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Where Should I begin – Part 2

“I am a single, a computer programmer, and I am fat, and I am ready to change all three.  Where should I being with what you share on”  – DD

Hey mate,

Today, let’s take some simple action steps that will help you take control of your imagination, and create change in your life.  Let’s explore the connection between feelings and language, because for most people, the WAY they say things – changes how they feel them as real.  Here are 3 simple shifts you can make that will create massive change in your life.

  • Let’s change, “I am single” to “I have been single for most of my life.”
  • Let’s continue with changing, “I am a computer programmer”, to “I worked as a computer programmer until….”
  • And finally, “I am fat”, “I used to be fat”.

Notice, we didn’t change “single to married”, or “fat to fit”.

We simply changed the verbs – so that single, working as a computer programmer, and fat – moved into your PAST.   That frees up your imagination to CREATIVELY imagine the new and ideal you.  Using past tense verbs also frees up your mind to make decisions – as someone who has been single, and who had been fat.  See how this works?

Neville says to notice your reactions to the world – the decisions that you make.   Moving “single and fat” into the past, often makes it much easier to create the new ideal you – to react to the world from.   Try it out, and have fun.

Our real life example.  How we made something that was challenging, into something delightfully fun.

“Sometimes, I used to get challenged responding to letters like this one, because there are many many ways to respond to any question or request we get.  To leave that state behind, I moved “I am challenged” by this letter, to “I used to be challenged by letters”.   Notice, I simply moved the state of CHALLENGED into the past.  Once I did that, I noticed a new state show up spontaneously.  That state is the state of, “I am always delightfully and divinely inspired by your letters, and am amazed at how the perfect answer always shows up effortlessly”.

TAKE AWAY:  Use past tense verbs – like we did in this article – to move any state you are ready to move on from into your past.  And notice the new states that you give birth to.   Open up to them, and enjoy your awakening.

Thank you for your email DD.  And we encourage you to have some big time fun, discovering the states you choose to live from, by first moving all limiting states into the past by using past tense verbs.

Have an amazing day, and remember to feel your ideal as real.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

Think about this, the more you learn about states (and exactly how Neville viewed them and worked with them), the more effective your imagining will be.  To learn more about states – here are three hand selected resources just for you.

Recording:  You Create The State – Click Here

Book:  The Freedom Lessons – 75 Detailed lessons on states, consciousness, creation and more – Click here.

The Special State Series – Neville Goddard MP3 Recordings – In His Own Voice – Click Here.

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  1. Gayle says:

    Thank you so much. This is exactly what “I used to struggle with”. 🙂 Your daily lessons are blessings. You’re highly appreciated.

  2. Just Jack says:

    Powerful my friend. I love how you write so simply and share your tiny bite wisdom for us all to use. You obviously live it, and we appreciate you sharing your wisdom and experience. Keep it up.


  3. Linda Donavan says:

    Mr TT,

    Breaking this into two articles made it much easier to understand. Thank you.

    Enjoy the blessings you deserve. And thank you for making the recordings available on site for us to listen to and download. They are well worth what you are asking for them. I listen to them on my ipod when walking every morning. Hearing Neville inside of my head is so much better than hearing that old nagging voice full of criticism and doubt.

    Linda Donavan