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Wendy’s Manifesting Love Success Story

how to manifest love

Hello TT and V!

My daughter and I needed somewhere to live quickly and…

…I was wracking my brain trying to find suitable housing. Looking online, reaching out to my network, and things weren’t looking good. But I knew it had worked out perfectly.

Suddenly, I got the idea to contact an old friend…

I hadn’t seen him in over 20 years. We kept in touch here and there via Facebook over the years but hadn’t seen each other or spoken. Last I knew he was married with a child. I asked if he knew anyone with a room for rent for my 6 year old and me thinking since we knew some of the same people back in school, he might still be in touch with them and know someone willing to rent to me now.

Instead, he asked how many people…

…would be staying and for how long, then offered a spare room in his home and we set up a time to meet. It was like no time had passed. We spoke easily and the attraction was still there. He told me he’d gotten divorced in December — they’d filed for divorce in early December, while my daughter and I left her father on December 20th.

how to manifest loveAfter a week of living together we had a discussion and…

…we decided to pursue our interest in each other.  It’s more than I’d imagined. Ease. Laughter. Amazing sex. A comfortable home. A father figure for my child. A garden. A dog.

It all feels so natural!

This bit especially makes me smile!

Years ago I’d gotten vine of bougainvillea tattoo on my right thigh because I love how wild and untamed it can be. He noticed it and commented that bougainvillea is one of his favorite plants and told me how he specifically cultivated the three he has in the front yard into topiary.

Thank you, Twenty Twenty and Victoria!

Wendy – Manifesting Love at Day 45 in Manifesting Mastery

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