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Where to Begin with Neville Goddard?

“I recently discovered Neville Goddard and read The Power of Awareness.  I would appreciate your suggestions on what are his other best books and if he produced a series of lessons and if so how I can gain access to them.  How would you suggest I study Neville Goddard’s writings and lectures.” – Robert

Hi Robert,

Thank you for asking.  Here is what we would suggest.

Download the 221 Free Neville Goddard Lectures by filling out the form on the right hand side of the page at – That will give you 221 free Neville Goddard lectures in PDF format, you can print them if you want, and read them everywhere.  (That’s close to 1,000 pages – our gift.)

As long as you want to, you’ll also get 3 to 4 Neville Goddard Simplified emails each week, to help keep Neville simple and easy to incorporate into your life.   We often answer readers questions, and share our real life insights and stories to help you get the most out of each lesson Neville offers.

Next, download the Neville Goddard 1948 Core Lectures.   Those are another free gift we offer on the site.  These lectures are what many people consider the core of Neville’s teachings.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the words of Neville himself, you aren’t alone.    Dr Wayne Dyer gave Neville to each of his 8 kids – who we are sure are VERY intelligent, and they found the words of Neville hard to understand, and often had to read a single paragraph again and again to try to grasp the meaning of it.

This is why we have written our Neville Goddard Simplified books, Freedom and Power.  Each of those takes a lecture of Neville’s, and breaks it down into paragraph size chunks that we explore with you in detail – so that you have insights and take away’s that you can use every day.  Taking apart the lectures like this gives the reader much more detailed understandings – of parts of the lectures that they would have missed or glossed over before.

We also offer about 100 genuine audio lectures of Neville Goddard In His Own Voice on the site.  Just about every Neville Goddard audio package we offer also has a free audio sample – full length lecture that you can download, and listen to anywhere.  They are affordable, and tend to cost just about a buck a lecture.   Very, very affordable compared to what many people are charging out there.  Our goal is to help change as many lives as possible, by giving people the opportunity to hear Neville himself – anytime – anywhere.

And of course, come back to daily, because we are often updating the site with goodies, articles, videos and recordings to help it all make more sense.  The search bar on the right hand side is a great tool to find out more about parts of the teachings that you want to find out more about.   And feel free to email us anytime with your questions, requests and success stories.  Email

Have an amazing day!

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


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  1. Ivan says:

    Great introduction. Thank you! You two are the best.

  2. Robert says:

    TT & V

    Thanks for your detailed suggestions on how to study the writings and lectures of Neville Goddard. I appreciate all the free options you provide on your website.


  3. I found Neville many years ago and think his work is very "right on". Powerful!

  4. Alice Ray says:

    I was direct to come here by my mentor and friend. To be enlightened and educated.

  5. Gino Adamo says:


  6. Gino Adamo says:


  7. Patrick Murray says:

    Hi Mr Twenty Twenty, just a question. Will I be able to download your lessons on to my ipad if I buy them on my ipad .

  8. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Just sent you an email mate.

    TT and V

  9. these lectures are rare and add to come by i really appreciate thanks a lot

  10. Ansu Aronsson says:

    Just found your site after hearing you mentioning it on the Occult Science radio podcast. I just finished a very long period reading and studying Allan Watts material with all the lectures and was looking for something to continue with. Finding this goldmine was more than i was hoping to find, awesome!!!
    I downloaded the 221 lectures but i could not establish any sensible order in the files other than that each lecture has a date i suppose it was written on? Could you please advise if i should follow that order? Those dates are however not mentioned in the actual file name either so following that chronologicality would also be difficult.. Guess im asking of some sensible way of actually sorting the reading order. 🙂

    Thank you/ Ansu