with one core technique, really getting comfortable with it, and building up your faith (through repeated success) that it works for you.

  6. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Nick,

    We have articles and lessons in our training packs that explore when visualizing in the third person is useful – and how to do it effectively. The the two main times to use them is physical skill refinement and dealing with trauma. To use the as a Manifesting Tool is pretty much a waste of time. That’s based in our personal and professional experience as well as Neville’s.

    Blessings mate,

    TT and V

  7. Daisy Boo says:

    Thank you

  8. Brian Watson says:

    This Rocked! Thank you TT and V.