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What is really possible when you Nevillize? – Free Neville Goddard Lesson

“What are the limits to Feeling It Real? What is REALLY possible for the average person when they Nevillize?” – Bobby

“You can play any part – be it a rich man or a poor man, a beggar or a thief, the known or unknown – once you know they are only parts, only states of consciousness. But if you don’t know this, and are not willing to give up your present state, you will remain there, looking at your desire and not from it. You can become what you would like to be in the twinkle of an eye by the simple act of assumption.” – Neville Goddard

Notice Neville says you can PLAY ANY PART. He doesn’t say you can create or manifest ANY THING.  (And here is why that is GREAT NEWS!)

Once you stop trying to manifest “things” in your life to make you feel happy, rich, or successful – you will find an amazing power within you, that enables you to DIRECTLY assume the state of happy, rich or successful – and once you assume that state – that feeling entirely NOW, the “stuff” that goes along with it seems to grow into your life -often in ways you can not possibly imagine.

feel_it_real_quote_revision_conversationThe secret is to assume that STATE now, and not make success, happiness or peace of mind dependent on the STUFF that follows. Assume the state.

Let’s look at how Neville’s own brother used this secret of the ages.

“My oldest brother at the age of 18 had no money and no prospects of getting any. But he had a dream. He dreamed of owning a building which housed the family business. Twice a day, on his way to work and return, he would stop opposite a building which occupied an entire block at the widest area of the main street, and there he would imagine seeing the words: Goddard and Sons” on its marquee. He persisted in this act for two years, when one day a total stranger bought the building for the family, trusting them to pay him back over a period of ten years. That building, which became the foundation of our family’s growth, started in my brother’s imagination. Having nothing on the outside to turn to, my brother had the guts to imagine and believe that his imagination would create his reality. Today I don’t think you could buy the family out for multiple millions, because their gross business last year exceeded $30 million.” – Neville Goddard

Neville’s brother assumed the state of business owner, and part of that state involved owning the building that would house the families business.  Don’t just dream about the building – or the thing. Dream about your ROLE, the PART you wish to play.  Dream yourself into the business owner, the family man, the beloved one, the healthy one.

Imagine how THE NEW YOU that you have chosen to be is a blessing to other people – just like the business Neville’s brother held in mind.   If you are manifesting a building for a business, imagine the jobs created by your wonderful human imagination.  Imagine the community enjoying the prosperity.  Imagine what it is like to see FROM those eyes -the eyes of the successful business man.

Did you know – that the word see is the same as the word feel in greek?   (At least that is what Neville says in many lectures.   But that only happens if you see from the wish fulfilled, from your own eyes, seeing it as done – as real now.)

How can you apply this teaching today?

Remember, you can “Remember when” there was a building there and now there is a vacant lot.  Or you can remember the vacant lot and now remember when the building was built.  You can remember when you WERE poor, and you can remember when you discovered the state of richness – the state that put you into the flow of wealth and productivity.

And remember to take the test daily.  Notice if you are REACTING to the world – as that ideal man / woman you have chosen to be.    I notice daily, if I am reacting to the world as the blackbelt, the author, the successful forex trader.   How do I handle criticism, how do I handle gratitude and testimonials?  How do I handle trades that are less successful than I would like, and how do I handle the ones that produce mega profit?  How do I handle waiting, how to I handle the unexpected miracles that come daily out of the blue?

Ask yourself…

How well am I coming from the state of the wish fulfilled?   The more you notice this, the more you will find yourself living from that ideal state -and manifesting what you truly want in life.  It works.  It works.  It works.

May you enjoy the adventure of a lifetime today, while remembering to feel your ideal as real,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

Want to learn even more about how to use the power of states?   Enjoy the resources below.


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  1. Conni Lewis says:

    Hi Twenty Twenty. Hi Victoria.

    Have a beautiful Weekend. and know that you are very appreciated here on ST. Simons Island, Georgia.
    Conni ~

  2. Mike says:

    “Notice Neville says you can PLAY ANY PART. He doesn’t say you can create or manifest ANY THING. (And here is why that is GREAT NEWS!)”

    Hey Mr. TT, I’m a little confused on this part. Are you saying here that there are things we can’t create/manifest in our lives? Thanks.

  3. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Mike!

    Neville says for example, you aren’t going to change the color of your skin, but you change what actually matters.

    We’ve gotten hate mail from those who are imagining their skin color changed – so they could be more successful in life.

    The problem is, skin color doesn’t matter. And imagining that it does matter, creates the problem.

    Those are the kinds of limitations we are aware of, and in reality – they really aren’t limitations at all.

    Blessings to you!

  4. Fely says:

    Dear Mr TT !

    “Notice if you are REACTING to the world – as that ideal man / woman you have chosen to be”.

    How can I apply this principle (React to the world) when in fact I know what I would do if I were that person but can not do it simply because I do not have the cash to do so.

    If I were that person, I buy,give,bless,support,motivate,and really be there for others in need,on top I live in luxury.

    That involves money which at this moment I don’t have.So how can I apply it and react to the world as I am and have all of it???

  5. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Fely,

    Sounds like you are talking about being a giver and being an investor.

    So – what can you give – how can you make investments TODAY?

    Reading and applying what you are learning here – would indicate to us that you are investing – and giving to yourself. Imagining others doing excellent, would be both investing in getting better at this stuff, as well as be giving to them.

    Buying THE BEST and only THE BEST is possible, for anyone….

    That’s investing. You might not be able to buy the best of everything today, but you can buy the best meat – on sale. Or just one ORGANIC ORANGE etc.

    And you can treat your body – lovingly. Most people don’t get that that is a luxury.

    So be that person now….

    And react to that world – in those ways.

    Make sense?