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What do do when you can’t concentrate on the state of the wish fulfilled?

Hey mate,

Sometimes it is hard to fully feel the state you wish to create as real, maybe you are tired, maybe in pain.  In today’s Neville Goddard lesson, Neville shares a very powerful and fast shortcut that works – every time.   Let’s dive in with these words from Neville:

There is another technique I gave you last night. If you cannot concentrate on an act, if you cannot snuggle into your chair and believe the chair is elsewhere, just as though elsewhere were here, then do this: Reduce the idea, condense it to a single, simple phrase like, “Isn’t it wonderful.” or, “Thank you.” or, “It’s done.” or, “It’s finished.”

There should not be more than three words. Something that implies the desire is already realized. “Isn’t it wonderful”, or “Thank you,” certainly imply that. These are not all the phrases you could use. Make up out of your own vocabulary the phrase which best suits you. But make it very, very short and always use a phrase that implies fulfillment of the idea.

When you have your phrase in mind, lift the cloud. Let the cloud ascend by simply inducing the state that borders on sleep. Simply begin to imagine and feel you are sleepy, and in this state assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled. Then repeat the phrase over and over like a lullaby. Whatever the phrase is, let it imply that the assumption is true, that it is concrete, that it is already a fact and you know it.

Neville says to do exactly what my Native American mentors taught me, keep it simple.  “Pray in simple terms.  Pray as if you have already received, pray with thanksgiving for the wish fulfilled.”

“The songbird sings it’s song of thanksgiving before the sun rises – before it is warmed and fed.   We are taught to be like the songbird – knowing that our song brings the sun up to warm us – and opens up the flower to feed us.”  – Marbles and Miracles

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Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


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  1. Neil says:

    This really works. I’ve used it myself in countless situations. I thought I’d mention here how easily it works for children.

    I’ve been teaching my children the power of Neville, and of using simple phrases when we play sports together. They have been struggling to hit the ball when we play baseball together. At first, I showed them how to feel the bat connecting with the ball while visualizing. And then to shorten the process I taught them to say to themselves, “It’s over there,” and look to where they see the ball that they have already hit. And it works every single time.

    Sometimes I even ask them, “Are you going to hit the ball?” They answer, “I’ve already hit it over there.”

    And the ball usually lands almost exactly where they see it going.

  2. Colleen says:

    Really like the Week In Review emails!!!! Sometimes I get so busy I miss an email….Thanks so much!!!!

  3. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Awesome Neil.

    What a great gift to keep alive and bless the little ones with.

    Keep it up mate.

    TT and V

  4. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Than you Coleen!

    Many blessings!

  5. Jerry says:

    Great post, it’s the KISS principle personified.

    Thanks for the subject matter Mr Twenty Twenty, you are appreciated.

    Thank you.