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What Actually Happens When You Dive In and Follow The Formula – Free Neville Goddard

Hi Mr. Twenty Twenty and Victoria!

I trust that all is magnificent in your world.  Thank you again so much for the course, I’m getting wonderful benefit from it!  This past week, I’ve enjoyed the idea of seeing seeming challenges as just texture in the experience of the “real.”

I created a scenario in my mind in which I was living in a home of a type I’d like to own, in a particular neighborhood, celebrating with friends of mine and reminiscing on the sense of accomplishment, and of our pleased amazement at how well or creative and business plans had come together, and how now, looking back at it from a distance of a few years, we were looking forward to even more good.  And I collapsed it down to a point of us toasting one another on the success of specific projects from years before that still were bearing fruit, to the moment of clinking the champagne glasses there in the beautiful back yard of my dream home.

(Great job Geo.  We can see how you are Segment Intending and Following-The-Formula perfectly. Good job!)

And – several creative, productive, happy meetings transpired with both of these colleagues this week, and I can see already signs of the bridge of circumstance leading to that vision from which I’m living.

As an added bonus, things are even coming together more smoothly day-to-day within the context of the scale of business that I already own and operate.

(TT and V:  Notice Geo isn’t coming from desperation and looking for signs  – instead he is FEELING IT REAL.  He feels great, he is living from the state of the wish fulfilled, and he’s just noticing – “it’s happening.)

2015-09-19 07.51.56And I am consciously practicing perceiving everyone around me as the activity of the Divine showing up in my life as joy and as blessing who are bringing about my Good.  Meanwhile, I am knowing that I am the Divine, showing up as a joy an blessing in the lives of those with whom I interact!  After all, if God is all there is, and I am that, then that’s what I imagine we all would be doing, right?

Speaking of imagining lovingly about another, I’d like to share with you the story of a friend of mine who asked me to pray about his work situation.  He had been working a great number of hours, and combined with the stress of caring for an infant at home, he’d gotten exhausted, and ended up speaking out angrily at work.  He was deeply concerned that as a consequence he might very well end up losing his job.

After we spoke, I went to the state akin to sleep, and I brought him imaginatively before me, and saw and heard him tell me that everything had worked out fine for him, and that in fact there had been no damaging repercussions to him.

(TT and V:  Good one mate. Again, notice Geo is following the formula. He isn’t cutting corners, or making excuses. He’s taking a few minutes – entering into the State Akin To Sleep and HEARING that everything has worked out fine.  No affirmations.  No asking.  No commands.  Just HEARING that it is perfect.)

The next time I saw him, he was greatly relieved, and he told me that his employers had at first told him that they were considering what severity of punishment they would subject him to.  But instead, they told him, the day before Thanksgiving, that they had decided to withdraw any possibility of punishment, and that all had indeed ultimately worked out fine for him!

(TT and V:  This stuff works, dive in.  Learn what you need to learn.  Follow The Formula.)

OK, so…  one more for you.  I thought you might appreciate a Neville update that happened for me a few weeks ago, during the course.  It really underlined for me the infinite power at our disposal.

A little while ago, I was scheduled to attend an award show for my industry.  The company I own had been nominated.  (As it happens, we took home a major award, but that wasn’t even the part of the story I most want to share).

I knew that at the show, I’d be seeing lots of people with whom I work now, and have worked before.

I arrived at the venue – a beautiful and world-famous theater known for hosting major award shows and stage events.  And after getting something to drink, I suddenly was greeted, quite warmly, by a man who used to be a colleague of mine.  And the first thought I had – other than being surprised by the emphatic warmth of the greeting from someone who had once been difficult to work with, was to wonder whether my former boss would also be in attendance that night.

You see, before I cofounded and launched the company I now own and operate, my current business partner and I were working for another firm.  The owner of that firm had enjoyed a little bit of success in our industry, but after going to work there, I found out that the owner really wasn’t my idea of a great boss.  I disliked the way he treated his clients, his employees, and others.  And as a top executive at his firm, I became more and more uncomfortable with him, and with the way he did business.  He was known to lambaste employees and blame others constantly for whatever was happening in his own life. From time to time, he would speak aloud longingly about how the successful people in the world weren’t the ones who were working hard all the time.  He would always say, “Guys like that aren’t working – they’re on a boat somewhere.”

For a time at that office, I worked at imagining him being kinder and more compassionate to people, but I kept thinking that I wasn’t seeing a change.

(TT and V:  Notice what happens next.  This is pure Neville Goddard.  Anytime you imagine lovingly for a seeming other – you are blessed too.)

learn_how_to_feel_it_realWhat did change, were my own circumstances, as I gathered boldness, and manifested an opportunity to leave that workplace, and create something new, instead.

Around the time that I left that firm, I focused on forgiveness, and on really moving beyond that past.  As Neville says, “leave the mirror, and change your face.”  I wanted to find a way to sincerely believe the best about my former boss, and I wanted to cleanse my own consciousness.

From reading Neville, I knew what was mine to do.  Neville says in Awakened Imagination that “Forgiveness means identification of man with his ideal or aim in life.  This is the work of awakened imagination, the supreme work, for it tests man’s ability to enter into and partake of the nature of his opposite.”

And so, I began to imagine my former boss’s life truly realized, him living his dream.  And if would have some angry thought of him, if some old grievance about him emerged, I would revise to remove my own expectations that I had placed upon how I thought he ought to behave, and I would clear my mind, and instead I would picture him fulfilled, and no longer tyrannizing his subordinates.  In my mind, I saw him plying the waters of British Columbia,  a smile crossing his face in the moment that the ship cut through a wave.

(TT and V:   Notice how this imaginal act freed both Geo and his former boss, you are going to love what comes next!)

OK, back to the present time of the story, the pre-awards-show cocktail hour.  My former colleague told me that I would not see my ex-boss that evening at the awards event, because several months before, my former boss had left the day-to-day management of the company to my former colleague, and my ex-boss had moved his family away to the nation his wife was originally from, Canada. Where his wife’s rather well-off family owns a rather large marina.

So, you see, he is no longer the tyrannical boss of my former imagining and my former experience.

Instead, he’s on a boat.

Peace, love, and gratitude,

Geo from Manifesting Mastery

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  1. Pooja says:

    Dear Geo

    This is absolutely WOWWW!!!
    Totally inspired.

  2. Denis O'Brien says:

    Great, love the intertwined manifesting for self AND for others.

  3. Nat says:

    Awesome! Love this. Out of the many nuggets of gold, found the following really instructive “I would revise to remove my own expectations that I had placed upon how I thought he ought to behave” and just go to the endpoint, picturing him as fulfilled and benign. So elegantly simple, bypassing all that roiling moral judgment. Do unto others. Thanks for the share.

  4. Zarah says:

    Brilliant stuff!

  5. lisa says:

    Yes agreed Nat! This is a truly beautifully executed and shared experience. Oh how I love this, and accept the radical responsibility of “me”. Wow.
    Twenty- you guys open Neville up so it is so readily taken into our lives and experiences. Thank you.