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What Week 4 in Manifesting Mastery Is Like – Free Neville Goddard

Hey mate,

We love when readers become friends…

….and when friends become family.

This is what happens often for us in Manifesting Mastery.   And reading about your success like this is why we do what we do.   Let’s dive in with an update from Mike, who has moved across the country, started up a new life in a new town, and is following the path of his dreams and sharing the journey with us.

emmett_lovely_bed_shaggyHi Mr. Twenty Twenty, Victoria, and Emmett,

I hope you guys are all doing well. It was a whirlwind first week of school with finding my way around campus and just generally adjusting to life around here.

I noticed that I might have been blocking my blessings…

…a bit this past week because I was trying to judge my week by how much better it was going to be from the week before versus allowing the week to be the best week it possibly could be.

Also, I really noticed that coming back to school, a few bad habits resurfaced that I thought had been taken care of in my time off from school. It was weird hearing some thoughts from the past burst out, however, I realize that this is normal and all it took was a few days of straightening out my inner conversations to actually get back on track.

Here are my thoughts on the lessons:


Lesson 22: The Magic Moment – I thought that this was very interesting since it was a lesson that I felt judged where my thinking really was. If I was a different individual, I could have put meaning into this lesson and judge it for not having any new material. However, it allowed me to explore some previous lessons that really came into play later on this week.

Lesson 23: The DecisionThis was a really great lesson and absolutely worth the wait. I think I have had some issues in the past walking in the state of the wish fulfilled. Deciding how I want to approach my life and doing things to be that person are absolutely great principles that I have steadily incorporated in my life.

Lesson 24: The Devil is In the Details – I thought this one was a very fascinating way to look at how we think. Changing the way you question the world changes the way you provide answers to it. These automatic questions that we ask ourselves I think generate quite a bit of force and anxiety so I thought taking the pressure off of my imaginings was really important.

Lesson 25: Stop Slowing Down – This was definitely a really great lesson that tied in stuff from the previous week. I believe I was slowing things down this week because I was always asking how this week was going to be so much better than the previous week. I realize it’s about inviting wonderful things into your life and not comparing. Comparisons generate force and tension.

Lesson 26: Fix the System Not the Symptom – Here’s another thing where I spend a lot of time fixating on how to fix things versus fixing myself. I’ve been really good about incorporating these little jingles into my life. I wrote them down in my phone so I can look to them when I’m out and about. Then I use some time to emulate those feelings and actions in my life.

Lesson 27: Looking Up – I thought the looking up thing was pretty cool. I’ve noticed that this week was more concepts whereas the week before had some more techniques. I like the intermingling of both because it allows me to think a different way. I’m working to make this a habit right now and I found it really interesting to perform this exercise over the past few days. Not gonna lie, it definitely felt really funky at first but I think it did help my FIR sessions.

Cool Stuff of the Week: WINS!

– Got to all my classes on time and really enjoyed acclimating myself to a new campus. I was really appreciative of how big the campus is.

– I’ve already been motivated to start studying and reading ahead for my graduate classes – this is the first time in my life that I’ve ever studied the first week or read a book in the first week of school. I chalk this up to doing my FIR sessions for success. It’s provided the motivation to visit the library and read quite a bit. I’ve really felt great learning in an academic environment again.

So I got t-boned by a bike while riding my bike which would have normally been a bad thing but I didn’t break anything including my sunglasses, phone, ipad, things in my backpack, or body. I count that as a win.

– I’ve been able to enjoy playing sports again now that I’m back on a college campus. I really noticed that doing things you love really brings the energy and zest back into your life.

I’ve been able to meet some more really cool people from all over the US who are here at College Station – I know that through this program I’ll only meet the people that I need in my life (I’m open and receptive to all regardless), however, I trust all the time that I’ll meet people who I can enjoy and identify with.

– I got a FREE watch from my friend who said its value was 725$ – I did want a watch as an accessory but I never FIR. This is still pretty cool.

– I joined a student organization and am now an officer – I wanted to join a student organization but didn’t really know how. I randomly emailed this older grad student for some information and she recruited me to join and made me an officer. I thought this was pretty funny considering how quick it happened which led to…

– I received an offer from the head of my department to be under his research group and sold 136$ worth of shirts – I needed a graduate advisor (this is a requirement by the end of my 1st semester) and I was pretty unsure about the entire idea. As an officer, I was tasked with selling shirts to the faculty of my major.

Through this, I met various members of the department. I sold about 14 shirts which caught the attention of my department’s head who offered to be my graduate advisor. He has a lot of connections to the industry so this was a really awesome pickup just for selling some shirts and being a generally pleasant person.

– I got rides from people I met just hours before – I seem to manifest former strangers giving me rides. They’re friends now but it’s so interesting how people want to drive me places haha.

Anyways, I’m going to focus on inviting the week to be its greatest possible week. I feel like that causes no tension and allows things to flow nicely into my life. Thanks for all your advising. I was also wondering about how I could better utilize the whole “fall asleep in the wish fulfilled”.

I’ve been really getting into that and I feel like that is very important to generating the proper mindset when approaching the next day. I also think it’s great for manifesting momentum. I’ll be keeping you guys updated in regards how awesome this week is.

Much Love,

Mike – Day 28 – Manifesting Mastery

PS: Please feel free to share anything you want to. If my experiences could help someone else out there in any way, shape, or form, I would be happy to share. This stuff is seriously life changing and if I could produce synergistic change in another then I’m all for it.

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  1. Luis says:

    Pure, pure, pure …GOLD!

  2. Nat says:

    Way to go Mike! I don’t think I’ve read a share with such step-by-step analysis. It’s really instructive. Thx.